Top 10 Best Acting Schools in Germany 2024 | How to Apply

Are you in search of the best acting schools in Germany? Then search no more; you are in the right place at the right time.

Students who want to flourish and further their careers in the diverse and free-spirited environment among the artists working and studying at these institutions are particularly interested in learning music, dance, or theater at one of Germany’s art universities. 

Competitive entrance processes are sometimes seen as a testament to the schools’ renown and the applicants’ talent.

Master’s programs in English concentrate on video, photography, digital animations, or serial narrative for individuals interested in performing arts beyond its more traditional areas.

The schools that provide these degrees are frequently found in larger German towns like Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, or Cologne, which have thriving artistic communities and numerous networking opportunities.

Numerous strong performing arts institutions exist in Germany, and many of their respected graduates are active in Broadway, touring productions, local productions, TV, and film! Below, BroadwayWorld lists Germany’s top-performing arts universities. 

Check the list of our best acting schools in Germany below!

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Are there Acting Schools in Germany?

Yes, numerous acting schools in Germany offer acting. Some of these schools are Universities, while others are strictly theater schools.

Below are some of the acting schools in Germany:

  • College of Performing Arts
  • Hamburg University
  • LMU Munich
  • Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media
  • Free University of Berlin
  • Ruhr University Bochum
  • Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main
  • Macromedia University of Applied Sciences 
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • University of Gottingen
  • Met Film School Berlin
  • University of Leipzig
  • University of Konstanz
  • Heidelberg University – Germany

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How Does One Become an Actor in Germany?

Becoming a movie actor is immensely tempting to many young Germans. It would seem that movie stars lead prosperous lives. 

But personality and talent are not the only factors determining success in this field.

Anyone who wants to work in cinema should first get training as a stage actress since it gives them a solid professional foundation. 

However, cinema acting has several unique characteristics established and tested within the degree program.

When attempting to get into the German acting industry, keep in mind the following:

  • Personality and talent are important
  • Dealing Constructively with passiveness
  • Taking a proactive stance

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How Long Does it Take To Study Acting in Germany?

Things you study in high school or College usually don’t matter if you want to attend acting school. 

Because you’ll need to pass the incredibly demanding audition method, obtaining a lot of acting experience is good, whether through formal study or in your spare time.

Undergraduate acting studies in Germany typically last four years. You can apply immediately after graduating from high school or College, though it may be beneficial to take a foundation course first.

In addition, acting degrees in Germany last three years for graduate studies.

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How Much Do Acting Schools in Germany Cost?

Studying in Korea has several tangible benefits, such as more affordable tuition and living costs than in many other wealthy countries.

Additionally, the type and length of the program chosen affect how much acting classes will cost. Nevertheless, the estimated price range is between $20,000 and $24,000.

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What are the Top 10 Best Acting Schools in Germany?

Germany has numerous acting schools, but these listed below are considered the best among the rest:

1. College of Performing Arts

Except for dance and directing, the College of Performing Arts offers training programs in all theater-related areas, including writing, design, and performance. 

The combination of several academic programs in a single college promotes tight, project-based collaboration consistent with how theaters operate. 

Giving pupils early opportunities to work independently is highly valued. At the College’s venue, UNI.T – the Theater of the UdK Berlin, all study programs display the outcomes of their students’ work in public performances.

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2. Hamburg University

HMT University of Music and Theatrical, established in 1950, offers a range of programs in and related to the performing arts, from classical training in fields like singing and theater to theater direction and music instruction. 

The HfMT offers pupils the highest caliber of artistic instruction and is situated on the shore of Outer Alster lake. 

Also, 83 classrooms, a theater, a vocal studio, a dance studio, and a central performance hall with more than 400 seats are all features of HfMT. 

The university is also one of Hamburg’s most well-known cultural institutions, hosting hundreds of events each year.

The Theaterakademie was established in 2005 to educate students in various theatrical courses, including opera, singing, and dramaturgy. 

The Theaterakademie, located on the Alster lake and housed independently from the university’s main building, offers a variety of courses, including musical theater and directing for film. 

Through performances and internships, students gain practical experience even before they begin their studies. 

In a city with as much cultural diversity as Hamburg, they are in the ideal setting to advance their academic and artistic endeavors.

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3. LMU Munich

Students who study theater studies gain the ability to explore the many manifestations of the “theater” phenomenon with an intellectual mindset. 

Therefore, like all other degrees in the humanities, this one does not provide training for careers as actors, directors, screenplay advisers, theater critics, etc. 

