10+ Best Acting Schools in Chicago | 2022 Best Rankings

People who aspire to be actors on stage or in films, especially in Chicago, may wonder what advantages it is to have a knowledge of the best acting schools in Chicago. 

Hugh Jackman and Meryl Streep, two of the most well-known performers in the world, both attended one of the best acting schools in Chicago before getting their first significant acting jobs. 

So it seems to reason that anyone interested in a career in acting would want to take classes to learn the profession from any of the best acting schools in Chicago. 

There are many considerations and decisions to be made regarding acting classes before enrolling in any of the best acting schools in Chicago. 

Many aspiring actors are curious about the value of taking acting courses, what they will learn from them, and how many classes they will need to complete in order to become proficient actors. 

The most frequently asked questions regarding the best acting schools in Chicago are answered below.

How Much Does A Theatre School Cost In Chicago?

A degree alone can cost between $80,000 and $200,000 in the United States. It is possible to spend about $300,000 in books, travel, and accommodation during four years of study.

What Is The Cost Of Education To Be An Actor?

It might cost anything between $150 and $2000 to hire a acting class, and the price could range from $40 to $100 per hour if it is the coach. 

A university degree or diploma in acting will run around $40,00 to $60,000 annually.

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Is It Worth Getting A Degree In Theatre?

As a performer, this degree of achievement has minimal value. Degrees do not ensure jobs; it is your skills and connections that do.

It is important to have a degree in order to teach or work in children’s theater, however. Pro actors aren’t expected to possess a particular level of education if they are in a standard theater or film setting.

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What Are The Best Acting Schools in Chicago?

1. 16th Street Theater

Intimate neighborhood theater 16th Street Theater is one of the best acting schools in chicago situated in Berwyn, Illinois. 

To date, they have presented Blizzard 67, Into the Beautiful North, and Muthaland, among their many stage creations. 

The North Berwyn Park District created the 16th Street Theater to give locals and visitors access to outdoor recreation places and leisure opportunities, which in turn promote family values, neighborhood development, and improved quality of life.

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2. Black Box Acting Studio

In Chicago, Illinois, the Black Box Acting Studio is one of the best acting schools in Chicago that teaches actors how to work hard and have courage. 

The Academy, a five-month intensive conservatory training, the Studio, year-round part-time classes, and workshops, and National Intensives, bootcamp-style Black Box training in various cities around the nation, are the three training programs offered by this top acting school. 

Actors now have easier access to career achievement thanks to Black Box Acting Studio.

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3. Carolina Improv Company

A renowned training and entertainment business, Carolina Improv Company is one of the best acting schools in Chicago based in Illinois. 

The CIC also offers soft skills business training programs for businesses, custom-designed shows, and entertainment services for groups and businesses, in addition to teaching improv to aspiring actors and performers. 

Anyone is welcome to Carolina Improv Company to study, practice, or watch improv in a supportive environment that appreciates each person’s unique set of values and objectives.

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4. Chicago Improv Studio

A small acting school and theater called The Chicago Improv Studio is one of the best acting schools in Chicago situated in Illinois. 

This prestigious studio and theater welcomes fans to attend performances, workshops, or lessons. Bill Arnett, a 16-year improv veteran, teaches four levels of improv classes at the Chicago Improv Studio. 

The Chicago Improv Studio strives to develop talented individuals who have a thorough understanding of improvisation in all of its forms.

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5. CiC Theater

Chicago, Illinois’ CiC Theater is a non-profit comedy venue with a full bar and ranks among the best acting schools in Chicago. 

From Wednesday through Sunday, improv acts are presented in this inviting and energetic theater. They teach four improvisational classes, including Performance Level, The Ensemble, The Show, and The Scene. CiC Theater guarantees that both spectators and students will be inspired and delighted by their acting workshops and improv performances.

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6. Improv Resource Center News

An acting school having a location in Chicago, Illinois is Improve Resource Center News. The Core Improv Program, Sceneblast, Laying the Foundation, and Game of the Scene are just a few of the workshops this institution offers for aspiring performers. 

