Aviation Schools in Ghana in 2021-2022

Do you want to study aviation in Africa?, Ghana will be a good destination, as Ghana has a good number of aviation schools you should consider.

In this post, we have included everything you need to know about studying aviation in Ghana, in the course of reading, you will get to understand what the requirements for studying aviation in Ghana is, the cost and also how long it takes. 

If you do not have any earlier flying experience, it will be considerably more relevant. There are various factors that will assist you in making the right choice. Good news! We have prepared this amazing content on how to become a pilot.

Why do you want to fly?

Before you make a selection of an aircraft institute, do try to determine, the reason behind your ambition of flying.

Is it for no particular reason as it were? Do you want to simply be up in the sky and the cloud? Are you trying to fulfil your dream for flying as it were? Or on the other hand, are you serious and want to take it up as your career? These questions will put you on the right path and will assist you with choosing one of the flying schools in Ghana.

Where do you want to fly?

The next set of question is additionally significant in choosing the college. Where would you like to fly? Would like to be restricted to your area only as it were? Or do you want to cross the borders and invade the sky of other nations? The airplane of your dream will likewise be another deciding factor.

What does your dream say? Do you envisage yourself flying a shiny, new commercial aeroplane? Or does your dream project an image of you flying a small aeroplane? Don’t forget that these questions are relevant as there are various types of training programs for every single one of the flying goals.

At the point you are done with asking yourself all these questions, you will have the ability to choose one of the academies.

You will discover various kinds of such schools available. Shortlist the educational institutions and try to find out what kind of courses every one of the schools offer. Go through the pamphlet carefully. However, do not rely on the words of the pamphlets only. Make sure to do some individual research.

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Application Tips For List Of Aviation Schools In Ghana

These tips are very expedient and have to be gone by if you want to study in Aviation schools in Ghana. They include:

  • Choose aviation schools that reflect what you want to achieve.
  • If possible, visit the school in person and speak to students who have been admitted and demand for tips.
  • Get recommendations from individuals that will make a difference between acceptance or rejection.
  • Start the application process and ensure you check-list all that is expected of you.
  • Provide extra information that may be important to your application.
  • In this day and age of social media you must not forget to manage your online presence.
  • It will be to your greatest advantage to go to the admissions office in person to discover about any updated information.
  • It is very expedient not to miss any deadlines.
  • Go over the application completely before you finally submit and ensure you have provided all necessary information.
  • Ensure to choose recommendations that will make a positive difference to your application.

Aviation Schools in Ghana in 2021-2022

The aviation schools in Ghana include:

  • Global Institute of Aviation, Accra 
  • Crystal Galaxy College
  • Mish Aviation
  • Institute Of Aviation And Professional Studies (IAPS)

Global Institute of Aviation, Accra 

Address: Adjacent Iran Clinic, Adabraka, Accra, Ghana

Location: Accra

Telephone Number: 0302233991, 0244282236

The Global Institute of Aviation is one of the aviation schools in Ghana and started as part-time classes in June 2000. It is presently a private pre-tertiary Institution. It was formally situated at Osu, Naa Otua Plaza, 1st Ringway Estate and in recent times moved to Faanofa Road, Adabraka adjacent to Iran Clinic.

Aside the program this school offers in the discipline of aviation (Aviation Management), it likewise offers the following programs:

  • Hotel Management
  • Cargo Handling
  • Travel and Tourism
  • English language
  • Hospitality Management

    Its mission is to promote participation in higher education which it refers to as a democratic entitlement and to equip its students to make effective contribution to society and the economy.
    Furthermore its vision is to be a comprehensive and community institution. The ambition is to create an institution that is not constrained by present possibilities however has a grander and progressively inspirational vision of its future.

Crystal Galaxy College

Vision: Becoming a leader in the educational industry in Ghana and stand our ground in Africa and all over the globe.

Core values: Our fundamental values remain:

  • Acceptability: That we will be responsible and responsive to our partners.
  • Standardization: That every of our efforts will be aimed at satisfying all standards locally and globally.
  • Satisfaction: That our students will have a bunch of scholastically stimulating exercises that will address their issues completely.

Motto: A Paradigm of Academic Excellence.

Crystal Galaxy College is a module system university entrance institution with courses intended to help students into the main stream university locally and globally. We are additionally specialized in preparing qualified and capable experts for the Aviation and Journalism Industries in Africa and the whole world.

