10 Best Medical Schools in the Caribbean 2021

Are you considering the Caribbean as your medical study destination? If yes, then you should absolutely stick to this post on the best medical schools in the Caribbean to the end.

If you are planning a profession in medicine, then selecting the right medical school is basic. This will decide the degree of your education and may likewise influence your future career options.

In this manner, deciding which medical schools to apply for is something into which you should put some serious thought, and you should settle on your choice cautiously.

It is indispensable that you consider all the options and weigh up the pros and cons of each. If you plan to attend a medical school in the Caribbean, there are some excellent options available. The significant factors to consider are whether the university is accredited, with which organizations they are approved or registered, and whether the course offered will permit you to practice medicine in the US.

Other factors to put into consideration include the content of the programs offered, the clinical rotation options, and the campus lifestyle.

Caribbean medical schools are typically grouped into two classes: regional and offshore. These medical schools train students to practice in the nation or region where the school is situated. Offshore medical schools in the Caribbean principally train students from the US and Canada whose intention is to return home for residency and clinical practice after graduation.

In any case selecting the right Caribbean Medical University is one of the key steps in your premedical journey. Make certain to decide the number of medical schools to apply, where to apply and conduct a intensive search in each educational institution. Likewise, check the admission requirements at Caribbean medical institutions before requesting so you can settle on the right decision.

Benefits of Studying Medicine In The Caribbean

Attending a Caribbean medical school is unquestionably an amazing option for students who want to become qualified doctors and serve the world in numerous ways. Medical schools in the Caribbean not only offer quality medical education, reduced tuition fees, advanced clinical training, higher acceptance rates. They also have high graduation success rates; in addition, permit you to seek after a rewarding career in the difficult medical field.

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10 Best Medical Schools in Caribbean 2021

The best medical schools in Caribbean include:

  • Xavier University
  • University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS)
  • Trinity School of Medicine (TSOM)
  • St. Matthew’s University (SMU)
  • St. George’s University (SGU)
  • Saba University
  • Ross University
  • Medical University of the Americas (MUA)
  • American University of the Caribbean (AUC)
  • American University of Antigua

Xavier University

Xavier University is one of the few tertiary institutions that is accredited by both CAAM-HP and ACCM hence is among the best medical schools in the Caribbean. It is registered with NCFMEA and WFME. They have a 96 per cent USMLE first-time passing rate and offer clinical rotations in the US.

According to the university website, students can enjoy an environment like no other for their studies because the university is situated on the hot and beautiful island of Aruba. Notwithstanding the medical degrees on offer, this Xavier University offers international pre-med programs and post-graduate programs.

University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS)

Situated on the island of St. Kitts, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to training world-class doctors. Being one of the Accredited Caribbean medical schools, it is accredited by the ACCM and is registered with WFME and NCFMEA.

There is the option to become a residential student or to reside off-site. Students can enjoy campus life as there is a close student network, lots of sports and recreation facilities, and a number of clubs and organizations.

This Caribbean medical school has a unique mission of attending to the individual needs of their students and accomplishing excellence through small class sizes, high student retention, and colossal results. Additionally, this mission permeates everything the institution does as they assist students to arrive at their dreams of becoming a doctor.

Trinity School of Medicine (TSOM)

Trinity School of Medicine offers the United States medical school experience in the astounding setting of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The completely accredited program includes hands-on clinical experience followed by a transition to the United States for clinical clerkships and the opportunity to sit the U.S. board examinations. This school is accredited by CAAM-HP and registered with NCFMEA and WFME.

Trinity School of Medicine is a thorough Caribbean medical school for students who have value for personal attention and faculty support within a smaller, focused environment of learning.

St. Matthew’s University (SMU)

Situated on the beautiful island of Grand Cayman, St. Matthew’s University is a success-oriented university that makes quality education available to its students. It is accredited by ACCM and is registered with WFME and NCFMEA. The university is additionally New York approved but is not California approved.

Providing quality, affordable medical and veterinary education with its emphasis on the achievement of students in this medical school in the Caribbean. Located on the beautiful and safe Caribbean island, Grand Cayman, St. Matthew’s University has more than 2000 graduates with their MD and DVM degrees.

Moreover, these graduates have earned residencies and additionally permanent licensure in almost every state in the U.S., Canada, and various different nations.

St. George’s University (SGU)

St. George’s University offers a wide range of courses notwithstanding their medical degrees. These incorporate veterinary medicine, arts, sciences, and graduate studies. Be that as it may, they are most popular for their medical school programs. Situated on Grenada, this university opened its doors in 1976 when it was a school of medicine as it were.

It is accredited by CAAM-Hp. Registered with WFME and NCFMEA, and it approved by California and New York. Graduates can proceed to practice medicine in 50 states.

