Administrator Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

This administrator job description guide is well-optimized to help you actualize your desired goal.

The role of an administrator is a senior role in any organization. They oversee and coordinate the work of junior administrative staff.

Administrators are responsible for many organizational tasks; they schedule appointments and respond to and redirect calls.

As a result of the duties and responsibilities of an administrator, it is advantageous to possess some professional skills.

These skills will make the job easier and enjoyable and also makes you stand out in the job.

My guess is that since you are reading this article, you are a job seeker seeking the position of an Administrator.

Well, the first step to becoming a good administrator is knowing and understanding your job description, and that’s exactly what this article is about.

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What does an Administrator do?

An Administrator is responsible for providing office support to individuals or a team; they play an integral and vital role in smoothly and effectively running activities. The job description of an office Administrator includes that they carry out duties like receiving calls, assisting visitors, and preparing spreadsheets.

Aside from that, Administrators also carry out some office projects and tasks and supervise junior staff.

A good Administrator should possess excellent customer service skills.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of an Administrator?

The duties and responsibilities of an Administrator may vary depending on the size and sector of the firm.

Here are some of the typical duties and responsibilities of an Administrator

1. Answer Incoming Calls

Administrators respond to incoming calls and redirect them to the appropriate person or office.

Whenever it is a call that can be answered with redirects, they give the necessary response.

This is one of the reasons why customer service skills are essential for them.

2. Take Minutes during Meetings

During official meetings, they take accurate minutes of the meeting.

Sometimes, before a meeting commences, they may be asked to read the minutes of the previous meeting.

3. Keeping Records

As part of your duties and responsibilities as an Administrator, you are in charge of keeping company records.

Administrators keep records such as staff data, stock inventory, and finance.

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4. Order Office Supplies

Even before office supplies run out, Administrators are expected to contact vendors for new ones.

They place orders for office supplies, and when they arrive, they keep a necessary record.

5. Creating and Maintaining a good Social Media Presence

Not all companies assign this job to an Administrator.

But in some, that is the case. As such, the Administrator must regularly upload content on all social media handles.

The contents should be capable of triggering sales of goods or services.

Some other Administrator duties and responsibilities are:

  • Collating and distributing mail, letter, faxes, and memos to the appropriate office.
  • Prepare travel arrangements and bookings for staff and customers when necessary.
  • Making necessary arrangements for events, both internal and external.
  • Oversee the day-to-day activities of a company.
  • Ensure that all company policies are observed at all times.
  • Schedule arrangements and keep track of the calendar.
  • Assist with bookkeeping and budget preparation.
  • Keeping a record of all staff.

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What Qualifications do I need to become an Administrator?

Although it is not mandatory, a bachelor’s degree is advantageous.

But, the minimum level of educational certification is a high school diploma.

In most cases, employers prefer employing those with bachelor’s degrees in management, human resources, or other related fields.

Often, employers also prefer employing those with some years of working experience.

Because the Administrator is not an entry-level position.

Experience may come from working as a secretary or administrative assistant.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and familiarity with basic accounting principles is also a plus.

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What Skills and Personality suit an Administrator?

The job description of an Administrator requires that you possess certain skills and attributes to carry out your job smoothly.

Qualifications alone are not always enough to get the job and keep it.

Here are some skills every good Administrator should possess

1. Communication Skills

A good Administrator should be able to communicate their job’s technical and non-technical aspects.

They communicate well both verbally and in writing.

2. Organization Skills

As a good Administrator, you must be capable of staying organized at all times.

Being able to prioritize your activities makes staying organized at all times easier.

3. Interpersonal Skills

It is also important for an Administrator to build and maintain good working relationships with other staff.

When healthy working relationships are built, it helps the work move smoother.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

A good Administrator should be able to solve problems that may arise during working hours.

Whenever junior staffs have misunderstandings, the administrator should settle such issues amicably.

5. Leadership Skills

The administrator is a leadership role in any organization. Therefore all Administrators should possess all leadership attributes. 

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Where do Administrators Work?

Some of the typical employers of Administrators are:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Schools
  • Insurance companies
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • IT firms
  • Media firms
  • Manufacturing companies

The employers of Administrators are not all limited in this list. There are so many businesses out there that require their services.

How much do Administrators make?

On Average, Administrators in the United States make about $15.66 per hour.

This figure may vary depending on your geographical location and employer.

Also, your years of experience and qualifications may determine your pay.

What should I Include in my Administrator Resume?

When creating a resume, you may want to include every piece of information capable of convincing an employee that you are suitable for the job.

Some of the things you may want to include are your qualification, years of experience, and skills.

Do not hesitate to use this guide on the job description of an Administrator.

It is well-optimized to enable you to create a professional resume.

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What are some Questions for an Administrator Job Interview?

Some questions interviewers may ask during an Administrator job interview include:

1. What are your Strengths?

While answering this question, be as specific as possible.

Briefly tell the interviewer about your qualities and experience. For example, you can tell them about an online training you completed.

You may also let them know certain duties you were asked to carry out because of your strength in that area of expertise.

2. How do you Manage Time?

When responding to this question, you may want to tell them about tools or applications you use to manage time effectively.

You can also tell them that you always allocate time to all the tasks given to you.

Let them also know that you stay focused on each task to avoid spending more than the allocated time.

3. How do you work with a Difficult Boss, Colleagues, or Visitors?

Questions like this are often asked to test your problem-solving and interpersonal skills and to know how well you can manage pressure.

When responding, briefly and intelligently tell them about an experience with calling names.

You may also add that staying calm even when things seem rough helps you work better.

4. What is the Role of an Administrator in an Office?

This question aims to test your knowledge of the job description of an Administrator.

To answer such questions properly, carefully read and understand this guide on the Job description of an Administrator.

And, of course, feel free to use this knowledge during the interview.

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5. What is the Best part of Being an Administrator?

Before leaving g for the interview, you should sincerely tell yourself the answer to this question. Why do you want to become an Administrator?

To respond to the question, tell the interviewer why you love the job of an Administrator.

Sincerely loving the job makes it less stressful

6. What are your Areas of Weakness?

When answering this question, you have to be very discreet.

Nobody expects that you are 100% perfect. But the irony is that nobody wants to employ an imperfect person.

Therefore, you have to find a way to answer this question to avoid being disqualified.

Some answers you can give are:

  • I pay too much attention to details
  • Sometimes I find it hard to let go until I have completed a project
  • I often focus so much on my job that I give little time to other things.
  • I find it difficult to say no

Click here to learn more about how to explain these points.

Summary of Administrator Job Description Guide

After some years of experience, and you decide to take up a leadership position in a company, becoming an Administrator is a good option.

This guide on an Administrator’s job description is perfect for putting you through all you need to know.

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