Best Boarding Schools in Colorado | 2022

During your high school years, attending a boarding school provided you with the best learning environment possible, which led to your outstanding academic success. Despite the fact that you felt distant from your family, you see it as a sacrifice for the benefits you received. 

However, you can make the same commitment for your child’s academic future by enrolling him or her in one of Colorado’s boarding high schools or best boarding schools today.

You might be wondering why I brought up Colorado…

For many years, Colorado has been a highly desirable destination for students seeking any level of study. Because of its low cost of living and other intriguing features, the state is recognized as the most desirable and conducive destination to live and study.

Though there are other boarding schools in different states that give excellent educational services, I believe that spending more time on this page is a fantastic place to start if you want the best at a reasonable price.

This is because this article contains a comprehensive list of all the boarding schools in Colorado that can truly provide the best education for your child. It also provides extensive information, so it won’t be as difficult to choose a boarding school.

Let’s get right into it!!

Are There Boarding Schools in Colorado?

Yes, there are boarding schools that can be found in Colorado. Some of these boarding schools are all girls, all boys or co-educational. Boarding schools in Colorado differ from each other based on their tuition, acceptance rate and SAT scores. Some of the boarding schools found in Colorado include:

  • Fountain Valley School
  • Belleview Christian School
  • Ekklesia Mountain High
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain School
  • Steamboat Mountain School
  • Campion Academy
  • The Colorado Springs School
  • Colorado Timberline Academy
  • Accelerated Schools of Denver
  • Devereux School – Cleo Wallace Center
  • HillSprings Academy
  • Colorado Academy
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • Colorado Military Academy
  • US Air Force Academy Preparatory School
  • Air Academy High School

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Colorado Cost?

Before choosing a boarding school in any state in the U.S. you should know the cost of the schools in the States.

For the academic year 2022-2023 tuition for boarding schools in Colorado ranges from $65400 to $87900 per year depending on age, boarding and grade of student.

Boarding schools also offer financial aid packages and scholarships to help families cover the costs.

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What Are The Affordable Boarding Schools in Colorado?

Although boarding schools are expensive, there are some that are quite affordable. These affordable boarding schools can also be found in Colorado in case you can’t afford the expensive ones. Here are some of them with their tuition:

  • Belleview Christian School with $4700 tuition per year
  • Campion Academy with $11,090 tuition per year
  • Ekklesia Mountain High with yearly tuition of $23,950

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Colorado?

There are many boarding schools in Colorado that can assist your child or children in establishing a strong academic foundation, but there are some among them that are considered being the best. Some of these schools are privately owned, while the government runs others.

Preparatory schools, high schools, military schools, and Christian schools are among the options.

However, when ranking these schools, we took into account the cost of the Colorado boarding schools, as well as the number of students enrolled and their grades.

It also took into account some of the schools’ typical class sizes and admission rates.

The following is a list of the best boarding schools in Colorado that your children can enroll in 2022.

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1. Fountain Valley School

Fountain Valley School, founded in 1907, comes first on our ranking of the best boarding schools in Colorado. This school is a privately owned co-educational, independent preparatory school.

This Colorado boarding school is mostly for students in grades 9 through 12. So, if your child is going to start ninth grade, enrolling him or her in Fountain Valley School is a good decision.

This is one of the best unique institutions that allows kids to participate in all sectors of life while also assisting them in balancing their academic, athletic, and artistic pursuits.

In general, the school has 32 percent international students, indicating that it is one of Colorado’s internationally known boarding high schools.

Furthermore, the school has an average class size of 12 students and a student-teacher ratio of 1:7. Day students pay $30,150 in tuition, boarding students pay $59,000, and overseas students pay $63,000.

It’s worth noting that some of the school’s prominent alumni include:

  • Barlow, John Perry
  • Dourif, Brad
  • Actress Dominique Dunne
  • Griffin Dunne is a character in the film Griffin Dunne

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2. Belleview Christian School

Belleview Christian School is the next best boarding school in Colorado on our list. With a student body of 291, this institution is one of the boarding schools in Denver, Colorado.

Enrolling your children in this school will not be a bad place to start if you genuinely want to start training your children in the path of God on time.

Belleview Christian School is one of the private Christian schools in the area. Its goal is to provide a superior education based on biblical truth to kids in Nursery, Preschool, and 12th grade.

As a result, they have space and all they need to grow in Christ and serve Him with zeal.

Furthermore, Ceramics, Drawing / Sketching, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture are among the art visuals taught to these pupils.

Also, students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin are welcome to enroll in any program and participate in any school activity at Bellview.

The tuition ranges from $3000-$5000, which is a very reasonable price.

It is worth noting that Chris Myklebust, Colorado’s State Commissioner of Financial Services, and Roger Ogden, the former CEO of Channel 9 News, are among the school’s notable alumni (the local news station in Denver, Colorado).

