15 Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada in 2024 | How to Apply for Jobs

Want to migrate to Canada, but you’re scared of not getting a well-paying job? You have nothing to worry about at all. For immigrants looking to make a living in Canada, there are over 100 best jobs in Canada.

Canada is one of the few countries where immigrants can comfortably live. It’s a lovely place with a booming economy and various job opportunities in various positions. Sectors such as health care, construction, and natural resources stand out for their growth potential in the coming years.

Research shows that most people living in Canada have a more positive view of immigrants than people in any of the world’s top 18 immigration destinations. This is according to a Pew Research Center report.

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Though the Canadian job market is highly competitive in some major states and cities, once you have a good skill or skills, you can be sure of getting a good job that will pay you well.

In this article, you will get a comprehensive list of 15 of Canada’s best jobs for immigrants that are most needed.

What are the Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants Requirements?

To qualify for any of the great jobs in high demand in Canada, you must meet some requirements.
First, you must fill up the online best form, and Canada has the following:

  • The general skill of reading and speaking the English language
  • Pass through High School
  • Experience preferred in related jobs
  • Age must be in the range of 21 to 39.
  • Meet minimum language requirements of English and/or French language
  • Valid Passport and other documents

What are the Benefits Package an Immigrant Working in Canada gains?

Aside from the salary, most of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants come with numerous benefits. Some of them include the following:

  • Insurance benefits can come as Health insurance, Employee assistance programs, Vision care, Dental insurance, or Life insurance.
  • Vacation Allotments
  • Paid sick leaves
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Group RRSP or pension plans
  • Education and training
  • Flexible work arrangements (Part-Time, Full Time, Seasonal Work)

How Can I Immigrate to Canada

There are numerous ways to immigrate to Canada. One of the common ways is through Express Entry. Going through this means your visa will be processed in 6 to 8 months, depending on age, education, and skillset.

Another means is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). This can take up to 18 months to process unless you apply to an Express Entry-linked PNP program.

Aside from Express Entry and PNP, other ways which seem a bit easier include:

Temporary Work Visa

This is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada because you don’t need a specific Comprehensive Ranking System score to qualify. And also, it takes only 2 weeks to process. Another interesting thing about a Temporary Work Visa is that it’s renewable.

What are the Requirements

  • To qualify for this Visa, you must:
  • Be physically and mentally stable
  • Not have any criminal record.
  • Have a job offer already
  • Apply online from the country you are
  • Submit a complete application
  • Have a police Certificate
  • Pay the processing fees

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Temporary Work Visa – Global Skills Strategy

This is another way to immigrate to Canada. You must have a managerial or professional job position to qualify for this. The requirements are the same as that of a Temporary Work Visa.

Student Visa

Although studying in Canada is not a way to immigrate to Canada, it is an easy way to not only qualify for a program that offers the chance to stay on and get valuable work experience once you’ve graduated, but eventually qualify to apply for permanent residency once you have enough work experience.

Student Visa Requirements

  • Be able to pay for your tuition fees and living expenses.
  • ID Card
  • Proof of acceptance that you are enrolled at a designated learning institution
  • Police Certificate
  • Medical exam report
  • Biometrics Language Test results
  • Evidence that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires.

15 Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

#1. Sales Associate

It is one of the best jobs for immigrants in Canada that pays well. This is the best job for you if you have good communication and persuasion skills. A good sales representative can make a lot of difference to an enterprise.

They are in demand in Canada, with over 8,500 openings for sales representative jobs in the bank. According to PayScale, the salary of a sales representative ranges from 52,000 dollars (CAD to 64,000$ CAD.

#2. Truck Driver

The Canadian economy depends on truck drivers, but there may not be enough young adults joining the trucking industry to fill the retirement void. In 2014, the median age of truck drivers was nearly 47 years old.

Thus, almost half of the truck-driving population is between the ages of 47 and 65. This means that many employees will retire in the coming decade.

Truck driving is one of the tops of the list of occupations in demand in Canada. From 2018 to 2028, it is estimated that the province could have about 9,170 truck driver job openings.5 And that’s just one province. It’s The median hourly wage of truck drivers is around $21.

