Barnard College Acceptance Rate And Admission 2023

Barnard College’s acceptance rate is slim, so the school is highly selective.

Compliance with their GPA and SAT / ACT requirements is very important to pass the first round of filters and confirm your academic training. If you do not meet their expectations, your chances of getting to almost zero.

After overcoming this hurdle, you will need to impress readers of Barnard College with other application requirements, including extracurricular programs, essays, and letters of recommendation.

History Of Barnard College

This prestigious institution f learning is one of the highly selective liberal arts colleges in the northeastern part of the United States.

Barnard acceptance rate of the previous classes was relatively low and that made it the most diverse and selective class in 133 histories of the college.

The school offers over 50 areas of study with a bachelor of arts as its degree. This college offers a wide range of majors, and the environment is very conducive for female students of different races.

From the year 2000, Barnard College followed the nine ways of knowing curriculum: social analysis, ethics and values, laboratory science, language, quantitative and deductive reasoning, historical studies, social analysis, visual and performing arts, and historical studies.

Through this, students have made remarkable improvements in their studies.

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What Is Barnard College Acceptance Rate 2023?

Barnard college acceptance rate is 13.6%. However, in recent years, the school has been known to be very strict with its admission process and requirements, which made it have an acceptance rate of 11.6%.

But due to the increased competition, the acceptance rate had to be increased to 13.6%.

This entails that for every 100 applicants that apply to this college, only 13 are admitted, still making it very competitive and selective to get into.

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What Is Barnard Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Barnard College transfer acceptance rate is 21.76%. This acceptance rate is relatively higher than other colleges and is also higher than undergraduates’.

This should also tell you how competitive the transfer application to this institution is.

What Is Barnard Acceptance Rate By Major?

Although Barnard college is a small institution, it still has an enrollment of over 2,600 undergraduates.

The Barnard college acceptance rate in 2023 is quite competitive and selective for majors, but for some popular major courses, the acceptance rate differs. The majors offered in this college include;

  • Anthropology
  • Africana studies
  • American studies
  • Architecture
  • Art history
  • Asian and middle eastern cultures
  • Biological sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Classics and ancient studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Computer science
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • English
  • Environment science
  • European studies
  • Film studies
  • French
  • German
  • History
  • Human rights
  • Jewish studies
  • Mathematics
  • Medieval and renaissance studies
  • Music
  • Neuroscience and behavior
  • Philosophy
  • Physics and astronomy
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Religion
  • Slavic
  • Sociology
  • Spanish and Latin American cultures
  • Statistics
  • Theatre
  • Urban studies
  • Women’s gender and sexuality studies

The majors above have the same Barnard acceptance rate of 13.6%. However, the most popular majors at Barnard college have their acceptance rates.

  • Social sciences: 30%
  • Visual and performing arts studies: 10%
  • Biological and biomedical studies: 9%
  • English language and literature: 9%
  • Psychology: 10%
  • Mathematics and Statistics: 5%
  • History: 10%
  • Computer and information science: 6%
  • Cultural, Gender and group studies: 8%
  • Natural resources and conservation: 10%

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Barnard College Admission Requirements

The Barnard College admission requirements are pretty simple. With a low acceptance rate, it ranks 5 in New York and 35 nationally regarding having the lowest acceptance rate.

Barnard is a very competitive school to get into, and one of the ways to stand a chance to get in is to follow and have the requirements.

  • High GPA
  • Good ACT and SAT scores
  • Admission test scores
  • High school class rank
  • Completion of college preparatory program
  • Recommendation
  • Application essay
  • Work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Class rank
  • Ability/Talent/Personal interest
  • Volunteer work
  • Ethnic/Racial status

What Are Barnard College Transfer Requirements?

Being a transfer student in Barnard college, you must have only spent one semester in your college before transferring, and apart from that, you must have a minimum of 24 credits. However, there are various requirements you might need as a transfer student for Barnard college.

  • A typical application: This application is completed through the standard app organization website online, and it generally includes a personal statement and personal information.
  • Writing supplements: This supplement requires you to submit an essay along with the common application, which would help boost your chance of meeting the Barnard acceptance rate. The questions asked that require the essay include;
  1. What encouraged your decision to Barnard college, and why do you feel Barnard is the perfect match for you?
  • What academic topic would you choose if you were allowed to plan and lead a semester-long college seminar and why?
  • Application fee of $75 or a waiver for those with significant financial need
  • Final high school transcript
  • College transcript
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Letter of recommendation
  • College report
  • Mid-term report
  • Course description
  • Average GPA of 4.0

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What Is Barnard College GPA Requirement?

The Barnard College GPA Requirement is 4.0 for both regular applicants and transfer students.

This Barnard College GPA Requirement means that Barnard college is very selective, which is one of the reasons why the Barnard acceptance rate is relatively low compared to other private institutions.

Applicants from all over the world are trying to get in, and somehow, you need to be better by scoring a higher GPA to stand a great chance at getting in. If your GPA is not up to 4.0, then Barnard college is not for you.

What Are Barnard College Deadlines?

Barnard College offers a fall and spring intake season, and they both have deadlines.

  • Transfer applicants: March 1st
  • Fall applicants: November 1st
  • Spring: January 1st

What Are Barnard College Decision Dates?

Barnard college is one of those colleges that offer two rounds of admission. Early decision and regular decision. The early decision plan is for applicants who believe Barnard college is their first choice.

For Barnard college, the early decision plan is an agreement that implies that if you are admitted, you will attend Barnard College and withdraw your applications from other institutions.

The early decision deadline is November 1st, and the notification comes in mid-December.

The regular decision plan is the option that students widely choose because this plan allows you to apply to as many colleges as you want as long as you want to consider offers from there.

The deadline for regular decision is January 4thand the notification comes late March.

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What Is Barnard College Tuition?

Barnard college tuition fee is $57,479. Compared with the cost of other private colleges or nation’s average cost of tuition, which is $43,337, Barnard college is more expensive.

However, this amount doesn’t include the additional fees; if it is, it’s usually referred to as the sticker price.

The sticker price consists of supplies and books, the cost of the room, transportation, and personal expenses. For Barnard college, the sticker price is $69,466.

Asides from the sticker price, there’s also a net price which is gotten from the average cost of tuition after receiving financial aid and removing it from the total cost.

Barnard College Acceptance Rate FAQs

Is Barnard College Hard To Get Into?

Barnard college’s acceptance rate 2023 is relatively low, and it means that only the best students get to study at Barnard College. Getting into Barnard college is not as complex as people imagine; as long as you have a high GPA and complete your requirements, getting in will be very easy.

What Is Barnard College SAT And ACT Requirement?

Barnard college is very competitive, and when it comes to high SAT and ACT scores, only those who score high get the opportunity to study there. The average SAT score for admission into Barnard college is 1520. The ACT score requirement for Bernard College is 33.

How Can I Improve My Chances Of Getting Into Barnard College?

Barnard college is one of the many highly competitive institutions with a low acceptance rate. However, besides having high grades and SAT/ACT scores, other factors can improve your chances of getting into Barnard College.
A convincing essay application letter, participation in meaningful extracurricular activities, short essay answers, and a persuasive recommendation letter. All these can improve your chances of getting into Barnard alongside your scores too.


Barnard College is a prestigious institution, and even if it had a long history of proffering rigorous education to help women change the world, it is still recorded to this day that Barnard College is one of the leading undergraduate academic institutions.

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