Top 10 Best Flight Schools in Texas in 2024


Becoming an airline or commercial pilot in Texas is no problem anymore, thanks to the flight schools and universities with aviation programs for international students.

To ensure you find the right school for you, it helps to know what criteria are essential to your future career goals. Some students want to earn a license that will allow them to work as a pilot professionally, while others want an introduction to aviation and see where things go from there.


Whether you’re planning on becoming a pilot one year or just enjoying learning about airplanes, many schools in Texas provide high-quality education and prepare you for success.

The best school in Texas offers students the chance to gain knowledge and skills while also making money.


There are many ways to become a licensed pilot, including commercial pilot training programs, instrument rating training, multiple engine ratings, flight instructor training, and even flying lessons. 

The requirement to Become an Airline or Commercial Pilot in Texas

Becoming a professional pilot can take anywhere from five months to several years, depending if you want to become an airline or a commercial pilot in Florida.

The requirement to become an airline or commercial pilot in Texas includes;

  1. Be 17 years and above to enroll in any training.
  2. Have at least a high school diploma(or equivalent)
  3. Hold a valid driver’s license.
  4. To be licensed, you must complete at least 1,500 flight training hours.
  5. You must complete a ” pilot apprentice training program,” where you learn about aircraft systems, navigation, weather, aerodynamics, and air traffic control procedures.  
  6. A passing score in the pilot apprentice program to gain acceptance into the next program.

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How To Become an Airline or Commercial Pilot in Texas:

To be an airline or commercial pilot in Texas, you must complete at least 1,500 flight hours, which includes about 100 hours of dual instruction. The FAA requires pilots to obtain a medical certificate from a doctor and also need to pass a physical examination administered by a licensed physician.

The state of Texas requires prospective pilots to pass two exams. They include a written test and a flight exam. 

The Written Exam

This exam is multiple-choice text and includes questions about aircraft systems, instrument procedures, aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, communications, and emergency procedures.  Your level of English will also be put to the test at this level. You must score at least 70% to pass. If you do well enough on the written test, you’ll move on to the flight exam.

The Flight Exam

Here, you’ll fly a plane around a course while being monitored by a certified examiner. You’ll be graded based on how much fuel you use, how well you land, and whether you follow instructions.

You’ll be given your final grade based on those factors. If you pass both tests, you’re ready to go solo. To obtain a private pilot’s license, you’ll need to complete 20 hours of dual instruction and 10 hours of solo flights. Your instructor will monitor your progress throughout the process.

10 Best Flight Schools in Texas

There are several types of flight schools, each offering its unique curriculum. Some focus on general aviation, while others specialize in how to become a commercial pilot. Private flight schools also allow individuals to take lessons from instructors hired directly by them. Whichever you choose, these are our top-flight schools in Texas

1. Texas State Technical College

This is one of the universities with aviation programs in Texas. The school offers a bachelor’s degree in aviation maintenance technology.

In addition to earning a diploma, graduates receive hands-on in aircraft engines, avionics systems, airframe repair, instrumentation, fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems, and much more. The school also provides opportunities for career advancement through the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

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2. Del Mar College

The college ranks as one of the best aviation schools in Texas. The school offers general aviation courses in technology, aircraft maintenance, etc.

Furthermore, the program trains students to become pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and avionics technicians. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges accredits the college.

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3. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is among the universities with a great Aviation program. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aviation Management. Their programs include Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Airline Operations, Flight Safety, Meteorology, Aviation Business Administration, and Aviation Maintenance Engineering.

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4. Mountain View College

The college has earned itself the best flight schools in Texas for aviation training. Mountain View College offers the FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technology Program. With this degree, students learn how to work on aircraft engines, landing gear, avionics systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and much more. Interestingly, 90% of graduates found employment within six months of graduation.

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5. Midland College

Thanks to its various options, Midland is one of the best pilot colleges in Texas. The college offers both associate degrees and certificates in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aircraft Systems Management, Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics, Avionics Technician, Flight Operations Specialist, and Commercial Pilot Training. These programs are offered in one-, two-, and three-year formats, and students can earn up to an Associate degree or certificate in 12 months.

6. Baylor University

This prestigious university is known across the globe for its outstanding academic programs and high graduation rate. However, most people are not aware that Baylor is also among the universities with aviation programs in Texas.

The school offers a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management degree that focuses on everything from air traffic control to pilot training. Students must complete 30 credit hours over four semesters and pay around $50,000 for the privilege.

7. Palo Alto College

Truly, Texas is home to one of the best aviation schools in the United States. Palo Alto College offers students affordable education options and excellent support systems. This school earned a spot in our rankings because it offers great educational opportunities, ranging from small classes to affordable tuition.