Established as an independent School of Medicine in 1976, St. George’s University, the Premier Choice in Caribbean Medical Schools, has become a top center of global education, drawing students and faculty from 140 countries to the island of Grenada. The University’s more than 20,000 graduates include doctors, veterinarians, scientists and public health and business experts across the globe.

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Saba University

Accredited by NVAO, Saba University School of Medicine offers residency placements across Canada and the US. They boast a 100 percent USMLE Step I first-time pass rate and an advanced educational program. Students who complete their studies at Saba University can proceed to practice medicine in all 50 states. It is registered with NCFMEA and WFME and it is a California and New York approved medical educational institution.

Saba University School of Medicine is one of the world’s leading international medical schools hence one of the best medical schools in Caribbean, with a more than 20-year history of teaching extraordinary doctors. Additionally, Saba students earn top residencies at medical centers over the United States and Canada.

Ross University

Ross University has a noteworthy 94 percent first-time pass rate and graduates are eligible for licenses to practice medicine in 50 states. Rose University is accredited by CAAM-HP and is additionally California and New York approved.

The university is situated in Bridgetown, Barbados, so students can join their high-level education with the experience of Barbadian life. Ross University has links with universities and hospitals in nine states in the US, so it can offer clinical rotation positions.

Ross University is one of the oldest and most practiced Caribbean medical schools serving students principally from the United States and Canada. Established in 1978, Ross University School of Medicine has been making available for students the foundation that is needed for the pursuit of successful careers in medicine for about 40 years. Ross University School of Medicine

Medical University of the Americas (MUA)

Accredited by the ACCM, the Medical University of the Americas is viewed as one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean. They offer a systems-based U.S. educational plan and just admit small classes for an improvement in the learning experience. The university is both New York and California approved and registered with WFME and NCFMEA. Those who graduate can apply for licenses to practice medicine in all 50 states.

Established over 20 years ago, the Medical University of the Americas holds fast to a philosophy of education that accepts that students are best-taught medicine in small classes, with one-on-one instruction, and with a commitment to the provision of education on par with medical schools in U.S. and Canadian.

American University of the Caribbean (AUC)

One of the best options among the Accredited Caribbean medical schools is American University of the Caribbean, which is an ACCM accredited tertiary institution. It is additionally registered with WFME and NCFMEA, and the university dual approval from both California and New York.

Those who graduate from this tertiary institution can apply for a license to practice medicine in all 50 states of the United States of America. This medical school which is one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean, offers global learning experiences and a diverse learning community with an emphasis on engagement and social accountability.

American University of Antigua

Numerous individuals consider the American University of Antigua the top medical school in the Caribbean and it ranks consistently profoundly in lists of the best medical schools. It is CAAM-HP accredited, which implies that students studying at this university are certified to practice medicine in the U.S. The university is additionally listed with WFME and NCFMEA.

It is both California and New York approved, and graduates of the American University of Antigua are qualified to obtain licenses to practice medicine in every one of the 50 states. Students can enjoy studying medicine in a beautiful setting and will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and a high-technology lab suite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are medical schools in the Caribbean Accredited?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) does not accredit medical schools but keeps up with a list of schools that are recognized by local governments.

What are the big 4 Caribbean Medical Schools?

  • St. George’s University (SGU)
  • American University of the Caribbean (AUC)
  • Saba University School of Medicine
  • Ross University School of Medicine

Is Caribbean Medical School good?

A Caribbean Medical education isn’t just a second chance. For a good number of students, it can be a good choice that starts their career in medicine.

Is It Easier to Get Into Med School in the Caribbean?

Yes, getting into Med school in the Caribbean is easier, this is because most medical schools in the Caribbean have low average GPA and MCAT requirements for students. Therefore, if you really have a passion to get Into Med school, but your GPA doesn’t seem to meet up the requirements in other countries, med schools in the Caribbean will be a good option.

Do Caribbean Medical Schools Require MCAT?

Most Caribbean med schools do not consider MCAT scores while accepting students, but before matriculation, MCAT scores will be needed, so if you wish to go to med school in the Caribbean, it is important that you have an above-average MCAT score.

Are Caribbean Medical Schools Cheaper?

Yes, Caribbean medical schools are way cheaper than medical schools in the United States, the good part of it is that after graduating from a med school in the Caribbean, you can still comfortably fit into any residency program in the United States.

Conclusion: Best Med schools in the Caribbean

Students with low scores should consider going to med school in the Caribbean, it is absolutely worth it, those with high scores should also consider Caribbean as their medical study destination, in order to avoid the high competition in med schools in the United States.

Lastly, it is also important that you know that med schools in the Caribbean have a bad reputation for accepting students with low scores. It is believed that such students are not academically ready for the work required to become a medical student.


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