Best Boarding Schools In England | 2022

The influence of the school a student attends on the student’s success can’t be underestimated. That’s why we recommend that you choose one of the best boarding schools in England.

For many reasons, England has been one of the world’s most sought-after study locations. And that doesn’t go without mentioning that England is currently one of the most powerful nations in the world. Thus, any student should look forward to the adventures that lie within.

Attending a boarding school in England doesn’t only help in gaining exposure. It also pays in the long run. From the diverse community of students to the never-ending activities, England offers tons of benefits to students.

In this article, we’ll be looking into some of the best boarding schools in England. Also, we’ll be providing answers to some popular questions related to boarding schools in England. 

Let’s get into it!!!

Are There Boarding Schools in England?

Of course, there are boarding schools in England. These schools are popular for their unique histories behind their establishments, their top rankings in the world, as well as their large student population.

Also, the schools are equipped with state-of-the-art materials, instruments, and equipment necessary to facilitate learning and they accept students from all over the world – which adds to their fame across the globe.

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How Many Boarding Schools Are in England?

There are several boarding schools in England; with an estimate of 40 state boarding schools. These schools provide free education – state-funded – except that boarding fees are charged.

It’s noteworthy that across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland – the UK – there are about 500 boarding schools.

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How Do Boarding Schools in England Work?

Most boarding schools in England accommodate students from all over the world, training them to be more resilient, sound, and disciplined. Every school has laid down rules and regulations that guide students’ activities. Hence, there are penalties for defaulters. 

Boarding schools in England close during Christmas and long summer holidays; which gives students the chance to visit their parents. During these breaks, some schools hold extra courses for interested students.

Most schools don’t close for shorter holidays like half-term break. Instead, they engage students in extracurricular activities rather than doing some serious class work.

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Best Boarding Schools in England

The outstanding academic activities, career-building programs, and adventurous school challenges have made England be a dream come true for many students.

These schools have met the laid-down government standards regarding their facilities, security, teaching quality, and students’ welfare.

Some of the best boarding schools in England are:

  • Wycliffe College
  • Queen’s College
  • Oakham School
  • Woldingham School
  • Ratcliffe College
  • St Peter’s School
  • CATS Canterbury, to name a few.

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#1. Wycliffe College

Wycliffe provides exemplary academic and extracurricular training to both junior and senior students.

While the school has provisions for day students, boarders are attended to equally. The school focuses on an individualized method of learning where every student – in any area of education – attains and maximizes his full potential.

  • Location: Stonehouse, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €5,450 – €10,395

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#2. Queen’s College

If there’s anything you can wish for in a boarding school, it should be a friendly environment. And Queen’s College offers every student just that. Through the school’s accommodating learning atmosphere, students get the unflinching supports of their teachers and mates. 

The school’s one of a kind when dealing with music, drama, or dance courses. They also offer scholarships to students interested in performing arts. That’s quite interesting, isn’t it?

  • Location: Taunton, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €3,930 – €8,650

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#3. Sevenoaks School

From music to serious academics to performing arts to sports, this school is just it! The class sizes are moderately small, enough for a teacher to know his students’ names. This way, students get closer relationships with each other and their teachers. In turn, they become more impacted, academically sound, and inquisitive.

To ensure balance, the school included sports in their curriculum. Thus, students get to discover, work, and bank on their in- and out-of-classroom talents.

  • Location: Sevenoaks, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €33,156

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#4. Marymount International School

A unique feature of Marymount International is the location. The school’s environment is serene, beautiful, and safe for students. To cap it up, their principles are based on Christian doctrines, promoting self-awareness and social justice, as well as academic excellence. 

Marymount is an all-girls Catholic school designed to build confident, well-versed, self-reliant, and productive young women. These girls are given trainings that’ll help boost their moral, emotional, and mental selves – not forgetting the spiritual. 

  • Location: London, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €29,810 – €33,790

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#5. St Peter’s School

Considering the school’s history that dates back to about 627 AD, St Peter’s is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in England. Even till date, they’ve not failed in treating students to dishes of innovative teaching and top-class education.

Their facilities are stellar and the school has maintained excellent academic records. So far, St Peter’s has been getting good reviews and that’s positive enough for a good school.

  • Location: York, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €6,480 – €8,395 per term

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#6. Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools

In 2012, over 65% of students from Haberdashers’ gained admission into top-class universities; Oxford, Cambridge, and the Russell Group Universities, to be precise. It’s no surprise because they’re frequently ranked among the best 10 boarding schools in Britain.

So far, the schools have maintained an average of 83% pass rate in A-Level exams, as well as 82.8% pass rate in GSCE tests. Extracurricular activities include football, basketball, rugby, chess, tennis. Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Debating Society, and lots more.

  • Location: Monmouth, Wales.
  • Tuition & Fees: €6,057 – €8,820 per term

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#7. Oakham School

Oakham is one place your child would love to be while studying. The school’s set excellent academic records which earned it a spot among the best 10 IB schools in the United Kingdom.

Students get to face challenges at Oakham; challenges that’ll make every student become a great thinker and a problem solver. Through programs like Learning Habits, the school encourages students to build on life-long skills as well as what they learn in class.

  • Location: Oakham, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €7,985 – €9,785 per term

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#8. Ratcliffe College

As a Christian boarding school in England, this school seeks to train students academically, morally, mentally, and positively while laying emphasis on the need for godliness, purity, selflessness, and productivity. Although it’s a catholic school, students from other denominations are accepted with open arms as they believe that diversity helps students learn better about reality. 

Extracurriculars include sports, extra language classes, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Film Club, Voluntary Services, etc.

