Best Acting Schools in Atlanta in 2022 | All You Need to Know

Gaining a degree is merely a stepping stone to accomplishing more extraordinary things when you are interested in this field. We reviewed some of the best acting schools in Atlanta.

You will find a list of the best acting schools in Atlanta to get you started. After that, we’ll address some of your most pressing queries.

You might be wondering why Atlanta acting schools are of interest to us. The rationale is that the skilled crew and modern soundstages increase Atlanta’s appeal. Additionally, the range and variety of potential locales are quite alluring.

It has grown to be an alluring location for filmmakers from all over the nation and beyond. Therefore, earning an acting degree in Atlanta would give you even more opportunities and direct exposure.

Let’s address some broad issues first before providing you with a list of the top acting schools in Atlanta.

What Do Acting Schools Do?

Acting schools are specialized colleges created just to instruct budding actors. Students collaborate closely with professional actors, directors, and filmmakers. Including people who can teach them the basics and give them the boost they need for auditions.

Training in the use and functioning of cameras, lighting gear, software for film or video editing, and other pertinent equipment may be included.

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How Important is a Degree from an Acting School?

Gaining a degree from an acting school in Atlanta Georgia is a significant accomplishment. It assists in establishing a great acting career.

Generally speaking, you could fill up any of the following positions based on your preferences and goals:

  • Video, Movie, and TV Host
  • TV Production Site Coordinator 
  • Video Program researcher 
  • Video technician 
  • Broadcaster 
  • Movie Acting Director

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How Much Does an Acting Director in a Movie Earn?

The median annual pay for directors and producers is $76,400. Although, more than that mentioned amount can be made depending on your industry experience. All you need to do to earn this much is enrol in one of Atlanta’s best acting schools.

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Is Atlanta a Good Place for Actors?

The opportunity to live and function properly as an actor is much more accessible in Atlanta than anywhere else. This gives Atlanta’s filmmakers greater access to the culture, resources, and amenities of a big city. Rent prices in Atlanta are on average 35% lower than those in LA. 

Also, income levels are roughly on par with LA.

The prospects for education, training, and collaboration in Atlanta have improved significantly. This is due to the city’s professional network of filmmakers, which is more passionate and smart than ever. The amazing network of artists and technologists that have developed in Atlanta as a result of the entertainment sector expansion.

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What Timeframe is required to Get an Acting Degree?

3 years is the normal duration for earning a degree in acting. You can apply straight out of high school or college, though it can be helpful to take a foundation course. Students who have previously attended college to study another subject are the target audience for acting master’s degrees.

You would be prepared for a fantastic career after this. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is also known as an acting degree. Any reputable college will instruct you in a variety of acting techniques.

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Is it Worthwhile to Earn a Degree from Atlanta, Georgia’s Top Acting Schools?

An acting degree can help launch your career because it gives you better opportunities during job searches and interviews. Having it on your resume demonstrates to potential employers that you have the fundamental experience to succeed in acting school.

Producers and directors may also have erratic and lengthy work hours. Over 40 hours a week, some tasks can be required. An acting degree suggests that you may have worked on difficult projects while you were a student.

Long-term, this has a very major impact on your career as well.

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Why Choose Atlanta, Georgia Acting Schools?

Atlanta provides a distinctive landscape that, to put it mildly, makes acting movie sets just lovely. As a result, Atlanta has developed into a very desirable location for filmmakers from all across the nation and abroad.

Atlanta, GA acting schools undoubtedly benefit from these advantages. You may occasionally see scenes from actual movie sets and other expert video productions. Increasing your exposure, experience, and learning all at once. 

So earning an acting degree in Atlanta, Georgia merely gives you more opportunities and direct exposure.

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Atlanta, Georgia Acting Schools: Are They Expensive?

For a multi-week program, group classes normally cost between $150 and $2,000. while major universities that offer year-long acting programs may charge between $20,000 and $60,000 annually.

Depending on the school you enrol in, the fee for acting schools may vary slightly.

For the duration of the program at the college, earning an acting degree might cost up to $100,000.

It costs roughly $35,000 a year to attend several prominent acting schools. This includes schools such as the American Film Institute and the California Institute of the Arts.

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Are There Acting and Modelling Academies in Atlanta, Georgia?

