8 Best Boarding Schools in Idaho 2024 | How to Apply

Consider boarding school if you’re looking for a style of education where learning goes beyond the classroom.

In a safe and secure setting, boarding school students live with their teachers and pursue their academic goals.

However, this groom puts them on a path to success in terms of their careers, relationships, and culture.

There are thousands, if not millions, of boarding schools, but in this post, we’ll concentrate on those in Idaho, so if you live there or nearby, you can benefit from the best boarding schools on our list.

Also, alternative and therapeutic boarding schools are among Idaho’s different kinds of boarding schools. These schools cater to particular requirements like disciplinary and emotional problems. 

They offer highly qualified, experienced staff to guarantee the best possible outcome for your child.

Let’s get into knowing all about the best boarding schools in Idaho.

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Are there Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Yes, there are. Boarding schools in Idaho are educational facilities where the management sets restrictions for the students who reside there.

They include:

  • Riverstone International School
  • Sun Valley Community School
  • St. John Bosco Academy
  • Boulder Creek Academy
  • Cherry Gulch
  • Boise Girls Academy
  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • Gem State Adventist Academy

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How Much Do Boarding Schools in Idaho Cost?

Numerous factors affect how much it will cost to attend an Idaho boarding school. The type of school comes first. Due to their various advantages, private schools typically charge more than public schools.

In conclusion, annual costs for boarding schools in Idaho typically range between $20,000 to $50,661.

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Are there Affordable Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Some boarding schools in Idaho can be considered affordable compared to others. Boarding schools are known to be quite expensive due to the expense of living, food, and other requirements that are added to the tuition.

These boarding schools include:

  • St. John Bosco Academy, with a yearly tuition of $3000
  • Elk Mountain Academy, with a yearly tuition of $6000
  • Gem State Adventist Academy, with a yearly tuition of $9,247

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What are the Best Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Below is a list of boarding schools in Idaho.

Academic standing, accreditation, tuition, the number of students to teachers, acceptance rates, and graduation rates are just a few factors we considered when choosing these colleges.

Also, we obtained our information through dependable sources, testimonies, interviews, and by getting in touch with specific schools. Read each school’s description thoroughly before choosing which one to attend.

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1. Riverstone International School

In Boise, Idaho, Riverstone International School is a prestigious private IB World School that provides day and boarding students with demanding experiences and the one-on-one assistance they need to grow into independent, imaginative, and collaborative thinkers.

However, 45 nations are represented among the 370 pupils who attend preschool through high school. The boutique boarding program at Riverstone can accommodate up to 30 students in grades 9 through 12 from around the world and the United States.

Also, students can pursue their academic and personal interests through the school’s Five Pillars: Academic Excellence, Community and Service, Leadership by Example, International Understanding, and Outdoor Education. 

Additionally, a highly individualized educational experience is facilitated by small courses and close interactions with professors. The mountains and rivers of Idaho serve as the setting for outdoor education.

All graduates are admitted into colleges around the world. Assistance with tuition is available.

Also, this school tuition per year is $52 530.

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2. Sun Valley Community School

In SUN VALLEY, ID, there is a well-regarded private boarding school called Sun Valley Community School. With a student-teacher ratio of 6 to 1, it has 438 pupils in PK–12 grades. 

However, the cost of tuition for the top grade available is $51,380. Ninety-five percent of graduates from this institution enroll in a four-year university.

Furthermore, utilizing the five mountain ranges that make up our backyard, Community School blends an excellent academic curriculum with a robust recreational program.

Additionally, students are accepted to the top colleges and institutions because of their highly individualized approach to college counseling; more importantly, graduates discover the right match for the next stage of their journey.

For the students to pursue their outdoor, winter sports, and artistic aspirations at the highest level, we offer classroom support and flexibility through our Outdoor Leadership Academy, Creative Arts Academy, and Sun Valley Ski Academy.

Lastly, Sun Valley is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and is teeming with culture and the arts. Residents thrive in this small, welcoming mountain town and enjoy a balanced way of life.