Our point is to convey quality instruction to the meriting masses through inventiveness and dynamism. Additionally, to empower youth, people to serve in an assortment of steady and positions of authority in the general public, and through the preparation and augmentation projects, research and warning administrations, to help prepare the understudies to adequately serve the general public wherein it exists.

Our aim is to deliver quality education to the deserving masses through inventiveness and dynamism. Additionally, to empower youth, people to serve in a number of supportive and leadership roles in the general public, and via the training and extension programmes, research and advisory services, to assist equip the students to adequately serve the society wherein it exists.

Crystal Galaxy College is focused on the training of men and women who have the greatest desire and passion to impact knowledge gained into the aviation, Hospitality, Maritime, Business and Media Industries in Africa and the entire world.

Our dynamic, professional lecturers and management staff are constantly prepared to help and bolster students in all scholarly and social needs.

Our emphasis is on producing passionate, very much -grounded leaders, tour officials, media analysts and entrepreneurs in the job markets who will address the difficulties within recent memory and serve as positive influence in our society.

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Mish Aviation

Our Vision

To be a leading aviation training and air transportation & management establishment, delivering a wide scope of world class services, focusing on the West African sub regional market but the global market in general.

Our Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles are the underpinning of our company policy:

  • To conduct business decently and genuinely.
  • To practice business within both the letter and spirit of the law and maintaining the law to oversee our actions and decisions.
  • Act responsively towards individuals who work for us, the communities in which we operate and our partners.
  • Be responsible for our actions and create openings that help our growth and value proposition.

Mish Aviation is among the aviation schools in Ghana and was registered in 2006 to undertake the business of Air Transport, Aviation Personnel/Flight Training and Aviation Consultancy Services. Mish Aviation also undertakes domestic schedule Operation and charter in partnership with its partner Africa Contracts and Equipment Ltd.

We keep up the best standards of demonstrable skill in all aspects of training including academic content, safety, flight operations and administration. If your goal is to be a professional pilot, enrollment at Mish aviation is the best beginning you can make.

Institute Of Aviation And Professional Studies (IAPS)

This institute is among the aviation schools in Ghana and was founded by Godson Angkor -a dutiful educationist and a travel consultant. IAPS began as the door to door training service provider in October 2004 however later turned into a full established and registered institution in April 2007 with the commitment of other share-holders who join because to the sound vision, dreams aspiration and the prospect of the founder.

After few services in various capacities in the Aviation, Tourism, Shipping, Hospitality and the commerce industries, the founder understood a void in the training of manpower and human capital for these sectors. The founder understood a critical need to change the shape and form of training to truly re-define professional education in the above disciplines, to ensure outstanding training, career guidance and encouragement of students to get independently employed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become a pilot in Ghana?

To join a flight school in Ghana, you need to have finished your secondary school education with a pass in English, Physics and Mathematics. The type of pilot an individual wants to be is essential to the route he/she will take after graduating from high school

How much do pilots earn in Ghana?

There’s variation in the salary range for the most of workers in the selected occupation – from GH₵5.08 to GH₵19.05 per hour – 2021.

How long does it take to study aviation?

In the US, there are numerous aviation programs at every level of study. Associate degree programs ordinarily take two years to finish. Associate’s degree programs teach students the fundamentals of aviation.

What are the courses in aviation school?

Aviation school programs offer courses in flight theory, aircraft systems, meteorology, crew resource management (CRM), air traffic control and global navigation. Classroom training is substantially supplemented by flight laboratories, in which students undergo hands-on training through sophisticated flight simulators.

What is the best aviation school In Ghana?

Ghana has 9 good aviation schools which include:

  • Eagles Flight Travel And Tour Service School Of Aviation.
  • Buckman Aviation Services Limited.
  • Crystal Galaxy College
  • Ghana Aviation Training Academy.
  • International School of Aviation.
  • Aptech Aviation And Hospitality Management Ghana
  • Institute Of Aviation And Professional Studies.
  • Global Institute Of Aviation.

What Subjects Are Needed For Aviation?

To become a Pilot, you will have to be of a scientific origin, good knowledge of physics, geography and mathematics. So if you wish to study aviation, you should brush up your knowledge in these three subjects.

Conclusion: Aviation Schools In Ghana

Aviation schools In Ghana will be a great option for Africans who want to study aviation, these schools are also good and will save the cost of travelling outside the continent to study.

Moreover, most of the aviation schools in Ghana have less expensive tuition Fees compared to aviation schools in the European and Asian countries. Also, if you wish to fly in Africa, Ghana will be a good aviation study destination.


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