Babson College Acceptance Rate and Average GPA | 2023

Are you in need of Babson College Acceptance Rate information? This article covers all information about Babson College Acceptance Rate.

Babson College applications had a 27 percent admission rate and a 23.7 percent early acceptance rate. For half of the candidates, admission to Babson College requires SAT scores of 1270 to 1450 or an ACT score of 27 to 32.

Babson College is a very elite institution, and admission is quite competitive. If you’re considering applying, research the school and make your application stand out from the crowd.

This article will give you all the information you require about Babson College. The acceptance rate, average GPA, and other essential data will be covered.

A Brief Introduction to Babson College

In Wellesley, Massachusetts, there is a private business college called Babson College. It was founded in 1919, and entrepreneurial education is its primary focus. Roger W. Babson started it as an exclusively male business school, but in 1970 it opened its doors to all genders.

The best undergraduate program at Babson combines liberal arts and sciences with practical business school training for students. The business knowledge, entrepreneurial zeal, and leadership and problem-solving abilities required to be in charge at any point of their careers are fostered in graduates.

Babson College has a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, and 11.7% of its classes have fewer than 20 students. Babson College’s most popular majors are business administration and general management.

There are 2,457 undergraduate students enrolled in Babson College overall (fall 2020), with a gender split of 55% male and 45% female. Forty-nine percent of students at this university live off campus, while 52 percent reside in housing owned, operated, or linked with the university. Babson College competes in NCAA III athletics.

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Why Choose Babson College?

The school promotes student collaboration and develops an exciting learning environment where students can learn and apply what they have learned in real-world situations.

The main area of emphasis of Babson College is entrepreneurship education.

The institute offers top-notch business education facilities with a blend of cutting-edge teaching methodologies, assisting students in developing the core business skills and liberal arts understanding required to foster an entrepreneurial attitude.

Numerous options are available at Babson College to assist students in turning their business ideas into reality. The Babson Center for Career Advancement (CCD) gives students the tools they need for professional development and resources for starting their enterprises.

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What is Babson’s College Admission Requirement?

Accomplished students and motivated classmates will surround you if you apply to Babson.

You must take four to five classes in English, mathematics, social science, laboratory science, and a foreign language a year.

Additionally, you have to complete pre-calculus in mathematics.

All Babson applicants must provide a final high school transcript, a GED, or an equivalent, attesting to their successful high school completion.

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What is Babson’s College Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate for Babson College applicants is 27%, and the early acceptance rate is 23.7%.

For half of the applicants, SAT scores between 1270 and 1450 or an ACT score between 27 and 32 are required for admission to Babson College.

Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores above these ranges, and 25% received those below these ranges. The Babson College application cost is $75, and the deadline for submission is January 2.

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What is Babson’s College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Credit is only given for courses the faculty has approved and the student has received a grade of “C” (2.0/4.0) or higher.

Minimum/Maximum Credits:

Transfer students must complete at least two years of study at Babson to earn their degrees. Therefore, the maximum number of transfer credits Babson will award is 63

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What is Babson College Tuition?

Babson College’s undergraduate tuition and fees for 2022–2023 come to $54,944. The total cost of attending graduate school is $89,550. When students reside on campus, their living expenses are $20,198; living off campus is $20,198.

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What is Babson College Acceptance Rate By Major?

If you’re wondering what the admission rates are for each of the various majors Babson College offers, here they are.

By major, the acceptance rate at Babson College includes:

  • Accounting- 6%
  • Accounting and Business/Management- 10%
  • Accounting and Finance- 7%
  • Auditing- 8%
  • Business Administration and Management- 7%
  • Business Administration, Management, and Operations- 6%
  • Business/Corporate Communications- 5%
  • Economics- 8%
  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations- 13%
  • Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies- 12%
  • Finance- 5%
  • Finance and Financial Management Services- 6%
  • International Business/Trade/Commerce- 5%
  • International Finance- 5%
  • Investments and Securities- 6%
  • Management Information Systems and Services- 5%
  • Marketing- 8%
  • Marketing/Marketing Management- 6%
  • Office Management and Supervision- 5%
  • Operations Management and Supervision- 5%
  • Operations Research- 5%
  • Pre-Law Studies- 6%
  • Sales, Distribution, and Marketing Operations- 6%
  • Small Business Administration/Management- 8%

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What are the Necessary Requirements For Babson College?