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3. St. John Bosco Academy

The highly regarded private boarding Catholic school St. John Bosco Academy is situated in Cottonwood, Idaho. There are 102 pupils in grades PK–12, and the student-teacher ratio is 9:1. 

However, the cost of tuition for the top grade available is $3,000. 96% of students who graduate from this institution continue their education by enrolling in a 4-year university.

Furthermore, this is one of the best-regarded and highest-ranked schools, according to prestigious magazines like the Niche.

Along with competitive athletic programs and fine arts classes, the school curriculum offers a range of co-curricular activities for students to practice the leadership abilities they have gained in class.

Also, students who graduate from this institution are accepted into prestigious colleges and universities like Michigan State University and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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4. Boulder Creek Academy

In BONNERS FERRY, Idaho, there is a private therapeutic boarding school called Boulder Creek Academy. With 33 kids in grades 9 through 12, there are five students for every instructor. After graduating, 50% of students from this institution enroll in a 4-year university.

However, since its founding in 1993, Boulder Creek Academy has offered young people and their families support, compassion, a high-quality education, and the resources they need to succeed as adults. 

Additionally, numerous kids and families have passed through the school doors and graduated with a more positive outlook on the future.

Unfortunately, Boulder Creek Academy will be closing in June, although they firmly believe in its purpose to empower students and families. The final day of classes is in June.

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5. Gem State Adventist Academy

A recognized secondary school, GSAA offers courses for college preparation from a distinctively Seventh-day Adventist viewpoint. 

However, students are given a chance to perform community service and discover a passion for helping others and giving back to their community that will last a lifetime. 

Furthermore, students receive leadership training, earning skills, and information that will enable them to succeed as leaders in their families, churches, and professions. 

Above all, the GSAA encourages the growth of a relationship with Jesus Christ by focusing on academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities to prepare students for eternity.

Also, they maintain a climate and environment that produces servant-leaders who exude a dedication to their spirituality, morality, academic rigor, and long-term success. 

Finally, the Gem State Adventist Academy promotes harmony between respect for students’ individuality and dignity and accountability for their behavior in light of other people’s rights.

Also, the tuition of this school is $9,247 per year.

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6. Boise Girls Academy

The mission of Boise Girls Academy is to empower girls to overcome negative behaviors. Boise Girls Academy is chosen by families looking for all-girl boarding schools because of its program’s compassion and Christ-centered orientation. 

Furthermore, the all-girls school’s curriculum for developing character and counseling services is centered on connecting with Christ. 

Also, the school’s 15-month residential counseling program gives participants plenty of opportunities to strengthen their recent change of heart.

Additionally, all-girls boarding schools provide a secure environment where students can continue their education without the many distractions in regular coed junior high and high schools. 

Your teen may have let her grades go and lost interest in her future due to these distractions. Boise Girls Academy was created to provide excellent academics and treat the underlying problems that led to academic difficulties. 

Lastly, its Masters-level certified teachers and tutors help the girls at Boise Girls Academy refocus on their academics and attitude.

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7. Cherry Gulch

Cherry Gulch Academy is a private, clinically focused therapeutic boarding school for young men ages 14 to 18 situated on 30 acres outside of Boise, Idaho. 

Moving on, its middle school, Cherry Gulch, can assist if you’re looking for a school for boys between the ages of 10 and 14. To learn more, click here. Its staff and students may collaborate to provide early intervention and prevention for its pupils in its beautiful surroundings. 

In addition, the mission of Cherry Gulch Academy is to enhance the lives of the young men it deals with as well as their families. It firmly believes in the benefits of goal-setting, positive connections, mentorship, discovering one’s skills, and inspiration. 

Also, it is a strengths-based program that values forming connections with its students and fostering their aspirations. Its mission is to support its boys in achieving their objectives. 

Finally, families at Cherry Gulch Academy find everything they have been frantically looking for from the personnel, therapists, and atmosphere.