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3. Ekklesia Mountain High

This is also one of Colorado’s boarding high schools. It provides co-educational boarding for students in grades 9 through 12.

Essentially, Ekklesia, a premier boarding school in Colorado, provides a unique education program that aids in the development of its pupils and provides them with an intellectual foundation that will enable them to flourish in college.

Students at the school participate in mission projects, projects, and even adventure activities.

This school also teaches pupils about Christ’s vision for the community, leadership, and loyal life.

Furthermore, Ekklesia also has a total of 135 boarding students, an average class size of 7, a student-teacher ratio of 1:7, and annual tuition of $23,950.

Your kid can attend any of the IVY colleges after graduating from this institution.

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4. Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School is one of Colorado’s premier boarding schools for both day and boarding students in grades 9-12. It is a co-ed boarding school for students in grades 9 through 12.

Basically, this Colorado school aspires to provide a learning environment that may help students realize their potential to flourish as people, contribute to their communities, and meaningfully participate in the world we share.

The school is expected to have 175 students enrolled, with an average class size of 12 students and a good acceptance rate of 70%.

Day students pay $38,300 per year, while boarding students pay $61,000. Although the tuition is a little costly when compared to other Colorado colleges, it was placed fourth because of some of the other factors.

Also, students can try their hand at blacksmithing, silversmithing, painting, sketching, photography, pottery, music, drama, and much more through this school’s academic and artistic curriculum.

Furthermore, Topher Delaney, an environmental artist and builder, M. Tamim Ansary, an author, speaker, and editor, Susan Meiselas, an internationally acclaimed photojournalist, Oliver Platt, Conrad Anker, a climber’s climber, and Paolo Bacigalupi, an award-winning novelist and short-story writer, are just a few of the notable alumni.

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5. Steamboat Mountain School

Steamboat Mountain School, a private co-educational boarding school for students in grades 9-12, is next on our list of the best boarding schools in Colorado.

At this school, boarding students make up 60% of the student body, while day students make up 40%. The school has a total enrolment of 68 pupils and an average class size of ten students.

Boarding students pay $48,800 in tuition, while day students pay $27,500.

Despite its seemingly exorbitant tuition, Steamboat is noted for its capacity to cover 100% of fees for any students who request financial assistance.

Steamboat also seeks to develop intellectual pupils by preparing them to live productive, creative, and responsible lives in a fast-paced, global environment.

Furthermore, Caroline Lalive, a two-time Olympian in alpine skiing, Travis Mayer, an Olympic silver medalist in freestyle skiing (moguls), Johnny Spillane, an American athlete and author of High Finance, Murder, and John Milius, a prominent screenwriter, director, and producer, are among the notable graduates.

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6. Campion Academy

It is primarily Colorado’s best private school. Alsot is a Seventh-day Adventist residential school that offers college preparatory courses to students in grades 9 through 12. It has a 70% student enrolment rate and an annual fee of $11,090.

In general, this academy provides dual enrollment courses, vocational courses, a music program, interscholastic sports, a work-study program, and an English language learner program for overseas students.

The Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA and the CTC), the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), and the Middle States Association of Colleges and School Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are all accreditation bodies for this outstanding school (MSACS).

Surprisingly, 95% of this school’s graduates go on to Ivy League colleges.

Also, among the notable alumni of this Colorado boarding school are Shashi Tharoor, the former UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, Rishi Kapoor, a Bollywood actor, and Rajdeep Sardesai, a prominent Indian journalist.

All of these factors combine to make this school one of Colorado’s best and most affordable boarding high schools.

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7. The Colorado Springs School

Colorado Springs School, formerly known as Claremont, is next on our list of the best boarding schools in Colorado.

The Colorado Springs School is a non-profit college preparatory school that serves students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. With 300 students, it is likewise a privately operated school.

In general, this boarding school for teenagers in Colorado spring tries to prepare its students for taking on duties and thinking independently.

Students are prepared to face the demands of a changing world by developing leadership, resourcefulness, problem-solving abilities, and personal integrity.

Furthermore, the school offers exceptional academics and mentoring programs to its students.

Tuition and study costs vary according to the student’s grade, but the most expensive ranges from $27,100 to $30,200 for international students in grades 6 to 12.

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8. Colorado Timberline Academy

The Colorado Timberline Academy is the next school on our list, with 46 boarding students. For high school students, this institution offers a non-traditional college prepared curriculum.

It also offers a diversified curriculum and outdoor programs to encourage students’ independence while also encouraging responsibility, creativity, and respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

However, with a Student-Teacher Ratio of 3:1, a 90% acceptance rate, an average class size of 6, and a yearly tuition of $31,500, this is one of the best schools in Colorado for middle school.

