How To Become Employable After School

Have you ever asked yourself, after school,what’s next.
I am in my 400 level now and in a years time, I will be a graduate. The issue now is what next.

We’ve all heard the story of high level of unemployment in this country. But trust me, there are jobs in this country -lots of it-, it all boils down to your preparation for it. Without further ado, I will list some things that you ought to learn if you are to stand from the pack and becoming employable.

1. Understand the universal hiring rule – What is this rule? This rule simply put states that “you are only hired and paid for what you are willing and able to offer”. Grasp this rule and every other secret mentioned here will make more sense.

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2. Create Relative Value – If you must be employable at any capacity and level, you must be ready to create comparative and commensurate value that will earn you that position. You cannot give what you don’t have.
3. Engage in Personal Development and Mental Capacity Building – A person of high mental capacity coupled with integrity and strong moral values is irresistible in the labour market. Even thieves want honest people working for them. When you develop yourself and become a person of strong values and integrity, people will begin to look for you. Life and providence will organize circumstances to promote you when you are a person of value.
4. Increase your skill power – What you will be paid for is what you are able and willing to do – the universal hiring rule-. So, get skills and acquire trainings and as many certifications as you can in your field that will give you a leverage over others.
5. Work at increasing your intelligent quotient (IQ) –(I have written on this before) Your IQ is a measure of your intelligence, obtained through a series of aptitude tests concentrating on different aspects of intellectual functioning. An IQ
score of 100 represents “average” intelligence. You can take IQ tests and then develop yourself in areas of weakness.

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6. Volunteer your services – Find some very good and preferably large organizations in your field and volunteer to offer some of your services for free for a while. This will serve as training and experience to boost up your profile though it may not be easy.

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