Yes, Barbizon is a prominent one. Models and actors from Barbizon have done projects for businesses like Netflix, Girls’ Life, Seventeen Magazine, and Disney. You might get the chance to take the center stage. 

In Atlanta, you can sign up for an audition. Fresh talents are needed for modelling and acting. Males and females between the ages of 8 and 19 may audition.

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Is Acting a Difficult Profession?

Yes. Acting is a challenging but, most significantly, enjoyable career decision. Many people aspire to be actors but not everyone is cut out for the career.

It takes training to be a brilliant actor. It does call for expertise. You cannot become a good actor by merely waking up someday.

We have prepared a comprehensive list of acting schools in Atlanta, which you’ll find in the next heading. 

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List of Best Acting Schools in Atlanta

Top-notch acting courses are available at many Atlantan colleges. With courses for both bachelors and graduate degrees that cover a wide range of topics. This includes acting, video and photographic arts, radio and television, and much more.

Some of Atlanta’s top acting schools are listed below:

1. Nick Conti’s Professional Actor’s Studio

Tuition fee: $150 Monthly 

You can take advantage of their acting classes for professional auditions and parts in TV, film, commercials, and theatre. Nick Conti’s Professional acting school holds seminars, which are one of their areas of expertise. Acting techniques, scene analysis, cold readings, monologues, and more are all covered in training.

Nick Conti, a seasoned acting coach with over 40 years of experience, teaches intermediate and advanced students. He is well-known by Warner Bros, BMG Talent Agency, Rhavynn Drummer, and Tyler Perry Studios’ Head of Casting. These entertainment industry members all give The Professional Actors Studio their highest endorsements. 

This school is one of the most reputable acting schools in Atlanta and the southeast United States.

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2. Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop Atlanta

Workshop: $450

Subscription: $24/ Month

Taking a foundations course at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop is a good start in your acting career. Although, it is not an introduction to acting but rather how acting is being done in the studio. After finishing the course, you are qualified to enrol in Mastery and On-Going Scene Study Acting Classes. 

In many regions, the school also provides elective classes that don’t have the Foundations Course as a prerequisite. You will get to learn from the top acting instructors and coaches. The acting instructors at this Atlantan school are committed to improving actor training and creating a variety of acting classes.

Attend lectures by Tom Nacy Warner, Zuri James, Darrell Snedeker, Larry Herring, and Katelin Chesna. You can fill out a contact form to start an acting course today.

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3. Catapult Acting Studios

Private coaching: $50- $240 

Youth acting camps: $595- $695

Acting classes: $325- $595

The tools, instruction, and resources you need to succeed as an actor are available at this school in Atlanta, Georgia. The main goal of Catapult is to match talent with the appropriate individuals and career paths. The school was founded on the principles of integrity and sincerity. 

It will always put the needs of its customers above its interests. The main objective is to assist clients in honing their skills, comprehending the industry, and setting themselves up for achievement. Actors regularly practice in classroom settings. 

Each class the school offers gives actors the chance to experiment, and develop ideas. You will also engage with other students who have different points of view. Every course is designed with definite objectives in mind, imparting tools and methods that convert to success in the field. 

Actors of all levels of expertise have the chance to regularly train. A wide selection of classes are offered, from beginner to advanced. The topics covered in class include improv, audition technique, and on-camera.

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4. Drama Inc.

[Tuition ranges from about $95- $400, depending on the program you opt-in for]

Actors of various ability levels are guided by Drama Inc., an acting studio in Atlanta, Georgia. As they learn about the city’s burgeoning TV and movie industries and are given a place to hone their craft.

A one-hour personalized career counselling session customized to meet your goals might include anything, from tips on headshots and resumes. Further includes problems with demo reels to assist with your crucial internet presence. For actors at all levels who want to hone their skills, the school provides a wide selection of classes.

Students will receive microphone time each week to emphasize a certain topic, and they will also receive the period’s recordings. Giving each learner more than just rudimentary information is the aim of these acting school tutors.

This acting school provides each student with a foundational understanding of narration and helpful tools for honing their skill. Your emotional range and capability will be increased by taking this class. Your ability to produce more complex, engaging, and reliable performances is what the school hopes to teach you.

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5. Acting for Camera and Stage with Jayson Warner Smith

Tuition fees: $500

The Demidov and Strasberg approaches are two of the ones used in this workshop to teach the principles of acting. You won’t learn something in a few weeks and be an expert at it. This is a commitment that will last for at least a year or longer. 

