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Reading is a priority in many jobs. It is one of the most important parts of education. And reading makes life more interesting and fun.

We all know reading is one of the most important things someone can do, but what if we can’t stay awake to finish that book? Or even stay awake long enough to get interested in it? I’ve got some tips to help you.

1.Read in a lively place Where you stay to read is one of the greatest determinants of how alert you can stay while reading. A lot of people prefer reading in the public while some don’t. Try reading on a quite comfortable seat or if the sleep problem is serious, maybe in public. It would be embarrassing to fall asleep in a public place! A lot of it has to do with your mind. Read in a place you can stay alert.

2. Understand Your Body Chemistry: You must be able to understand when it is fit for you to read. Reading at the proper time of the day is important. If you read just a few a pages of a book and then go to sleep, you teach your brain to get ready to sleep whenever you read. Figure out a time you are most awake and read then. For some people, they are most awake right after they wake up in the morning; others are usually wide awake in the evenings. If you’re usually sleepy in the afternoons around say 3 p.m., it’s not such a good idea to read at that time. Many people like to read at night, but that is when they are most tired. Even though, it all depends on body system and how you’ve set your biological clock. If you must read at night, mark sure it’s at a time you are most awake.

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3. Make a note while reading: Making of notes while reading is one of the key factor that keeps you busy. It will serve as a reference material to consult in later days. It also helps keep your body alert while reading, so it is advisable to always make a note while reading.

4. Never let yourself fall asleep while reading: Another step you can take is to never allow yourself fall asleep while reading. If you start to feel yourself drifting off, stop reading immediately and wake yourself up. Do a few jumping jacks, drink some coffee, preferably decaffeinated, or take a cold shower. It is also advisable to brush your mouth before reading. Doing these things teach your brain that reading time is not sleep time.

5. Develop interest in what you’re reading: It is important as well to read books that are interesting to you and capture your attention. It is difficult for your brain to shut down for sleep if it is consumed with what is being read. Always set a target when reading. Set the area that you should cover before sleeping, set the time that you must spend before you sleep. This will always help you to stay focused on what you are reading.


6. Find a reading partner: There is an adage that always say “two good heads are better than one”. A good reading partner will help you achieve greater things in a less time. He/she will serve as a source of encouragement to you whenever you want to sleep while reading.

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