How To Make High Score In JAMB 2017


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The desire of every candidate that sits for an exam is to come out with flying colors, same can also be said for JAMB students, the desire of every candidate writing JAMB this year is to come out with a very high score.


The reason for having a high score in JAMB cannot be over emphasized as high JAMB score will increase your chances of being admitted. As we wait and prepare for UTME exam, i will take some moment to reveal to you the secret of making a high JAMB score.

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Determination: As the saying goes “were there is a will, there is a way”, the number one secret of making high JAMB score is your willingness to succeed, your desire to come out with flying colors in this year JAMB. Believe me if you aim for it, support it with hard work you will get it do not forget that you should aim for the moon even though you miss it. You will land at the stars.

Adequate Preparation: He who fails to plan. Plans to fail. To make a high JAMB score, you must prepare very well for the exam. This involves extensive reading/studying. Do not forget to master your past questions, familiarize yourself with JAMB method of setting question from the past questions. Make sure you read according to JAMB syllabus so that you will not end up reading the topics JAMB will not ask you during the exam

Practice: Since JAMB is now CBT, it is advised that you practice with the JAMB CBT software. The truth is that you might be intelligent but don’t know how to operate a computer, it means failure is knocking on the door, so use this time to familiarize yourself with the basics of computer.

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Learn To Beat Time: JAMB CBT is timed by the computer, this implies that once the allocated time for the exam reaches, the computer will shut down and log you out. You must learn how to answer all 400 questions before the time. To do that, pick a year from the past questions note that the time allocated years, note that the time allocated for JAMB exam is usually 3 and half hours, assume you are in exam condition  and begin to answer the allotted question, if it took you 3 hours or more to finish the question, it means that you are lacking  behind. Pick another year, practice until a time it takes you at most 1hour to answer the questions.

Past Questions: always make use of your past questions as JAMB repeats past questions, note that  JAMB do not do negative marking, so on the exam day, any question you don’t know the answer, select any option and move to the next one.


Prayer: Don’t forget to ask for guidance from your creator. All hard work without prayer means nothing has been done. You must take seriously your closet where you communicate with God and draw strength, wisdom and enablement from Him. If you do not have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, you need to enter into a relationship with Him.

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