Yes, we do sell it in 12-session blocks, but that is only done for administrative and financial convenience. We comprehend the want to audit. We know that many performers are cautioned against enrolling in classes that forbid auditing. 

Since the studio is a location where actors can safely attempt new things, we do not permit auditing. The students’ confidence is betrayed by having strangers enter and exit. This is not the class for you if this is a “no go” for you.

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6. Evolv Acting Studio

Single class: $70/ Class

Zoom class: $200/ Month 

Monthly class: $250/ Month

In Atlanta, Georgia, this is a reputable theatre school that offers all-inclusive acting classes to budding performers of all ages. The faculty has years of experience transforming young actors into talented, well-rounded thespians. They also continue to be strong supporters of the dramatic arts in their neighbourhood. 

The school’s faculty includes some of the most well-known and accomplished professionals and instructors in the field. These professionals all have their areas of expertise so that students can learn genre-specific approaches from pros in the field.

Students at this school have the option of taking lessons privately or in groups. Students who join the program can learn about on-screen acting, on-screen training, audition skills, and much more. The school’s facility is well equipped with huge auditoriums and numerous independent practice rooms. 

The school presents movie screenings, workshops, and several showcases every year.

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7. Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatre

Tuition fees: $300 

This acting school is one of the most recent acting schools in Atlanta. This acting school uses the Sanford Meisner acting method, which involves using impulses and emotions to create fascinating characters.

However, there are professional classes available in screen acting and on-camera acting. These classes are accessible to actors of all levels of expertise. Classes are 8–16 weeks and emphasize time on stage and in front of the camera while focusing on practical skills.

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8. Atlanta Workshop Players

Tuition fees: $69-$250 /Month

This acting school is a non-profit, kid-friendly performing arts organization, school, and film school. They not only give professional-level training, but they also foster a friendly atmosphere to balance out the acting industry’s competitiveness.

This acting school is available to kids, teens, and adults and provides various programs, camps, and classes. Everything from acting fundamentals to technology is covered in the acting classes.

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9. Fox Theatre

Tuition: It differs

Since it opened more than 90 years ago, this acting school has become a leader in staging spectacular performances.

Professional development seminars are only one of the community initiatives supported by the Fox Theatre Institute. By joining this acting school, you’ll have insider access to workshops with the best in the industry. Also, you will secure a prominent position in Atlanta’s entertainment community.

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10. Good Acting Studio

Tuition fees: $125 /Month

This is an excellent place to start if you’re trying to advance your acting career in Atlanta. The Total Actor Training approach is one that this acting school endorses, examining the actor’s physicality, mentality, and emotional state. Students can greatly develop their creativity and imagination by doing this.

For beginners, intermediates, and advanced students, they provide studio sessions. Specialty programs like Improv 101 and The Total Actor Workout are also available. Additionally, they provide youngsters with online coaching and homeschooling classes.

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Atlanta, Georgia offers a wide variety of options if it comes to acting schools. As we’ve seen above, Atlanta is truly a very special location for acting schools.

It’s difficult to choose the top acting school in Atlanta. However, the prestige of the schools, the alumni, and the programs of the schools can all be taken into account.

You can develop your confidence in acting schools. There, you’ll have the ideal setting to showcase your skills and instructors can provide insightful counsel. 

Actors frequently have subtle acting quirks that they are unaware of. This list of best acting schools in Atlanta, GA would point them out and help you work on them.


Can a person without acting experience enroll in an acting school?

Yes, to enroll at an acting school, you need no prior knowledge. All that is required is the dedication of your time and commitment to mastering it. 

Is it difficult to act in movies?

Yes. Starting in the film industry is notoriously difficult. There are many roles in a movie set, but getting the first one can be challenging. Especially if you don’t know where to start.

Are acting schools in Atlanta expensive?

No, they are quite affordable. You can enroll in an acting school in Atlanta, GA, for as low as $250 per month.

How much time does it take to earn a degree in acting?

Generally, the program lasts three to four years.

How much money does an actor make?

In 2020, the median pay for actors was $43,760, as shown by U.S. News & World Report. The lowest 25% made no more than $28,080, while the top 25% took home more than $60,760. 


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