This institution also prepares students academically and socially for the obstacles they will encounter after graduation.

Also, ROB MIDDLETON is a well-known graduate of this residential school.

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9. Accelerated Schools of Denver

Accelerated Schools of Denver is a private boarding school in DENVER, CO that is above average. It serves 85 students in grades K-12, with a 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio. 

For the highest grade available, tuition is $43,140. 69 percent of students from this institution move on to a four-year college after graduation.

Basically, the school’s program is meant to quickly increase a student’s performance in every academic subject, and it is dedicated to excellence in education through independent study, using specifically prescribed instructional and incentive systems.

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10. Devereux School – Cleo Wallace Center

The Cleo Wallace Center at Devereux School is a private therapeutic boarding school in WESTMINSTER, CO. 

It has 103 pupils in grades 5 through 12, with a 6 to 1 student-teacher ratio. After graduation, 25% of this school’s pupils go on to a four-year university.

Every day, students receive six hours of academic instruction. Each quarter, high school students can earn.25 credits each class. (Two credits per quarter = eight classes per day.) Report cards and transcripts track students’ progress and are sent to their home school district and parents/guardians.

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Moving on, the boarding schools in Colorado are divided into different sections or categories. This is done in order to assist in easy reading. These boarding schools are divided into cities where they are located and the reason for the establishment of them.

Without further ado, here they are!!

What Are The Boarding Schools in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is a city found in Colorado. It is one of the major cities located in the States. It is also home 2 some of the boarding schools in Colorado and they include:

  • Fountain Valley School of Colorado
  • The Colorado Springs School
  • HillSprings Academy

What Are The Boarding Schools in Denver Colorado?

Denver is considered as one of the populous and busiest cities in Colorado. Being one of the busiest cities you are sure to find some boarding schools located in this city and here are some of them:

  • Denver Academy
  • Accelerated Schools
  • Colorado Academy

What Are The Elementary Boarding Schools in Colorado?

Elementary boarding schools are boarding schools for kids that are still growing up and are not yet ready for high schools. These elementary boarding schools listed below can be found in Colorado:

  • Fountain Valley School of Colorado
  • Colorado Timberline Academy
  • Campion Academy

Are There Public Boarding Schools in Colorado?

You might wonder if there are public boarding schools in Colorado. Yes there are public boarding schools in Colorado but they are not as many as the private boarding schools. 

Here is one of the best schools for public boarding students this could help disabled and physically challenged students in the state and it is owned by the government:

  • Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind

Are There Private Boarding Schools in Colorado?

Colorado has many private boarding schools. The private boarding schools are more than the public boarding schools and they are mostly owned by individuals in the state. These boarding schools include:

  • Fountain Valley School
  • Belleview Christian School
  • Ekklesia Mountain High
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Are There All-girls Boarding Schools in Colorado?

You might want to send your girl child to an all-girls boarding school in Colorado. Here is the best school you can consider to send her to in Colorado.

  • St. Mary’s Academy

Are There All-boys Boarding Schools in Colorado?

You might want to send your boy child to an all-boys boarding school in Colorado. Here is the best school you can consider to send him to in Colorado.

  • Fountain Valley School

Are There Military Boarding Schools in Colorado?

Do you wish to send your child to a military boarding school in Colorado? If yes then here are some of the military boarding schools you can easily find in Colorado. 

There are some more but these three are the best you can get:

  • Colorado Military Academy
  • US Air Force Academy Preparatory School
  • Air Academy High School

What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Colorado?

You will quite agree with me that training a child in the right path or a Christ-like manner is not an easy thing to do but here are some of the boarding Christian schools you can send you kids to to get the basic knowledge and also be raised morally or the Christ-like manner in which a child is meant to be raised.

  • Campion Academy
  • Belleview Christian School
  • Hyland Christian School

What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Colorado for Troubled Youths?

Does your child show some bad behavioral attitudes? Do you wish to send him or her to a therapeutic boarding school in Colorado? Here are some of the best therapeutic boarding schools in Colorado for troubled youths you can choose from:

  • Devereux School – Cleo Wallace Center
  • Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health – Colorado
  • Teen Challenge Denver


Colorado is a fantastic place to learn since it is so favorable to it. If you have the option to attend a Colorado boarding school, you should take advantage of it.

We hope you found this post about the best boarding schools in Colorado useful; for more information, please visit the school websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for Fountain Valley School?

The average cost of boarding at Fountain Valley School is $59,000 per year.

Do boarding schools allow phones?

Despite the fact that most boarding schools allow students to use technology, the majority of them do not allow pupils unsupervised access to laptops or cell phones.

How can I go to boarding school for free?

For high school students, there are a number of fully financed scholarships available. You can attend a boarding school for free if you are a recipient of one.



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