The seminars and workshops at the Improv Resource Center News are focused on developing exciting, enjoyable, and dynamic scene work, making it one of the best acting schools in Chicago.

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7. Joe Hall Dancers & Center

A dancing school located in Chicago, Illinois is called Joe Hall Dancers & Center which is one of the best acting schools in Chicago. 

This business offers affordable, accessible dance classes in a variety of styles, including tap, hip-hop, modern jazz dance, ballet, and Horton/Graham-based modern dance. Joe Hall created a distinctive hallmark urban dance style, which is offered by Joe Hall Dancers & Center. 

This technique is rooted on jazz and incorporates both classical and contemporary idioms.

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8. Laugh Out Loud Theater

People who want to explore comedy in Schaumburg, Illinois, can take acting workshops at Laugh Out Loud, a nearby theater which ranks one of the best acting schools in chicago. 

Anyone is welcome to enroll in the improvisation programs offered by this theater, particularly the Advanced Performance Courses 1 and 3 and the From Page to Stage courses, which are popular with adults and teenagers. 

Simply said, Laugh Out Loud is the ideal location to watch stand-up comedy concerts and for fans who want to learn how to become famous comedians.

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9. Piven Theatre Workshop

Located in Evanston, Illinois, The Piven Theatre Workshop is one of the best acting schools in chicago. 

The Piven Training Technique, Fall and Spring Youth Classes, Fall and Spring Adult Classes, and Advanced High School Performance Conservatory are just a few of the classes this firm offers to help students improve their acting abilities. 

The Piven Theatre Workshop takes pleasure in the high-quality teaching it offers, which encourages students to discover and express their creative abilities.

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10. Stacey De & Company School of Performing Arts

Leading music and acting instruction may be found at Stacey De & Company School of Performing Arts in Lisle, Illinois. 

This institute offers a variety of lessons in the performing arts, including acting classes, piano lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, vocal lessons, and piano lessons. 

The largest music school in the area, Stacey De & Company School of Performing Arts, has aided hundreds of students in starting and succeeding in their musical and acting careers thereby ranking one of the best acting schools in Chicago.

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Who Are The Top Acting Agencies in Chicago?

For sure, there are acting agencies in Chicago. Below are the best acting agencies you can find in Chicago;

  • Expecting Models
  • O’ Connor Casting Company
  • JC Model and Talent Management
  • Shirley Hamilton
  • The Rock Agency 
  • Gray Talent Group Inc.
  • One source Talent
  • REM
  • Wunderland Group
  • Master J 
  • Tightrope Recording 
  • Simon Casting


The time has come for you to make a demo reel, get a great headshot, and apply using the many strategies covered in this post now that you are aware of everything. 

It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to become an effective actor. Learning from the pros, the seasoned actors who frequently grace the big screen, makes sense. 

You could just have to make do with viewing movies because it might be too expensive to learn with them in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do actors do when not acting?

Most actors spend their free time studying their lines, developing their characters, and rehearsing scenes. Actors also spend time between gigs attending auditions to discover new projects to work on or accepting nonperformance tasks to make money.

How much do actors get paid? 

The type of work actors conduct determines their average pay. While stage actors make $50,386 on average a year, movie and television actors often make $81,000, while voice actors make more like $47,500. Salary ranges can be significantly different based on location and employer and are representative of actors who have steady work in their trade.

Do actors actually cry? 

When acting, actors employ a variety of techniques to elicit tears. Most frequently, they’ll go back on earlier experiences and draw on those feelings. Tricks like tear sticks, eye drops, and petroleum jelly are frequently employed to fake tears on film for people who find it difficult to cry on cue.

Where can I learn how to act?

Online and at community theaters and local institutions frequently offer acting courses. While some aspiring actors prefer to learn on the job by attending open auditions for amateur shows, others choose to employ self-learning techniques like books and YouTube tutorials.

What are acting classes like? 

Acting workshops include a variety of exercises and activities, from scene performances to movement and breathwork. In acting classes, students are asked to let their guard down and perform for and give feedback to one another. Instructors offer assistance to students while they complete these tasks and exercises to help them achieve in their acting careers.


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