AMDA Acceptance Rate 2024: Ranking, Admissions, and Scholarships

AMDA acceptance rate is relatively low and moderately selective compared to other private performing arts conservatories in New York and Los Angeles, California.

This and many more questions are what you need to ask before sending your application to study at any institution and conservatory inclusive.

This article has dealt with possible questions you would have concerning this school and their respective answers to give you more insight into the school, including the AMDA acceptance rate, tuition fee, and the specific requirements you’ll need to study there. Just don’t stop reading, and let’s go a little deeper.

About the American Musical and Dramatic Academy

The American Musical And Dramatic Academy, popularly known as AMDA, is a private conservatory for performing arts located in New York City and Los Angeles, California.

It was founded in 1964 by Philip Burton and the New York theatre community. It is highly known as one of the first bachelor of fine arts-granting performing arts colleges of higher learning in the US, specifically for musical and dramatic arts students.

Presently, this art conservatory offers admission and enrolls over 500 students each season at its campus. Consequently, AMDA has topped the list as the best performing arts college in America in high rankings, giving it the recognition it deserves in terms of academic excellence and great value.

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Why Choose AMDA?

Amongst another private conservatories for performing arts in California and around the states, there are really good reasons why you should choose this college.

AMDA offers both a bachelor of arts degree and two year certificate in professional performance programs related to art majors and other programs like Music, performing arts, film, dance, acting, and musical theatre.

This conservatory gives students intensive professional training in any area of their creative field while following a flexible pattern.

It focuses on an experimental multidisciplinary and several art practices with the mission to enable future graduates to transform the world through their gifts.

There are several highly recognized notable alumni of AMDA, and they include Jason Derulo, Bailey De Young, Ray Fisher, Brita filter, Dita Karang, Christopher Jackson, Adam grace, Rizman Manji, Cassie Levy, Tyne Daly, Jessie Tyler Ferguson, Carolyn Mas, Neil Kaplan and the list continues.

These persons are highly recognized today, and they are excelling in their respective careers. The national association of schools of theatre accredits AMDA.

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What is AMDA Acceptance Rate?

AMDA acceptance rate in 2023 is 44.4%. The acceptance rate is somewhat selective, and this rate has made AMDA one of the art conservatories with a very moderately selective acceptance rate in the states.

This rate makes admission into the American musical and dramatic academy very easy but selective, as the conservatory only seeks to admit the best students who can achieve a lot outside the school’s walls.

Every intending student for this university should have in mind that it is a little challenging to get into, especially with the AMDA acceptance rate, but that shouldn’t scare you because, if you meet the basic requirements, there is really no way you wouldn’t get admitted.

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What is AMDA Tuition and Fees?

The tuition for the American musical and dramatic academy is $41,660. Alongside the tuition fee, there are several fees you would need to pay, and they are listed below.

  • Student activity fee: $616
  • House: $9,990 (for off-campus)
  • Fees: $660
  • Books: $1,200
  • Transportation: $1,200
  • Personal expenses: $4,300
  • Miscellaneous: $2,300
  • The estimated cost of studying at AMDA: $61,310

Most students’ average cost of studying at this conservatory is relatively high. However, most students receive income, financial aid, and grants from AMDA and several organizations, which reduces the cost for students, especially those with financial needs.

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What is AMDA Acceptance Rate By Major?

You must’ve noticed by now that AMDA has a relatively low acceptance rate, and that rate still applies to most majors, excluding the ones in high demand, which leads to increased competition. The majors below have an acceptance rate of 30%.

  • Acting
  • Dance, general
  • Drama and dramatics/theatre arts, general
  • Musical theatre
  • Film, video, and photography arts
  • Visual and performing arts, general

AMDA Admission Requirements

Your admission into this university all depends on you meeting the basic requirements. Applying to AMDA is a multi-step process; below are the requirements.

Be sure to follow all the steps that apply to each requirement for your program to ensure the submission of a successful application. Remember that admission requirements vary by program.

  • Complete the online application through the common app or school website or RoyallVip
  • Application fee of $25
  • Recommendation letters
  • Academic records/transcripts
  • Personal essay
  • Interview
  • Audition

Additional Requirements For International Students

  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS/Duolingo/Cambridge English language assessment/IELTS)

How to Apply to American Musical and Dramatic Academy

  • Submit your application online
  • Schedule your AMDA audition
  • Schedule your phone interview with the admission office (email with the best date, time, and phone number to reach you)
  • Submit your essay (500-word minimum describing a challenging experience in your life and what you learned from it)
    • Submit your letters of recommendation (must be submitted via email to
  • Submit your academic records (must be sent directly to AMDA from your highly through the address on the application website)

Additional program admission requirements can be found by selecting your program on the school’s website and the programs page link at the end of this article.

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AMDA Transfer Requirements

American musical and dramatic academy is a conservatory and, as such, doesn’t accept transfer students, and there’s no proof that they’ll accept one in the nearest future.

What is the Program Length for Students at AMDA?

The program length for any student at AMDA depends on whether they decide to take the accelerated track or the traditional track for their program.

There are usually two terms of study in a traditional academic year. AMDA offers a three-term of studies per calendar year (fall, summer, and spring). This is with a minimum of a week off between each term.

This pattern increases flexibility for the student to complete their program at a pace that works for them. They can decide to go through the traditional track and take a term off after each academic year or do the accelerated track and enter the workforce ahead of their peers fully depends on them.

Traditional track

  • AOS certificate: 4 terms and 2 years
  • BFS certificate: 8 terms and 4 years
  • BA certificate: 8 terms and 4 years

Accelerated track

  • AOS certificate: 4 terms and 1year 4months
  • BFS certificate: 8 terms and 2years 9months
  • BA certificate: 8 terms and 2years 9months

What is AMDA GPA Requirement?

The GPA requirement for AMDA is 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. AMDA doesn’t necessarily require you to be at the top of your class; as a matter of fact, they accept below-average students.

Your transcript should show that you have some Bs and As since it reveals to AMDA that you are academically prepared.

What are AMDA Deadlines and Decision Dates

AMDA offers rolling admissions, which means they accept students throughout the year. You must complete your admission application no later than 60-90 days from your intended start date.


AMDA is one of the best-value private performing arts institutions worldwide. It offers quality education to students with high-quality lessons and quality classes. You can be sure of a good learning environment for all students, and unparalleled flexibility for tailoring an academic experience at will help you succeed.

Good luck.

AMDA Acceptance Rate 2024 FAQs

Are International Students Eligible for Financial Aid At AMDA?

Associate of Occupational Studies Programs AMDA Certificate Graduates can earn an Associate of Occupational Studies degree in Acting, Musical Theatre, or Dance Theatre by transferring 60 performance credits and completing the general education requirements.

Does AMDA Offer Online Classes?

AMDA offers online classes for only the HDVC. The High School Virtual Conservatory at AMDA is an immersive online program that provides extraordinary performing arts training for passionate artists only, wherever they may be.

How Do AMDA Transfer Students?

Considering a student’s request to transfer campus, a review is usually conducted regarding the student’s overall standing at AMDA. This will include assessments related to a student’s academic (students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for consideration) and artistic and community contributions.

Reference – Apply and study at AMDA

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