10 Best Acting Schools in Houston | 2023 Best Rankings

We’ve compiled a list of the best acting schools in Houston based on student feedback, their courses, and other factors to assist you in your search. 

You might never need to conduct additional research to confirm that any of these schools is a part of the best acting schools in Houston because we tried to include schools with various specialties and experience levels.

Kindly join us as we take you on a journey to stardom through our thorough analysis of the best acting schools in Houston.

What to Consider When Choosing an Agent?

Although there is no precise formula, achieving representation is not insurmountable. It might only require some patience on your part. There are numerous methods you can try to find representation. All agents and managers are listed in books and other sources.

The Drama Book Shop in New York City is one location that I am positive sells these lists and books. The Drama Book Shop has a website where you can order the books online and deliver them if you live outside the area. Get the listings, and send your headshot, resume, and other materials to every agency that handles performers in your age range, etc. For instance, some managers or agents only work with youngsters. 

Showcases and recommendations from colleagues and friends in the industry are two more approaches to securing representation. Whereas an agent might not have as much time, a manager can devote more time to helping you establish yourself as a successful actor. 

The fact that there are so many different types of partnerships and strategies when it comes to how a manager or agency can best represent YOU, however, means that this is not the final response to the question.

As a working actor and a disciple of Spiritual Teacher Guru Enlightenment, I have gained knowledge that I have used to inform our practice at the Victor Cruz Acting Studio. 

These courses include approaching scenes and monologues, preparing for TV, film, and commercial auditions, connecting with your authentic self, strengthening the actor’s voice, and developing confidence. Actors are urged to feel confident, so they can perform without inhibitions. Our method is distinctive because we employ the original material that students produce in class—from monologues to scene work. 

Therefore, a learner learns a lot about oneself while simultaneously gaining skills.

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What are the Best Acting Schools in Houston, Texas?

The best acting schools in Houston are listed here in no particular order.

1. John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Centers

The John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Centers, one of the best acting schools in Houston, equip their students with the necessary skills for success, including modeling, self-image improvement, professional acting, communication abilities, make-up, nutrition, hair, exercise, and fashion. 

They are dedicated to giving students the resources they need to develop a distinctive and individual style in a friendly, stimulating, and work-related setting. 

Students learn timeless fashion techniques to create “the ultimate style” independently of recent trends. A strong sense of self that students create is always admired, acknowledged, and valued. We continuously push for the highest standards to preserve the reputation we have built in a very competitive business.

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2. Next Level Acting Studios 

  • Houston address: 1963 W T C Jester Boulevard 
  • Telephone: (832) 548-0499 

Deke Anderson, a 40-year acting veteran with credits on shows including “Friday Night Lights,” “Cheers,” “Days of Our Lives,” and others, founded Next Level Acting Studios.

Classes are available at his acting school for adults, teenagers, and people of various skill levels. This is also one of the best acting schools in Houston.

Website: www.nextlevelacting.com 

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3. Next Actor Studio

  • Address: 2406 Quenby St., Houston
  • Phone Number: (713) 532-2867
  • Specialty: On-screen acting and film production

In one location, the Next Actor Studio offers acting classes, readings, film and television production, and film festivals and is rated one of the best acting schools in Houston.

They focus on acting for cameras, but they also explore backstage activities.

Website: www.nextactorfilmschool.com 

4. TUTS Humphrey’s School of Musical Theatre

  • Address: 800 Bagby St, Houston
  • Phone Number: (713) 558-8801
  • Specialty: Children’s performing arts

Under the Stars Theater, Houston’s Hobby Center for the Performing Arts is home to Humphrey’s School of Musical Theatre.

Ages 4 to 18 can enroll in singing, dancing, and acting programs at their audition-based Academy. TUTS is one of the best acting schools in Houston.

Website: www.tuts.com 

5. Film Acting Academy

  • Address: 1900 Kane St #116, Houston
  • Phone Number:  (832) 606-2438
  • Specialty: Film and television acting

For adults and teenagers who want to pursue careers as actors in film and television, the Film Acting Academy offers coaching and is one of the best acting schools in Houston.

They provide a variety of acting classes, such as improved acting, film/television acting workshops, private lessons, and audition tapes for casting.

Website: www.filmactingacademy.com 

6. Spark Foundation: Dance, Art, Theater, Music

  • Address: 21610 TX-249, Houston
  • Phone Number: (281) 516-8382
  • Specialty: Affordable performing arts classes

A 501(c3) nonprofit organization called The Spark Foundation offers classes in performing arts affordable to people of all ages and is ranked as one of the best acting schools in Houston.