  • Location: Leicester, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €24,852

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#9. Woldingham School

Here, young girls are taught to explore life, find out what it holds for them. Being an all-girls school, every student is given the best attention, advice, and encouragement possible. Also, the Independent Schools Inspectorate has awarded Woldingham the highest “excellent” tag in every of the school’s category. In short, you can count on Woldingham when talking about quality education.

  • Location: Woldingham, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €9,470 – €10,315 per term

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#10. Woodcote House School

This school is an all-boys prep school where they believe that boys should be boys. They train young boys to be academically sound while engaging them in extracurriculars like camping, cooking, and sports. 

The school size is relatively small; a total of 100 boys. This makes it possible for every boy to get enough attention, make friends, and be the best he can be. 

  • Location: Windlesham, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €6,650 per term

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#11. Dulwich College

Dulwich is a private, all-boys college that ensures that every student is well taught in an academically challenging community. Students are advised to work together as well as independently, thus building respect for one another. 

Because of the interesting activities tailored specially for the students, the school has so far risen to fame as one of the best boarding schools for boys.

  • Location: London, England
  • Tuition & Fees: Contact admissions department

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#12. Eton College

All over the world, Eton College is one of the top-rated all-boys schools. Since 1440, the school has maintained a record of stellar education and high curricular standard. With several activities available and societies to join, students get to develop talents, as well as get life-changing experiences.

  • Location: Windsor, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €11,478 per term

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#13. Badminton School

While the school maintains its stand as one of the best all-girls boarding school in England, students enjoy the sincere support of their teachers to a very large extent. Currently, the school boasts of a 100% pass rate in A-Level exams – a feat which ranks the school among the best in the country.

  • Location: Bristol, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €21,300 – €36,660

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#14. Bedford School

At this school, students are taught to be creative and critical thinkers and act wisely in their relationship with others. As one of the best all-boys boarding schools in England, students are encouraged to develop ambitious, creative, and purpose-driven spirits. The school’s facilities are modern, designed to aid students’ learning and development.

  • Location: Bedford, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €6,761 – €9,915 per term

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#15. CATS Canterbury

Well, if you need a boarding school with excellent records, CATS Canterbury is one for you. It’s a coeducational school accredited by the UK government and they accept students within the ages of 14 and 19 years.

Here, students are prepared for life at college through rigorous academics and extracurriculars. International students are also welcome at CATS Canterbury as English is being taught to non-native speakers.

  • Location: Canterbury, England
  • Tuition & Fees: €30,975 – €39,480

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Boarding Schools in England for International Students

International students seek to study in England because of their impressive quality, outstanding curricula, and top-class facilities. In this regard, here are some boarding schools that accept international student.

  • CATS Canterbury
  • Dulwich College

All-Girls Boarding Schools in England

An all-girls boarding school is designed to meet every need of the young women, training them to be more resilient, academically sound, and productive. They include:

  • Woldingham School
  • Marymount International School
  • Badminton School

All-Boys Boarding Schools in England

Just as there are all-girls boarding schools in England, some schools also believe that “boys should be allowed to be boys”. They include:

  • Bedford School
  • Dulwich College
  • Woodcote School
  • Eton College

Christian Boarding Schools in England

With the aim of raising students in a Christ-centered environment, these schools care and show sincere concern towards students’ academic success. They include:

  • Ratcliffe College
  • Marymount International School
  • St Peter’s School

American Boarding Schools in England

American schools offer students the opportunity to engage in useful programs like IB courses. Through the acceptable, dynamic styles of teaching, they ensure that students’ academic success is paramount. Furthermore, they follow the American educational curriculum. On our list, we have:

  • Marymount International School

Which boarding school in England Has the Lowest Class Size?

Class size is important in judging how effective learning will be. While students get more attention from teachers in smaller classes, larger classes allow students to socialize, collaborate, and create networks. On our list, the schools with the lowest class sizes are:

  • Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools
  • Woldingham School

Equestrian Boarding Schools in England

Horse riding is a very important activity in sports. As such, schools have included it as part of their extracurricular activities. They include:

  • Woldingham School

Which Boarding School in England Offers Football?

There are a lot of schools in England that offer football. Reason is that it’s a widely known sport and most students are interested. As part of building students’ extracurricular talents, these schools have included football in their programs:

  • Wycliffe College
  • Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools

A-Level Boarding Schools in England

Most schools in England prepare students through A-Level courses. They include:

  • Ratcliffe College
  • CATS Canterbury
  • Bedford School

IB Boarding Schools in England

IB, also known as International Baccalaureate, is designed to train learners through exceptional curricula. Schools that use IB curriculum in England include:

  • Marymount International School
  • Oakham School
  • Sevenoaks School

What Is the Average Cost of Boarding Schools in England?

Averagely, boarding schools in England cost between €25,000 to €35,000. However, it might be higher due to certain reasons such as the school’s reputation or their excellent performances.

It can also be lower due to state-funding. You should note that international students can be charged higher than domestic students.


In England, you get to enjoy the atmosphere, thrills, waves, culture, people, and institutions. Boarding schools in England might differ in cost and location but they all agree on doing one thing – providing quality education.

That said, their schools are safe, conducive, and beautiful. You really won’t need to press the panic button.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding Schools in England

How Common Are Boarding Schools in England?

According to research, the total population of school children in boarding schools in England is about 0.5%. 

Is Boarding School Expensive in England?

Boarding schools in England cost about £25,000 to €35,000 per child, per annum. This amount, however, covers all aspects like accommodation, school support, tuition, food, and other activities. 

Are There Free Boarding Schools in England?

Obviously not! However, state boarding schools in England offer free education but charge for boarding. That way, the amount will be less. Another way is scholarships. Some boarding schools – even on our list – offer scholarships to exceptional students. Your kid might be lucky, who knows?


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