10 Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles | 2024 Best Rankings

Acting is the tenth most popular major in the country, so you won’t be the only one who wants to major in it. As a result, many universities offer degrees, making it challenging to select one.

We looked at several acting schools and studios to compile a list of the best acting schools in Los Angeles for 2023. Over 200 worthy students received acting degrees from these colleges collectively. 

The acting and theatrical arts program you select could significantly impact your future. Therefore, we put together our list of Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles.

Before choosing the ideal school for you, it’s important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can. 

We’ve created several rankings for various majors to help you choose a school, including our list of the best acting schools in Los Angeles.

How to Choose the Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles?

People will respond differently to different acting schools, 

However, there are some basic aspects that you ought to consider before enrolling in any acting school in Los Angeles. 

  1. Check to see if a particular acting school in Los Angeles has accreditation.
  2. Verify that the curriculum best suits your goals. 
  3. Check to see whether you can relate to the qualifications, biographies, and areas of expertise of the teachers and other faculty to help you choose the best acting schools in Los Angeles.

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Should You Go to Acting Schools in Los Angeles? 

Accessing the best Acting schools in Los Angeles are great ways to get into the industry, but it can also be a difficult choice. The decision to go or not is often based on your personal goals and the actions that you want to pursue.

Many people consider acting schools investment in their future as an actor.


  • It gives kids the chance to try out for roles in movies, TV shows, plays, and advertisements. 
  • Acting schools in Los Angeles hold showcases to aid students in gaining attention and promoting themselves. 
  • Students can learn about their craft and hone their talents in a supportive environment at acting school. They have access to some of the best resources available and are part of a community that will support them as they develop as actors.


  • Choosing the acting school in Los Angeles that will be ideal for you might be a challenge because there are so many schools available, all of varying quality. It could be preferable to postpone enrolling in acting schools until after your profession has taken shape if you are unsure what course it should take. 
  • The cost of acting schools in Los Angeles is another drawback.

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What are the Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles in 2023?

There are a lot of acting schools in Los Angeles that will furnish and refurbish your acting skills. Let’s review some of these acting schools in Los Angeles and state the best to enroll for in 2023;

  • Andrew Wood Acting School
  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles
  • American Musical and Dramatic Academy(AMDA)
  • Alan Feinstein Acting Studio
  • Berg Studios
  • Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio
  • Lifebook Acting Academy
  • Loyola Marymount University Theater Arts
  • The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
  • The Sanford Meisner Center
  • Stella Adller Academy of Acting & Theater

1. Andrew Wood Acting School

A reputable acting school that provides comprehensive instruction in camera awareness, audition strategies, and improvisation in addition to the art. 

In 2004, Andrew Wood opened his acting school to foster a community where actors could learn and practice the wonderful acting techniques he had experienced while working as an MFA director at Yale Drama School. 

The growth of performers, directors, and writers is a core value at Andrew Wood Acting School. It seeks to provide an environment where students can collaborate, create, and share ideas as they grow in their craft.

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2. American Academy of Dramatic Arts Los Angeles

This school stands apart from other academic settings because it fosters a culture of risk-taking, creativity, and innovation in its pupils. 

Students can practice their art without worrying about being judged or criticized. 

This is the ideal setting for aspiring actors and actresses who want to develop as artists and learn to take risks and be inventive. 

Professional actors, directors, writers, and technicians from around the world come together at the Academy to work together in a collaborative and imaginative setting. 

Students are encouraged to use the process of developing as an artist and to discover their unique voices in their classes.

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3. American Musical and Dramatic Academy(AMDA)

Actors, writers, directors, producers, and other professionals in the entertainment industry can receive training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. 

The institution is renowned for its original method of talent identification. 

It has continuously led the way in opening doors for budding artists and starting careers in theater, film, and television.

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4. Alan Feinstein Acting Studio

A well-known actor, Alan Feinstein recently starred in Traces, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. He has also appeared in Nip Tuck, Crossing Jordan, and N.Y.P.D. Blue. 

In addition to playing series leads in The Runaways, Jigsaw John, and Berrengers, he has appeared in over 100 television shows. 

Actors can learn and develop at Alan Feinstein Acting Studio. The acting studio offers courses in scene study, movement, and audition technique, emphasizing the craft of acting. 

Actor and acting teacher Alan Feinstein has a wealth of experience. His studio’s objective is to give actors a nurturing, imaginative setting to practice their craft.

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5. Berg Studios

For kids, their families, and anybody interested in becoming an actor, Berg Studios offers a range of acting programs and workshops, from the elementary level to the professional level. 

The business has a committed staff eager to educate, teach, and advise any budding actor. 

Acting teacher Gregory Berger, who has been teaching acting in Los Angeles and around the world for more than 23 years, is the owner and operator of the Studio space. 

A writing method focused on physicality, spontaneity, and script analysis is taught to students. 

Students from LA and New York have praised the acting workshops at Berg Studios for being distinctive in their approach to technology development and highly beneficial.

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What Are The Best Acting Studios in Los Angeles?