However, the degree offers a variety of skills and information that are essential for these occupations. 

For the institute’s staff, conducting and teaching interdisciplinary research and instruction is standard practice.

Munich provides a wealth of opportunities to put the theoretical knowledge acquired during the degree into practice in various ways within the framework of work experience and internships, thereby establishing contacts. 

Its many stages, from amateur theater to the Kammerspiele München, the Residenztheater, the two opera houses, Bayerische Staatsoper and the Gärtnerplatz-Theater, as well as the newspapers, publishing houses, film and television production companies.

Additionally, the institute offers to perform courses and play projects in its studio theater (Studiobühne TWM). Here, students get the chance to practice and present their original works.

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4. Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media

The famous Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media’s (HMTMH) Drama School offers hands-on training in well-equipped facilities, including a theater with room for 200 spectators. 

Students who enroll in this four-year, full-time program gain experience acting on stage and in front of cameras as well as a foundation in the unique requirements of the radio, film, and television industries, as well as new media. Students also receive diplomas.

Courses move from basic skills to more complicated concepts in a methodically designed approach. 

Lessons on performing arts theory, workshops with international artists, and study trips to critical festivals and performances are part of the program. 

The final week of the academic year will feature a symposium open to E: UTSA students. The emphasis on pupils’ individual “free” scenic work has risen recently. 

Additionally, there are initiatives to set up work placements and foreign exchanges. Students in England, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, and Greece apply for Erasmus funds and submit projects with emerging international artists. 

The university works with the directors class of the Hamburg Theater Academy as well as northern German theaters (Hanover, Bremen, Braunschweig, Goettingen, Oldenburg, and Hamburg). 

The department frequently obtains regional, national, and worldwide festivals such as the Brno, Brussels, Lodz, Muehlheim Theatertage, and Heidelberger Stückemarkt. 

Award-winning performances include “Reading Maria Stuart,” “Barbarian Paradise,” and “The Wardrobe” in Brno, as well as “Twelfth Night,” “Barbarian Paradise,” and “To Moscow?!” in the annual contest of drama schools from German-speaking nations.

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5. Free University of Berlin

The Institute of Theater Studies offers a wide range of courses and a well-rounded educational experience by fusing the fields of theater, dance, film, and music.

A comprehensive theatrical discourse on the circumstances for formation and impact is framed within the field of theater studies, which embodies the most acceptable theatrical aesthetics, theory, and history. 

To promote interdisciplinary linkages between many artists, media, and cultures, the curriculum primarily focuses on the theoretical, historical, and critical aspects of the diversity of form in the theater.

The trans-disciplinary focus of the research-driven Master’s program in Dance Studies draws from a fluid integration of theory and practice. 

It combines extensive theoretical and historical subject studies. Students in the program learn dance’s background and philosophy to understand the physical world.

Students also conduct coordinated movement analysis, contrasting the effects on comprehension and reflection.

The study of the film covers all its genres and facets, from its early development to its present-day incorporation into a wide range of media and technology. 

The discipline is approached from the perspective of a mind that is understood to be both made of and occupied by moving pictures as a basis for ongoing critical examination. 

As with other audiovisual media, film’s history, aesthetics, and theory are investigated as conditions for emergence and influence within various cultural and aesthetic systems.

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6. Met Film School Berlin

One of the top film & photography schools in Germany, Met Film School Berlin offers everything from four-week short courses to Master’s degree programs. 

There are Master’s degrees offered in documentary, directing, and cinematography. Students have the option of splitting the curriculum between London and Berlin.

The Berlin site was inaugurated in 2012, first established in London in 2003. All courses are taught in English, and about 98 percent of the students are from countries other than Germany.

The Met Film School, based in a real operational studio, offers degree candidates the chance to learn through realistic, hands-on studio and location work.

The school offers a number of undergraduate programs in addition to Master’s degrees. There are also shorter study programs lasting a few weeks available. Acting, film editing, and sound are some of the courses available.

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7. Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin

This institution, founded in 1966, provides instruction in film and television. It is an all-German school that collaborates with numerous other institutions in Europe.

The German Film and Television Academy Berlin, a diploma-granting institution, offers training in directing, cinematography, producing, scripting, editing, and sound.

Students majoring in directing, producing, cinematography, and editing complete their coursework by creating and finishing an entire movie. They write a whole screenplay for screenwriting students. 

As a result, the graduates graduate with a real accomplishment and a history of employment.

Although German is the primary language of instruction, some school-related activities call for reading, writing, and speaking English. 

Foreign applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in the German language.

