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When we think of architects, the first thing that comes to our minds is buildings, right?. But, what exactly is the job description of an architect?

We all need a roof over our head, whether at home or at work.

Without an architect one of the basic human needs cannot be met.

Beyond creating building plans for construction engineers to work with, architects do more.

Some of the most amazing structures in various parts of the world wouldn’t have been possible without architects.

I would say, in the mind of an architect, everything is possible.

Since you searched for the job description of an architect.

I guess you are either an employer or an individual who intends to start up a career in architecture.

Whichever category you fall into, this article on the Job description of an architect has all the answers you need.

It is a perfect guide for creating an architect job description template for employment.

As well as a perfect guide for writing a resume.

Who is an Architect?

An architect is a professional who studies architecture in a college or a university.

Architects plan, design and oversee building construction.

They make use of designing software such as AUTOCAD to create these designs.

The building plan gives a picture of what the finished work will look like.

It shows where all plumbing, electrical, and ventilating systems should be located.

A good building plan gives all the necessary details concerning the building.

Apart from coming up with designs, architects perform other functions.


Architect Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hold meetings with clients to determine what kind of structure they have in mind.
  • Make known to clients the construction budget.
  • Inform clients about the length of time it may take to complete the building.
  • Design buildings and prepare documents.
  • Oversee builders ensure that they stick to the design.
  • Bid for contracts.
  • Make use of designing software.
  • Evaluate construction location to see if it meets the requirement for construction.
  • Work as a team with civil engineers, urban and related planners, interior decorators or other related workers.
  • Come up with innovative ideas to meet the needs of the client in mind.
  • Make adjustments to designs as required by the clients.
  • Make sure that buildings are built to standard With the best equipment.
  • Work with a budget to meet the client’s needs.
  • Handle problems that may arise in the course of construction.

What are the Qualifications Required to Become an Architect?

The qualifications required to become an architect may differ depending on your location.

No matter  the county though, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a college or university is a common route to becoming an architect.

The length of years it may take to acquire a degree in architecture also differs depending on your country.

Just note that, there are standards in place for becoming an architect.

Of course, such standards should be expected.

Or else, we would keep hearing of buildings collapsing daily.

Apart from that popular route of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

You can also become an architect after serving as an apprentice to a professional architect for some years.

Whenever you take a route, most countries still have bodies governing architects.

Therefore, to be a certified architect and have license to practice in a given country.

You may have to register and become a member of their governing body.

Registration may require you to take an exam.

Even after having the necessary qualifications, most employers still prefer employing those with experience.

Experience in architecture may be obtained via internship.

To improve your qualification, you can also take up a masters program in a university.

What Skills and Personality Suit an Architect?

The job of an architect requires a lot of creativity and time.

Aside obtaining all or any of the qualifications listed above.

There are necessary skills a good architect should possess.

1. Communication skill

A good architect should be able to properly explain the idea he has in his head effectively to his clients.

Even after designing, during presentations, you should be able to effectively communicate the technical and non technical aspect of your work

3. Creativity

The importance of creativity for an architect cannot be over emphasized.

If you must stand out, you must be able to visualize and think outside the box.

All beautiful buildings you know are a product of the architect’s creativity.

4. Dedication

Drawing a building plan is so easy to say, but may take time to complete.

Not just that, an architect has to be dedicated to his job from start to finish.

Your work as an architect is not complete until the project is completed and your client is satisfied.

5. Flexibility

Due to the the work schedule of an architect and the fact that you may have to deal with deadlines.

A good architect must be flexible enough to adjust to any type of working shift.

6. Problem solving skill

After making a perfect plan and coming up with a beautiful design.

In the course of building, things may not go as planned.

A good architect should be able to handle problems.

7. Leadership

You may be required to lead a team of builders.

Good leadership skill will help get the jib done well and fast.

8. Interpersonal skill

As part of the job description of an architect, you may have to work with a team of other professional.

Good interpersonal will ease work flow and make things happen faster.

How Much Do Architects Make?

Your pay as an architect may be determined by a lot of factors.

Some of these factors include:

  • Location
  • Client
  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Type of contact

The bigger the contract, the more money you may make.

Architects that work in more developed countries may earn more than those who work in less developed countries.

In the united States, the average salary of an architect is about $80,750 per year.

The lowest ten 10% earn below $48,700. And the highest %10 earn above $137,620

Like I already implied, this figure may be different in your country.

Where Do Architects Work?

Anywhere building or building designs are involved, the services of an architect is required.

Some of the institutions that may require the services of an architect are:

  • Private architectural firms
  • Government owned firms
  • Real estate organizations
  • Construction companies

Individuals who intend  build their homes or companies also require the services of an architect.

What Do I Include in My Architect Job Advertisements or Resume?

This article on the Job description guide of an architect has everything you need.

Either to create an architect job description template or for architects who want to create a resume.

When create a template or resume, here are some things to clearly state:

  • Qualification 
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Pay

It is important to clearly state these things to help the reader know if you are qualified for the job.

What is the Work Schedule of an Architect Like?

Most times, architect spend most of their time in the office.

Except when they have to visit construction sites to ensure that the client’s needs are being met.

Architects who work for organization work for full working hours.

But, self employed architect have more flexible working hours.

Conclusion: Architect Job Description Guide

The expertise of an architect is one that can not be overlooked when it comes to building construction.

Even though drawing skills may be advantageous to an architect, there are other duties and responsibilities that the architect must be involved with.

Please, share this article with everyone you know until it gets to an architect that needs this information.

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