Students learn to be assured, daring, and bold on camera in the creative, encouraging environment of acting studios. 

Their acting school provides on-camera acting instruction. They focus on the individual teaching children, teens, and young adults and helping them gain confidence + learn how to succeed.

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6. Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio

EMAS is an exciting acting training program for people looking to learn the profession in a demanding and motivating setting. 

Program alums have established themselves in the theater, television, cinema, and other industries. 

You must enroll in their demanding 6-week intensive course if you are dedicated to your development as an artist.

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7. Lifebook Acting Academy

Hosts a group of creative people like you who collaborate to pursue their goals. 

Your platform for creative communication is Lifebook. 

Actors, musicians, comedians, writers, directors, producers, and more are all represented. It’s the ideal setting to connect with others who share your interests. 

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Lifebook Acting Academy is for whom? 

  • those who are interested in writing, acting, or 
  • musicians striving to hone their stage presence and communication abilities in general 
  • Professional writers Newly minted directors in the early stages of their directorial careers 
  • Professional filmmakers and producers that want to enhance their material, production abilities, and connections with actors

8. Loyola Marymount University Theater Arts

The Theatre Arts program at LMU is a distinctive curriculum that views theatre as a laboratory for studying life, allowing students to investigate the human experience via performance. 

As a core component of their goal, LMU actively promotes creativity and critical thinking. 

They think that by assisting their pupils in cultivating the proper mindset, these crucial components will enable them to choose the right path in life. 

Various communication-related degrees are available at Loyola Marymount University, and graduates will have many different job options. 

They have a stellar reputation in the field and have welcomed several well-known celebrities to campus.

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9. The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute is an organization that wholeheartedly upholds Lee Strasberg’s goals, principles, and vision. It is renowned for its ground-breaking work in acting techniques that Lee Strasberg passed on. 

It is often referred to as “method acting.” 

The Institute works to uphold the heritage of the person who transformed acting and acting instruction in America. 

The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute works to carry on Lee Strasberg’s legacy by teaching the world’s top actors and providing a variety of courses specifically tailored to assist performers to succeed in Hollywood.

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10. The Sanford Meisner Center

The Meisner Technique’s Original and Last Residence is in Los Angeles! 

In keeping with its founder’s legacy and generating new works for a long time, the Sanford Meisner Center 

Each student’s creativity, focus, discipline, and devotion to their approach are developed through their curriculum.

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11. Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theater

The Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre is a school that provides thorough training in cinema, television, and theater for students of all levels. It is situated in the center of Hollywood. 

The curriculum at this institution encourages kids to imagine their worlds. 

Principals of Stella Adler’s acting style: 

  • Doing is Acting 
  • Increasing imagination 
  • Add weight to your acts.

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What Are The Best Child Acting Schools in Los Angeles?

Whether or not your child has expressed a sincere interest in acting, many kids gain useful skills from attending the best acting schools in Los Angeles. You can discover some of the best acting schools in Los Angeles that will accommodate your family’s schedule as well as the demands of your child. Here are some of the best acting schools in Los Angeles for kids;

  • The Groundlings School
  • Young Actors Studio
  • The Playground
  • Margie Haber Studio
  • Kids On Stage

What Are The Most Affordable Acting Schools in Los Angeles?

A couple of Los Angeles acting schools are affordable to suit your pocket. We will be looking into these affordable acting schools in Los Angeles, which includes;

  • Margie Haber Studio
  • Atwater Playhouse and Acting School
  • The Second City Hollywood
  • Carolyne Barry Acting Academy
  • Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop
  • Art of Acting Studio
  • Lesly Kahn & Company.

How To Book an Audition for Acting Schools in Los Angeles?

You’re about to start the most important journey of your acting career through your knowledge of the best acting schools in Los Angeles. 

You will schedule auditions one step at a time. 

Let’s review the first actions. 

  • You must have a fantastic headshot to start. 
  • Your acting resume should also demonstrate your range, and you should be aware of how to use it to your advantage to be a part of the best acting schools in Los Angeles. 
  • The third thing you require is a demo reel showcasing your finest work. 

Booking auditions in the best acting schools in Los Angeles require these three things.


It takes investigation and thought to pick out the best acting schools in Los Angeles.

You can pick several acting schools to pursue your passion for acting. 

The appropriate school can give you the abilities and training required to succeed as an actor, in addition to opportunities, relationships, and support networks of like-minded people.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles

How can I get admission to a Theatre and Film Institute?

They only have admissions interviews. Why no audition? They do not believe in auditioning students as the best way to assess a prospective student.

What is the Cost of Tuition for Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute?

From as low as $1,650 for a 2-week intensive – as high as $56,342.

Who are the lee Strasberg theatre and film institute’s notable alumni?

Sally Field, Alec Baldwin, Laura Dern, Chris Evans, Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Claire Danes, Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johannsen, Kevin Corrigan, and more notable alumni.

What are the class sizes?

12-16 students.

Do you offer scholarships?

The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute Los Angeles Campus has four available scholarships.


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