What are the Best Ways to Find In-Demand Jobs?


As technology continues to advance, more in-demand jobs are created, but how will you find the best ones?

In this article, I will walk you through all of that.


You will discover that finding in-demand jobs is an easy thing to do.

In fact, you will learn new ways of automating this process.


So, all you need to do is sit at home, check your notifications for new jobs and then go on to fulfil the order.

It is simple, efficient and very flexible. 

If this already interests you, then let’s get right into the details of this article.


What are in-demand jobs?

In-demand jobs are jobs that are in very high demand as businesses try to solve their business problems.

They usually offer flexible working options that allow you to work from anywhere and at any time convenient for you.

You are not bound by the standard 9-5 work hours nor are you bound to go to an office everyday.

You literally choose when you want to work and how you want to get the job done.

All that you need to do is to get the job done and you will be paid.

As a result, you have a lot of flexibility to balance your life, make good money and still maintain relationships.

What are the best ways to find in-demand jobs

How do you know in-demand jobs?

Before we go on to talk about where/how to find in-demand jobs, we need to first know how to identify them.

Researching the job market will make this process much easier and effective.

You research will help you to find out which jobs are in demand, those with the largest employment, or those that are declining.

1. Identify fastest-growing careers:

Do a research to find out which occupations are growing the fastest.

In addition, get the details about employment, wages, and education requirements. 

2. Identify careers with the most openings:

During your research, make a list of occupations with the most openings by state or nationwide. 

This will give you an idea of the job opportunities that employers are willing to offer.

Includes details about employment, number of estimated openings, wages, and education.

3. Careers with the largest employment

The larger the employment is a career field, the more in-demand jobs that will be created.

So, make sure that you are looking at the national and state occupations with the largest employment. 

In addition, includes details about employment, earnings, and education level.

4. Careers with Declining Employment

By knowing the jobs with declining employment, will help you to identify the areas you should avoid.

Create a list of those occupations with the largest declines in employment by state or nationwide. 

What you want to identify is the opportunity here.

A good question to ask is “What is replacing these job?”

By answering the question above, you will be able to know where the demand is moving to.

As a result, you will be able to position yourself well to take up the jobs.

What are the in-demand skills/jobs available today?

Alright, let’s get to know some of the skills that are in-demand today.

With these skills, you are sure of getting steady jobs that pay very well.

1. Data analytics skills:

In today’s world, the person that holds relevant data holds everything.

But in addition to having access to a large database, those data need some form of analysis to make sense.

So, if you have some data analytics skills, you are good to go.

With you skills in data analysis, you can easily get jobs to solve complex analytical problems.

You can apply statistical analysis and technologies to data to reveal trends that ultimately solve problems and improve data-driven business decision-making.

The average rate for data analysts ranges from $40 to $100 per hour.

2. Video production skills:

Video consumption on the internet is currently on the rise in this present day.

As a result, more businesses are increasingly demanding the services of video producers to create marketing content. 

As a video producer, you should be able to coordinate and manage several aspects of the video production process.

You will be in charge of scriptwriting, budgeting, creative direction, logistics and communication. 

With this in-demand skill, you can earn an average of $40 to $85 per hour.

3. Social media marketing:

Every business wants to sell something using social media.

As a result, there is too much noise about different products that claim to be the best for the buyers.

For companies to win this competition for attention, they pay experts in social media marketing to handle this important aspect of their business.

As a result, they can focus more on producing products ans solving their customer needs.

At the same time, they expect massive inflow of leads that will generate sales.

So, if you are an expert in using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn as a marketing channel, then you can get this type of jobs.

You can earn an average rate from $20 to $50 per hour as a social media marketer.

Just work on your marketing and communication skills and you ability to understand customer behaviour.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is one of today’s most effective marketing strategies for businesses to generate free traffic to their website.

SEO specialists maximize work on websits to make it visible on the first page of search engines.

This will in turn result in higher traffic to the website.

On this job, you can make an average of $20 to $75 per hour.

5. Graphics designer:

Graphics designers are hotcakes today because of their skills.

Businesses hire graphic designers to make product designs, billboards, fliers, logos and other branded materials.

These jobs are easy to find as there is always something to design everything, especially for social media.

Graphics designers earn an average of $35 – $80 per hour.

6. Copywriting:

People say “content is king” and this is true in marketing communications.

To explain products, services or tell the story of a brand, you need to be an experienced copywriter.

But not all companies have the luxury of having and in-house copywriter, so they pay copywriting experts to do the job.

As you a copywriter, you can earn an average of $20 – $45 per hour depending on your experience. 

7. Blockchain:

The blockchain technology is here to stay.

This system, created behind Bitcoin cryptocurrency, is a virtual ledger capable of recording and verifying a high digital transaction recording volume.

It’s practically, if not totally impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system, making Bitcoins impervious to being hacked, double spent, or faked. 

Companies in various business sectors are rushing to use blockchain in innovative ways.

Because of this rush, there is a great demand for blockchain developers. 

Skills for blockchain specialists include in-depth knowledge of blockchain architecture, web development, public architecture, and expertise in programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++. 

The average rate for blockchain developers ranges from $50 to $125 per hour.

How to find in-demand online jobs?

There are many more in-demand jobs that you can go for and start making huge income for yourself. 

However, let go on to learn how to or where to find these job.

The best place to find these type of jobs is on freelance websites. 

You can sign up on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork or Rev to start getting these jobs.

It takes only a few minutes to register on the platform and then you can start generating income immediately. 

You don’t need to write any CV or carry you file from one office to another.

From the comfort of your home, you will be getting notifications for new jobs which you can do.


The future of work is changing rapidly and you must evolve too or you’d be left behind.

Even though there is so much demand for all of the skills mentioned in this article, you should know that business will only chose the best.

As a result, you must equip yourself with relevant training that will help you.

So, now that you have gained value from this article, please share to someone else who may benefit from this.


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