Although there are many components to a college application, Babson College concentrates on only a few crucial elements.

They consist of the following:

Babson College GPA Requirement

While some schools publish an unweighted GPA, most utilize a weighted GPA of 4.0. Although this school did not formally provide its average GPA, we have estimated it using information from more than 1,000 other institutions.

Babson College needs you to be near the top of your class and above average, with a GPA of 3.86. Your transcript should primarily reflect As. To demonstrate that you can handle academics at a college level, you should ideally have taken several AP or IB classes.

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Babson College SAT Requirement

The middle 50% of approved students had scores between 1330 and 1450. Therefore, an SAT score of 1450 for Babson College would be above average and may help this college examine your application.

Babson College ACT Requirement

The middle 50% of applicants accepted to Babson College in 2021 had an average ACT score between 31 and 34.

Regarding Babson College applicants, a score of 34 would place you above average, while a score of 31 would place you below average.

What are the Transfer Requirements for Babson College?

Minimum GPA: On a scale of 4.0, the average GPA of admitted students was 3.6.

Official Transcripts: A college or university transcript that includes the final grades for your entire course load must be submitted. You must submit valid high school transcripts and apply as a freshman if you are currently enrolled in your first semester.

SAT Scores

Official ACT or SAT score reports must be submitted by applicants who graduated from high school less than five years ago.

Babson college requires official transcripts from each secondary school you have attended and letters of recommendation.

You must send official college transcripts from any higher education school you have attended.

Essay: Please submit a 250-word personal statement to help the institution get to know you better.

You must also write a letter to your first-year roommate outlining your expectations for the relationship and your top two priorities.

Application Price: The application fee is $75 and is not refundable.

Interview: Though not necessary, interviews are highly advised for aspiring transfer students.

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What is the Babson College Deadline?

You should always be aware of the school’s application deadline because some institutions charge extra for late applications.

Babson College’s winter and spring application deadlines are thus November 1 and January 3, 2023, respectively.

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What are the Babson College Decision Dates?

This year, Babson College’s Early Decision (EDI) date is November 15.

Babson College’s Early Decision (EDII) date is January 3.

By December 15, all ED1 applications should have heard about their admissions status. Of the 584 students that submitted early decision applications last year, Babson College accepted 202. 34.59 percent of the applicants were accepted.

Babson College’s Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2023 enrollment is November 1.

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In conclusion, Babson College is a top-notch educational institution. It is a difficult school to get into because of its challenging entry standards, but if you decide to go, the risk is worthwhile.

I do, however, hope that this post addresses your query about the school’s acceptance rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA is required to enroll at Babson?

Babson College needs you to be near the top of your class and far above average, with a GPA of 3.86. You’ll need a majority of As, ideally with many AP or IB subjects, to demonstrate your college-level readiness. Changing your GPA moving forward will be challenging if you are junior or senior.

What are the benefits of Babson College?

Babson’s Undergraduate School offers a top-ranked education, fusing business and liberal arts programs with curricular and extracurricular learning that teaches students to turn ideas into action. Babson’s Undergraduate School has been ranked as the top undergraduate school for entrepreneurship for 24 years running.

What qualities does Babson seek in its students?

Babson’s selection standards ensure that each applicant receives a relevant and comprehensive review. While your four-year performance receives the most attention, we also consider your writing skills, test results, leadership, originality, and excitement.

What sort of institution is Babson?

A top-tier undergraduate institution that offers cutting-edge business and courses in the liberal arts and sciences.


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