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8. Elk Mountain Academy

Teenage girls struggling with behavior problems or life-controlling concerns and fear for their future can go to Elk Mountain Academy, a residential treatment facility.

The school has 14 students in grades 8 through 12.

Moving on, therapists assist girls who exhibit improper behavior or make poor judgments due to emotional problems brought on by significant trauma or loss in their lives, physical or mental abuse, the loss of a loved one, or attachment disorders associated with adoption. 

Also, treatment for eating disorders and self-harm is another area in which we excel.

In addition, Elk Mountain offers cutting-edge therapy, including family, group, and individual counseling. For students struggling with issues related to trauma and/or abandonment, it also offers specialist support.

The objective is to identify the psychological elements influencing the student’s poor behavioral decisions.

Also, the tuition of this school is $6000 per month

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Furthermore, in this article, these boarding schools in New York are divided into different categories, ranging from where most of them are located in New York to different purposes for establishing these schools. 

This is to facilitate easier reading and a better understanding of the schools.

Note that these schools are the best boarding schools you will find in these categories.

What are the Boarding Schools in Boise, Idaho?

Boise is one of the popular cities in Idaho. It is a beautiful city that houses some of the boarding schools in Idaho.

These boarding schools include:

  • Riverstone International School
  • Cherry Gulch

Are there Elementary Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Are you searching for elementary boarding schools for your children? You may find the best option on this list of primary schools in Idaho. Remember that kindergarten through eighth-grade students attends elementary schools.

Here is an example of an elementary boarding school in Idaho

  • Riverstone International School

What are the Public Boarding Schools in Idaho?

There is only one public boarding school in Idaho. This school was established to aid in education for the physically challenged.

The school is called Idaho School for the Blind and Deaf.

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What are the Private Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Individuals own private boarding schools in Idaho. Most private boarding schools are expensive, while others are affordable.

They include:

  • Riverstone International School
  • Sun Valley Community School
  • St. John Bosco Academy

Are there All-Girls Boarding Schools in Idaho?

All girls’ boarding schools in Idaho admit only girls. So if you are looking for an all-girls boarding school in Idaho

here is a good list for you to pick from:

  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • Boise Girls Academy

Are there All-Boys Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Just like the all-girls boarding schools are allowed to admit only girls, all-boys boarding schools in Idaho are only allowed to admit boys. Finding an all-boys boarding school in Idaho is not hard, as there is only one in the State.

Which is:

  • Cherry Gulch

What are the Military Boarding Schools in Idaho?

There are some excellent options if you’re looking for military schools in Idaho.

Military schools have the unique capacity to focus on academics and developing a culture of routine and self-discipline that helps students succeed.

The military boarding schools in Idaho include:

  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • Cherry Gulch

What are the Christian Boarding Schools in Idaho?

Are you looking for a Christian boarding school in Idaho? Is your child going out of control? We can assist you with some of the Christian boarding schools in Idaho to send your child, and they include:

  • St. John Bosco Academy
  • Elk Mountain Academy

What are the Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Idaho for Troubled Youths?

The therapeutic or alternative boarding schools in Idaho are listed below. They are residential boarding schools focusing on educating and supporting problematic youth by giving them the support they need to address underlying issues and open them up to a completely different way of living.

They include:

  • Boulder Creek Academy
  • Cherry Gulch
  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • Boise Girls Academy


Although there are many advantages to attending boarding school, there are also some disadvantages, so parents should research before enrolling their children. 

Also, a school should be chosen with your child in mind. Think about their most important characteristics and how they affect their capacity to operate in different school settings.

I hope this article helps you. Good luck!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The northern states of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are home to 58 percent of the most prestigious boarding schools.

The truth is that America doesn’t have many free boarding schools. Generally, it takes a lot of effort to get accepted to the free ones.

Up until the age of 18, children may attend boarding school for a year, twelve years, or longer.

Boarding schools are vastly superior to day schools in terms of a child’s total education.



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