The college offers associate degrees and certificates in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aircraft Systems Management, Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics, Flight Operations, Instrumentation/Avionics Technician, Meteorology, Avionics Technician, Paramedic, and Commercial Pilot. 

7. Texas Lutheran University

This university is the best aviation academy in Texas. Students can take advantage of the school’s location in the heart of South Central Texas and its excellent academic reputation. 

It offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology. This program prepares students for careers in aircraft maintenance, flight operations, air traffic control, aviation management, airport operations, and other related fields.

Furthermore, graduates receive certification from the FAA and may be eligible for employment at major airlines.

8. LeTourneau University

The aviation program at LeTourneau University offers students a chance to learn how to become pilots while earning a degree in business administration. Students can choose from the Commercial Pilot Program, Flight Instructor Program, and Airline Transport Pilot Program.

Furthermore, the university also teaches students about safety procedures and regulations and how to operate various types of equipment used in flight operations.

9. Texas A&M University-Central Texas

This university also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management and a Master of Business Administration degree in Aviation. Students can choose from two different majors within the degree programs. They can also pursue dual degrees with another college or university.

The school boasts several aircraft, such as the Beechcraft King Air 200, Bell Jet Ranger, Piper Cherokee 180, and the Piper Warrior. There is also a flight simulator where students can practice their skills.

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Best Flight Schools In Austin Texas

There are several reasons why people like living in Austin, Texas. As students, the city is a great choice since it offers opportunities for young professionals and affordable housing options for those who want to live close to where they work.

  1. Above and Beyond Aviation
  2. Austin Flight Check
  3. Volant Aerospace

Pilot Schools In Houston Texas

Living in Houston, Texas is great because of the weather, the quality of life, and the diversity of things to do. Moreover, the city has a lot of museums, parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. There are also plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, boating, and swimming.

  1. The Flight School
  2. Ameri Flight School
  3. Anson Air

Best Flight Schools in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas is known for its beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere. The city offers a wide variety of activities from outdoor recreation to cultural events. 

  1. Alpha Tango Flying Services
  2. Texas Skies Flight School
  3. Anderson Aviation

Best Flight Schools In Midland Texas

The best thing about living in Midland Texas is that it’s close to everything. Midland is near most metropolitan cities.

  1. Floris Flight Services
  2. Midland College

Best Flight Schools In Dallas Texas

Dallas Texas has a lot of things for everyone. The city offers great schools, beautiful parks, and friendly people. Plus, it has plenty of fun activities like museums, concerts, and festivals. 

  1. Stark-Fleet Academy

Best Flight Schools In Arlington Texas

Arlington is known for having one of the best educational systems in Texas. Nonetheless, you can still catch fun in its unlimited recreational centers.

  1. Aviator Air Flight School
  2. Skymaster Flight Academy
  3. SKY Helicopters

Flight Schools In ElPaso Texas

The city also offers plenty of entertainment options such as museums, art galleries, theaters, concerts, festivals, and sporting events. You will also enjoy cheap housing options in the town.

  1. Joe’s Flight School & Aviation Services
  2. Red Arrow Flight Academy
  3. Surratt Aviation

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Flight Schools In Addison Texas

Addison Texas is one of the best places to live mainly because of the low crime rate and affordable housing prices. The city has plenty of parks and trails for residents to use, and also offers great shopping centers and restaurants.

  1. Thrust Flight
  2. Monarch Air
  3. American Flyers

Top Flight Schools In Forth Worth Texas

The city also has plenty of shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. In addition, the city offers a wide variety of housing options for students.

  1. Greatest Generation Aircraft
  2. Aviator Air Flight School
  3. Nationwide Air Flight School

Best Flight Schools In Texas FAQs

How much does it cost to Become A Pilot in Texas?

The total cost for getting a private pilot’s license varies depending on where you live, how long you want to fly, what kind of plane you want to learn to fly, and whether you need an instructor.
If you want to become a commercial pilot, the average expenditure is $30,000. On the other hand, an airline pilot may spend an average of $5000. Hence, the fees to become a pilot vary and are dependent on the choice of pilot you want to become.

Is there any age limit to becoming a pilot

There is no specific age limit for becoming a pilot, however, some airlines require applicants to be at least 21 years old. The FAA requires pilots to be between 18 and 70 years old. This age bracket is generally seen to fit and healthy for the tasks.

How much do pilots earn?

It’s no secret that pilots earn pretty high across the state after they must have spent a fortune to get licensed. Nonetheless, you can decently even if you choose to be a drone or sports pilot.
In Texas, the average salary for a pilot is $63,420. You can be fortunate to gain the higher percentile pay in the aviation industry. In addition, experience and education qualifications invariably influence your paycheck.


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