Ways Of Utilizing Your Full Potential In Today’s World


Ways Of Utilizing Your Full Potential In Today’s World

A lot of people wonder why they are not happy with what they do despite the promising career that they pursue, the position held or the salary earned. Mr Thomas may say to himself, I earn $150,000 a year, I am the regional manager of my company but I find my job a burden, but Mr James is a photographer and earns $60,000 per year, yet he seems to be the happiest person on earth. What does he find elating with that camera? How bad a farmer will feel if his crop does not achieve its purpose which is to be bought and satisfy the buyer. How bad a sports car manufacturer will feel if his product is being used as a taxi. Imagine you to be that sports car.

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It is so unfortunate that a lot of people or should I say christians do not follow all the writings of the scripture. “Thou shall not kill, commit adultery” and things of the sort are in the bible, but why do we overlook the part which says “be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air and every living thing that moveth upon the earth”(Gen 1:28kjv). Do we have dominion over our lives? I want to be a billionaire at age 26 does not mean I have to be glued to a computer to form a kind of social platform. It may be fun calling yourself a mechanical engineering student; yes the name sounds nice, but it is not nice when all the engineering mathematics that you solve in class looks like latin, but whenever you pick up a basketball, you feel elated. Maybe you should have a rethink of your direction.


The issue here is utilizing potential. What is that thing in you that you were told to drop in your community, country, continent or even the world? Imagine if you help Nigeria to be the first African nation to win the world cup instead of banging your head trying to get those botanical names or formulas into your head. The thing is, what is that thing that you want to do to earn your income that will give you happiness no matter the challenges. What is that thing that makes you smile and keep you moving[ I am not talking about the boy or girl of your dreams]. You want to be rich and successful; it is hundred percent assured that you will be if you follow that passion, dream and potential. It doesn’t matter what you are currently studying but what matters is that thing that you want to do. KNOW THIS; whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. 

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