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Top 30 Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2021

Top 30 Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2021

Top 30 Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2021
Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria

A grand future for a child begins with a good foundation in education. It’s the desire of every parent to give his/her child quality education. For parents who desire to enroll their children into private secondary schools, we have compiled a list of over 25 best private secondary schools in Nigeria.

With an increase in the number of private schools in the country, It’s almost impossible to choose the best for your child. The information in this piece will not only give you viable options, but will lead you to the best.

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What Should I Consider when Choosing a Private Secondary School?

There are many private schools in Nigeria. We strongly advise that before making a choice for your ward, consider these;

  • Highly equipped facilities
  • Computer-based curriculum
  • Extracurricular Activities and trainings
  • Presence of Qualified teachers and Handlers
  • Reputability when compared with other schools
  • Excellent history of success in educational competitions
  • Good infrastructure in a conducive environment
  • Good educational records in national examinations like WAEC, GCE, NECO and JAMB

Is it Expensive to Study in the Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria?

Everything good comes with a cost. In reference to other private schools in Nigeria, the cost of studying in any of the Best Private schools in Nigeria is expensive. However, when you compare it with standards aboard, you will understand it’s cheap.

Also, some of these schools have tuition fees higher than the others. We advise you enroll your child in one which you can pay for. If it’s for the quality, you will GET THE BEST.

Once you make a choice, visit their official website and check out for the tuition fees.

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Top 30 Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Under the above criteria, we have listed 30 top best schools in Nigeria. They include;

  • Chrisland School
  • Julliard Academy
  • Atlantic Hall School
  • Capital Science, Abuja
  • Christ, the King School
  • Grange School, Lagos
  • Avicenna School, Lagos
  • Hallmark School, Ondo
  • Citadel International School
  • British International College
  • Greensprings School, Lagos
  • Dowen College, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Kaduna International College
  • Igbinedion Educational Centre
  • Ignatius of Loyola Jesuit School
  • Corona Secondary School, Agbara
  • Day Waterman College, Abeokuta
  • Lifeforte International School, Ibadan
  • The Ambassadors School, Ogun State
  • Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos
  • Lumen Christi International High School
  • Lekki British International School, Lagos
  • Olashore International School, Iloko Ijesha
  • International Community School, Abuja
  • The American International School of Lagos
  • Brookstone Secondary School, Port Harcourt
  • Nigerian-Turkish International Academy, Abuja
  • Hillcrest School Jos, 13 Old Bukuru Road, Plateau State
  • Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt

An Overview

The American International School of Lagos

One of the most prominent schools in Nigeria, American International school is a private secondary school. It is a personal co-ed college modeled after the American educational system.

Most people often refer to the system of education in this school as “Just Like in America

Ignatius of Loyola Jesuit School

Established in 1964, the school has been open to all students from all nationalities with a mission of providing a replica of American standard education.

Located in Lagos, the school runs both junior and secondary school programs with an extension of leadership coaching class with enthusiastic and skilled teachers.

It runs both day and boarding programs.

British International College

In Port Harcourt City, the British International College is a multi-national, co-educational private secondary school. It’s adopts the British standard of education unleashing a British vogue info to her students.

The school has both boarding and day facilities. The exceptional thing about this school is that it tries to find a British education inside a global setting.

Julliard Academy

Driven by the mission to graduate inquisitive, balanced and exceptional students, Julliard Academy is one of the best private schools in Nigeria. It trains her students to solve issues critically with a goal of transforming their lives into pious world leaders, entrepreneurs and victorious adults.

The school employs the Nigerian info that’s enriched with normal American language and Science information.

Atlantic Hall School

Students Class

Atlantic Hall School is a full boarding school in Port Harcourt City. It is one school that has maintained a fast-growing student population. You can call it “highly populated” as it has over 650 students..

Many would say this “overcrowding” affect learning. It’s expedient you know that Atlantic Hall School has the highest quantitative relation of 9 students to 1 staff. This is so to optimize learning. We can see the evidence in the chronicles of its educational excellence.

Citadel International School

You can find this school in Ondo state, Citadel International School runs day and boarding facility. It’s a private secondary school with a tributary learning setting.

The institution works tirelessly to keep up a high ethical standard. Its mission is to supply total education for the coed by teaching tolerance, peaceful co-existence, and leadership lessons to organize the scholars for the long run.

Lumen Christi International High School

When you refer to a private secondary school whose prowess has brought in a lot of awards and trophy, then you mention Lumen Christi International High School.

Highlighted in its chronicle are incredible and outstanding recognitions that points towards its academic excellence and mastery.

Her tutors are dogged and can bring out the best in each child. This school is in Edo State.

Christ the King School

Christ the King is an all boy’s school found in Onitsha. The school is ardent in following through its mission of coaching and training students for skills needed in the future.

She is dedicated to facilitate, nurture and instill in youths a thirst for goodness, discipline and good living. It’s affiliated to the Catholic ethical principles.

Kaduna International College

This is one of the oldest private secondary school in Nigeria. Founded in 1985, Kaduna International College is famous as a freelance, multi-racial and non-denominational college.

Though a private college, its overall responsibility lies with a Board of Trustees. However, the school runs on a predicated British freelance faculties with diversifications for the international student body.

Igbinedion Educational Centre

In Republic of Benin town, we trace her academic excellence in its evidenced chronicle of educational excellence. The school incorporates high international standards for its students listing it in international journals. It organizes exceptional and relevant extra-curricular activities for its students.

Corona Secondary School, Agbara

From research, this school is the most expensive private secondary school in Nigeria with a school fee of about 2 million Naira. It’s strategic location close to the border of Benin Republic attracts international students.

Corona Secondary School offers not only quality education but also a platform for international relation. It is in Ogun State. It continually boasts of churning out students who have excelled in competitions at the secondary school level and have been successful academically in subsequent levels of education.

Lifeforte School, Ibadan

Lifeforte International School is not just a private secondary school, it’s a Christian or what many refer to as missionary school.

As we know, success in the 21st century requires a national and global outlook. Therefore, the school offers the best of national and international curricula with a broad range of subjects and options to achieve academic breadth and to provide a springboard for A level school and university admissions.

The school is at 1 Lifeforte Boulevard, Awotan GRA, Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.

Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

Loyola Jesuit College is a co-educational boarding secondary school in the Jesuit tradition. It is a full boarding school, with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in collaboration with the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and dedicated lay teachers and staff.

The school is at GM 211B, Loyola College Road, Gidan Mangoro, Abuja Municipal Area Council, Abuja.


Nigeria is blessed to have award-winning private schools. We cannot pinpoint the best private secondary school but the above mentioned will give your child the best

Rather than studying abroad, you could enroll your ward to the private secondary school with an American or British curricula.

We base the private schools on this list on the requisites we stated above and be aware that the ranking of each school isn’t in a particular other.

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