The Best Way to Prepare for an Interview


Interview is usually a follow up from a candidate’s application for a position. Before you are being employed in that position you seek, you must first convince the recruiter that you have the skills, knowledge and can do better than other applicant for the same position.

On this article, I have specified the best ways to prepare for an interview.


  1. Create an interview letter:  

As an applicant who could be invited for an interview at a very short note, you are encouraged to have a file dedicated to interviews. This will enable you reduce the last minute pressure which is capable of putting you off the balance as you scramble to assemble the needed materials for an interview.

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An interview file contains the following:

  • Interview letter
  • Original certificates and testimonials
  • Photocopies of the certificates and testimonials
  • Copies of curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Copies of recent passport photograph
  • Other relevant documents like birth certificate, identification cards and letter

2. Make a research about the organization:  

This will help you answer questions about the organization. There are few things to know when making research about the organization. They includes:

  • Seek background information about the organization
  • Research on the products being produced by the organization.
  • Read recent press release for insight on projected growth and stability
  • Research on the company’s related problems and how to solve them

3. Develop needed confidence:

Remind yourself that the purpose of an interview is to access your suitability for a job. Therefore develop the confidence that present you as the most qualified in terms of knowledge in the area. This preparation for job interview begins from taking your studies seriously in school to enable you build the required knowledge in your chosen field of study

4. Plan what to wear:  

Some people do say “first impression matters”, I do believe them. First impressions are keys, it’s imperative to make a great first impression on your potential employer.

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Interview outfit for men:

  • Work with colors and layers

Work with colors and layers

  • Khaki blazer and pants

Khaki blazer and pants

  • A sweater and button down

A sweater and button down


  • A navy blazer  


Outfit for ladies:

  • Sweater and black dress

  • Experimenting with button down

  • A navy blue blazer combination

  • Statement dress

5. Enter the interview with adequate information:  

An educated person is not limited in knowledge. What makes one educated is the ability to harness and analyse information from different aspect of life. Being a graduate of engineering does not exempt one from being in tune with the knowledge about the politics or economy of one’s nation. Interviews questions are not usually limited to one’s area of specialization. So broad intellectual horizon is necessary for success in interview.

6. Always avoid anxiety  

7. Prime your concentration towards the possible needs and expectations of the interviewer. 

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What to note in answering interview questions

  • Listen attentively to questions asked. Ask for clarification where you do not hear the interviewer well.
  • Be accurate, brief and precise in your responses
  • Be focused and avoid deviation in your responses
  • Let your language choice be clear and natural.
  • Think logically before you respond to questions

With these explanations, I believe you are ready to land your dream job.

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