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8. Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main

The presentation formats in the fields of theater, cinema, and the media are covered by the research-focused Master’s program in Theater, Film, and Media Studies. 

Its objects are their aesthetic manifestations, theory, history, institutional and social preconditions, technical requirements, and forms of action. 

Considering the particular subject, it incorporates philosophical, artistic, and cultural theory as historical, sociological, and economic issues. 

The study plan explores a critical-theoretical confrontation with media and artistic phenomena and is distinguished by a definite global focus.

The main goal of the study program is to give students the skills they need to independently reflect on current presenting formats in the fields of theater, film, and the media. 

This skill is developed from an anthropological and genealogical standpoint. It necessitates an understanding of technical and digital media and the history, organization, and systematics of the current forms of theater, performance, dance, and film as artistic and scientific-technical practices. 

The study plan develops sensitivity for artistic techniques and tactics while offering a theoretical humanities education instead of practical art education.

The Master’s degree program, in contrast to practical art education programs, qualifies one for a broad range of activities rather than just a few specific specialized occupational domains. 

In addition to providing cultural knowledge and organizational skills, it imparts competencies that enable one to take on challenging positions in theater, film, and media. 

It also lays the groundwork for additional scientific qualifications in a doctoral studies program.

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9. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

The acting program at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences aims to adequately prepare performers for the needs of the 21st-century entertainment industry.

You can learn your craft in the same classroom as Diane Kruger and Audrey Tautou at the Cours Florent campus of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, where acting courses are offered. 

Also, you are in the Center of the action with our contemporary acting degree program, which combines creative, practical, and theoretical elements.

You can develop the skills you need to become an actor or actress with the help of this globally focused acting degree program. 

Additionally, the practice-focused curriculum gives you knowledge and abilities in self-promotion and career planning.

Your abilities at drama school provide professional prospects in digital media, cinema, and theater. You can start a career as an independent actor or actress of the twenty-first century with us.

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10. University of Leipzig

The Faculty of History, Arts, and Oriental Studies at Leipzig University is home to the Center of Competence for Theater (CCT). 

Our team collaborates with local, national, and international corporations in theater and cultural education. 

Increasing the exposure of the arts, humanities, and society serves as a bridge between these fields and connects experts in every aspect of theater and art creation.

By adopting a resolutely practical strategy, the Center of Competence broadens the academic field of theater studies. 

It collaborates with theaters, companies, and cultural institutions and encourages theory-practice exchange in the fields of teaching and education. 

The CCT is supported by partners from within the institution and by state theaters, independent theater companies, associations, and advocacy groups on a regional and national level.

The Center of Competence sees itself as a hub for academic research, transcultural education, and public communication that impacts our modern society. 

It offers a platform for the public to address issues related to politics, culture, and aesthetics constantly facing countries in transition. 

The Center also contributes significantly to future education and training in theater and performance, thanks to its extensive international network.

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What are the Acting Schools in Berlin?

Berlin is one of the cities found in Germany. Some acting schools can be found in this city, and they include:

  • IAA – International Acting Academy
  • Reduta-Berlin Schauspielschule für Theater und Film
  • Macromedia University of Applied Sciences 

What are the Film Schools in Germany for International Students?

The history of art, movements, and artistic expression in Germany is extensive. It should be no surprise that Germany is home to some of the top universities for film and photography.

The education and training are provided in various ways at the top film & photography schools in Germany. While some are shorter studies, others are degree programs.

They all share a dedication to excellence and thorough educational programs. Some of these will be done in German, while others might have research available in other languages, such as English.

Here are the film schools for international students in Germany:

  • Met Film School Berlin
  • University of Applied Sciences Europe
  • Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
  • The University of Television and Film Munich

What are the Filmmaking Courses in Germany?

The filmmaking courses you have to take while studying to be an actor in Germany include the following:

  • Film and Motion Design
  • Digital Media | Visual and Interactive Media
  • Photography
  • Screen Acting
  • Practical Filmmaking
  • Film Directing – Film and Television
  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication etc


We have talked about the top ten acting schools in Germany. Many people hope to have the opportunity to attend school, but only those with exceptional talent are given this chance.

Therefore the information stated above will give you a good notion of the ideal school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is film school free in Germany?

In Germany, the majority of public universities offer tuition-free undergraduate programs.

Is Germany good for film studies?

Some of the top photography and cinema schools are located in Germany.

Is it hard to get into acting in Germany?

In Germany, breaking into the acting industry can be extremely difficult because actors frequently face rejection.


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