Numerous dance forms, voice, guitar, music recording, production, set and prop design, theater, and other subjects are covered in classes.

Website: www.sparktx.org 

7. Drama Kids International of Northwest Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Klein, and The Woodlands

  • Address: 7710 Cherry Park Dr, Ste T-258, Houston
  • Phone Number: (281) 855-2555
  • Specialty: Children’s acting classes and professional development

The largest developmental drama program in the world, Drama Kids International has over 450 original lesson plans and is one of the best acting schools in Houston.

They assist young people in acquiring the abilities and enthusiasm necessary for a successful acting career and practical abilities like networking, self-assurance, public speaking, question-asking, negotiation, and more. ‍

Website: www.dramakids.com/tx2 

8. Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting

  • Address: 7155 Old Katy Rd Suite #100, Houston
  • Phone Number: (713) 807-8200
  • Specialty: Modeling and acting, talent development

Page Parkes was a launching pad for several well-known actors and models, including Alexis Bledel, Angelina Jolie, Hilary Duff, and Channing Tatum.

With well-rounded development programs targeted at serious actors and models eager to break through, they find, nurture, and launch talent into stardom; Pages Parkes finds its way into one of the best acting schools in Houston.

Website: www.pageparkes.com 

9. Spotlight Acting Academy

  • Address: 22764 Westheimer Parkway Suite 410, Katy
  • Phone Number: (832) 913-6884
  • Specialty: Acting and filmmaking for children and teens

Spotlight Acting Academy fosters a learning environment that provides real-world training while encouraging students to develop through their small class sizes, emphasis on creativity, and confidence-building programs. They provide personalized courses and acting and filmmaking programs for kids as young as 8 and adults and is one of the best acting schools in Houston. ‍

Website: www.spotlightactingacademy.com 

10. University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance

  • Address: 3351 Cullen Blvd, Houston
  • Phone Number:  (713) 743-3003
  • Specialty: Degree programs in performing arts

One of the nation’s top formal performing arts educational schools is the School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Houston, a part of the best acting schools in Houston.

They provide BFA and MA degree programs focusing on craftsmanship, teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

Website: www.uh.edu/kgmca/theatre-and-dance/ 

What Are The 6 Houston Agents to Follow on Social Media?

It’s one thing to locate an agent; it’s another to discover the ideal one for your career. 

Following people on social media can help you understand the casting and networking opportunities they provide and the support they can provide to talent. And who doesn’t enjoy discovering a brand-new, irrational fact occasionally?

1. The 50-year-old Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, which has an annual talent hunt and frequently shares images of and links to the work of its clients, is unquestionably the grandfather of Texas talent agencies.

2. Based in Houston Since 2009, Neal Hamil Agency has been a reasonably early adopter of Twitter and regularly refreshes its account. 

3. Dallas’ Core Talent Agency, which has been around for 12 years, posts links and updates to Facebook and, more recently, Twitter. Additionally, it’s a useful way to learn the dates of the agency’s regular industry networking events. Disney, Adidas, and Verizon are among its former clients for commercials.

4. Linda McAlister Talent has offices in Los Angeles and Waxahachie, a small town in North Texas. She has a reputation for caring about the arts and her customers; as a show of support, she frequently checks in at their live performances and gives helpful information on Facebook! 

5. The Mary Collins Agency in Dallas provides its clients with news and casting announcements. 

6. Besides Facebook and Twitter, The Campbell Agency maintains active accounts on Instagram and Tumblr. The Dallas-based organization represents actors of all ages for voiceover work and broadcast and film projects.


In addition to being a good city, Houston has several top-notch acting schools that support high-quality education, which is crucial for any developing community’s social interaction and growth.

This article lists the top acting schools in Houston and includes details on tuition costs, acceptance rates, and other factors to consider before enrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your introductory classes the greatest option for someone new to acting and somewhat new to NYC? 

Yes. beginning at the beginning. Become more confident by learning the fundamentals. Learn about the requirements for becoming an actor. We invite you to check out one of our introductory seminars and decide for yourself.

How do you recognize the right teacher when you find them? 

A good detective makes a good instructor. They put a lot of effort into figuring out where you hold back and try their hardest to demonstrate where and how to use your power.

How do I become famous? 

Avoid wasting your time on the fame itself. Don’t concentrate on the money you can earn. Concentrate on the work if it speaks to you and you genuinely want to do it. You will already be a star when you focus on the task and the procedure of improving yourself and developing confidence.


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