Assistant Accountant Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

This free job description for an assistant accountant is well-written to support your goal.

An assistant accountant is responsible for fostering a company’s financial success. As well as maintain an accurate financial record.

This role is very vital to the success of any organization. Therefore employers are always careful when recruiting.

Employers seek academically qualified, experienced, skilled, and trustworthy persons to handle this role.

Assistant accountants work with other accounting department members to achieve a company’s financial success.

It is a junior position; therefore, they report to and support senior accounting.

A clear understanding of an assistant accountant’s job description makes creating a template or resume easier.

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What does an Assistant Accountant do?

An assistant accountant is an entry-level role in an accounting career; they support senior accountants and the entire accounting team. They have to prepare account statements, budgets, accounts, payroll, and process invoices.

The duties and responsibilities of an assistant accountant may vary depending on the employer, as well as the size of the form.

But, their typical responsibilities involve basic accounting and administrative and clerical tasks to support the accounting team.

Often, assistant accountants work under the supervision of a staff accountant or an accounting manager who determines most of their duties.

Those who work for larger companies are more likely to handle more tasks than their colleagues in smaller firms.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of an assistant accountant?

Although the duties and responsibilities of an assistant accountant may vary depending on the employer, here are the typical duties and responsibilities most assistant accountant job descriptions always contain.

1. Monitor Company Budget

An assistant accountant’s duty and responsibility is to monitor the company budget.

They ensure that the stipulated budget for projects, programs, and operations is followed most cost-effectively.

2. Maintain Financial Records

The assistant accountant maintains accurate financial records.

As well as monitor incoming payments and outgoing expenses.

Record keeping is essential for making future references.

3. Reconcile Bank Statements

The assistant accountant also must cross-check bank statements with the company’s record.

To ensure the data on both sides are in sync and avoid possible errors.

4. Prepare Financial Report

Assistant accountants also assist senior accountants in the preparation of financial reports.

They may or may not be involved or present during the presentation of this report.

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5. Handle Administrative Tasks

Most job descriptions for assistant accountants also require performing some administrative and clerical tasks.

These administrative duties include photocopying, filing, and taking minutes during meetings.

Some other duties and responsibilities of an assistant accountant include:

  • Prepare profit and loss statements as well as balance sheets.
  • Deal with Insurance claims.
  • Prepare and process payrolls and other employees’ expenses.
  • Receive and process payments from clients.
  • Prepare and process receipts and paid invoices.
  • Whenever there is an outstanding balance, they follow it up and monitor accounts payable.
  • Keep track of business transactions.
  • Assist senior accountants in auditing and preparing financial forecasts.

What are the Requirements to become an Assistant Accountant?

Although not mandatory, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, economics, mathematics, or other related fields is advantageous.

But, the minimum academic certification most employers require is a high school diploma.

Most employers prefer employees who have completed an assistant accountant certificate program in an accredited school to those with only a high school diploma.

Assistant accountant certificate programs usually take about a year or two to complete.

Employers may also give preference to assistant accountants who have technical or associate’s degree(s)

Although, in the absence of a formal education or qualification, employers may employ individuals who have some experience in bookkeeping or have worked previously as a cashier to work as assistant accountants.

Since assistant accountant is an entry-level role, most usually have little or no experience.

As such, they do a lot of on-the-job learning. This is why they have to work under the supervision of a Senior accountant.

While working, assistant accountants without a bachelor’s degree may go ahead to start, finish and obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

They may even advance further by obtaining a Master’s degree.

Improving your qualification makes you eligible for senior accounting positions in any organization.

Also, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree or other advanced degrees, your experience in assistant accounting will improve your resume and portfolio when seeking a senior accounting position.

Therefore, starting with the role of an assistant accountant is a good choice for those who desire a successful career in accounting.

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What Skills and Personality suit an Assistant Accountant?

When creating an assistant accountant job description, there are specific skills employers always include.

These skills are always featured because they make the work easier and better.