#.3 Audiologists

This is one of the best jobs to have in Canada. It exists in most regions of Canada and provides advancement to higher levels.

However, as an Audiologist, your job will include diagnosing, evaluating, and treating issues related to hearing, language, speech, and voice disorders. The pay is usually high and can range from $48,936 to $98,278.

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#4. Welder

Welding is another skilled high-paying job in Canada you can go for if you have the skills needed. It is a part of the assembling and construction sector.

The only thing about this type of job is that you must be extensively trained before earning much. A welder earns about 2,402 $CAD in Canada.

$5. Software Engineers

If you’re good at programming, becoming a software engineer will help you greatly. This is one of the most in-demand jobs that Canadian immigrants or foreigners can do. Note: A Software Engineer can earn around 83,000 $CAD to CAD 99000 annually.

#6. Engineering Project manager

Working as an engineering project manager is among the best jobs in Canada, especially in cities like Ontario and Saskatchewan.

The job also comes with high pay and plenty of opportunities. Currently, government and private companies in the country are in demand for this job specification. And the interesting part of it is that they pay well.

As a project manager, you can earn around 74,000 $ CAD to 92,000 $CAD monthly.

#7. Medical Technology

The increasing use of technology in medicine has necessitated the need for those with a mixture of IT expertise and experience from the healthcare industry.

Electronic medical records, electronic exam recording, and other newer technology are becoming more prevalent, and thus the need for expertise and information around them is growing.

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#8. Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists job is among the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. In states like Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, they earn huge salaries.

Generally, respiratory therapists treat patients with breathing problems, such as people suffering from lung disease.

They are also called patient care managers. As a Respiratory Therapist with more than 5 years of experience, your salary will range from $44,769 to $87,897.

#9. Accountant

This is among the best-paid jobs in Canada you can go for. In fact, it’s the second most job in demand in Canada for Immigration or foreigners.
As you know, keeping records is what every organization whether small or large pays attention to. According to Payscale, Financial Auditors and Accountants earn about 63,000 $ CAD to 75, 000 $CAD annually.

#10. Land Surveyor

Land surveyors are expected to remain more professional in high demand.

As a Land Surveying, your job will involve determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them.

Currently, Land surveyor roles are available across Canada and offer a wide variety of locations in terms of where to live. Note the salary ranges from $38,185 to $108,065.

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#11. Medical Sonographer

This is one of the hot careers in Canada any immigrant can build. This career includes ultrasound technologist and diagnostic medical sonography instructor.

The average salary for medical sonographers in Alberta is around $44.81 per hour. The lowest incomes for medical sonographers are located in Ontario, where the average median salary is $32.00 per hour. For jobs, most employers may need registration with the Canadian Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

#12. Business Analyst

Business Analysts are constantly looking for ways to make a business run smoother and more efficiently. This shows that, depending on the specifics of the role, a range of technical skills and financial acumen are needed.

However, larger operations may employ several analysts in different areas of their business, and their pay is usually between $73,000 and $87,000.

#13. Registered nurse

When it comes to the most-needed employment in Canada, nursing might well be at the top of the list. Two key reasons are driving the need for more nurses. The first is that baby boomers are approaching retirement age.

As a result, it is expected that more and more nurses who are part of that generation will soon retire from their jobs.

#14 Dentists

In Canada, dentists have been widely sought after. As an immigrant in Canada, you would require a university degree from an accredited dental school to work in any medical setting, you would require a university degree from an accredited dental school to work in any medical setting.

Also, you may need to be approved by a provincial or territorial regulatory authority. The transition to advanced dental practice requires extra preparation. The median income for a dentist is about 77,000 Canadian dollars.

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#15 Electrical Engineers

This is one of the best jobs for immigrants in Canada that is highly needed. In specific, industrial electricians are in high demand. From estimation, up to 2,300 industrial electrical jobs may have gone unfilled due to a shortage of skilled workers from 2015 to 2024.

This is due to a mixture of employees who retire, take promotions, and go on to other electrician jobs and new occupations.


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