Therefore, to stand out in this role, as well as obtain the favor of your interviewer, prospective assistant accountants should possess them

Here are some of these skills and attributes:

1. Communication Skills

A good assistant accountant should be able to communicate appropriately in writing and verbally.

One of the importance of this skill is for communicating the technical and non-technical aspects of the job with supervisors or other members of their team.

2. Organisational Skills

Because assistant accountants carry out some administrative and clerical tasks as well as accounting tasks, this skill is relevant.

Usually, its importance comes to play when record keeping, maintenance, and filing documents.

3. Integrity and Honesty

Assistant accountants deal with a company’s finance, an essential department.

Therefore honesty and integrity is a critical attributes assistant accountants, as well as prospective assistant accountants, must possess.

You must never alter financial records or report for personal benefits.

Aside from the fact that it can break a compared, it can also land you in serious problems.

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4. Interpersonal Skills

Assistant accountants work under the supervision of senior accountants as well as other members of the accounting team.

Therefore they should be capable of developing a good working relationship with everyone.

5. Multitasking

It is also suitable for an assistant accountant to have good multitasking ability.

Because it can make work faster, as a result, in a short time, more things can be done.

But, whenever multitasking is not possible, it is best to prioritize.

Most important and urgent tasks should be given more preference.

But, less critical and urgent tasks should not be ignored or undone.

6. Independence

Even though assistant accountants work under the supervision of senior accountants, it is also good that they learn to work independently.

But, become making some critical decisions, it is good to let the supervisor know.

7. Ability to Work Under Pressure

Sometimes, members of the accounting departed work under a lot of pressure.

Some of such times include during end-of-the-year report preparation and at tax time.

Therefore, it is good for all team members to learn to work well under pressure.

8. Discretion

As a member of the accounting team, you can access sensitive information.

Such information includes the company’s financial information and that of other clients.

Therefore, employers seek discrete and trustworthy individuals when creating an assistant accountant job description.

10. Mathematical skills

Although an assistant accountant is an entry-level accounting role, they still handle a lot of figures.

As such good mathematical and numerical skills are very relevant.

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Where do Assistant Accountants Work?

Practically, almost every business, organization, or company deals with money.

As a result, there are many potential job opportunities for assistant accountants.

Some of the typical employers of assistant accountants include:

  • Private firms
  • Transport companies
  • Public sectors
  • Accounting firms
  • Banks
  • Firms that offer professional services
  • Industrial organizations
  • Corporate and commercial organizations
  • Health sector
  • Insurance agencies
  • Logistics companies
  • NGOs

According to the American Bureau of labor statistics, there should be an 8% decline in the demand for unskill accounting labor.

This decline is a result of the growth and changes  in technology

What does the Work Environment of an Assistant Accountant look like?

Most assistant accountants work in offices, and occasionally, they may be required to leave the office for client meetings.

Often companies have departments or units for accounting, and assistant accountants work as members of this team.

In rare cases, assistant accountants may offer freelance services.

In such situations, the work environment and duration may depend on their agreement with the client.

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Assistant Accountant Work Schedule

Often assisting accountants in working during regular work hours. 

Their work hours is usually between 9am to 5pm or 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.

However, they may have to work extra time during the end of the financial year and during tax time.

Assistant accountants usually work full-time, but those who prefer part-time can negotiate with the employer.

What should I Include in my Assistant Accountant Job Resume?

When creating a resume or a portfolio, you may want to include information like:

  • Experience
  • Accounting Skills
  • Qualification
  • Soft skills
  • Hard skills

This information helps employers determine if you are suitable for the job.

Even during interviews, do not underestimate the importance of referencing your skills, qualification, and experience.

Don’t hesitate to use this guide on the job description of an assistant accountant to create your resume.

Summary of the Assistant Accountant Job Description Guide

In as much as this guide on the job description of an assistant accountant was written with prospective assistant accountants in mind.

It is still a perfect template for companies creating an assistant accountant job description posting.

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