Best Boarding Schools In Iowa | 2022

A boarding school, unlike a private school, is where a student lives and goes to classes in the same place.

However, this article is meant to bring to your notice the best boarding schools in Iowa. It includes information on their tuition costs, rankings and also acceptance rates.

Iowa is a state in the Midwestern Region of the United States. Iowa has several laws and enforcements that are geared towards the educational development in the state.

Therefore, there are some schools in Iowa which have distinguished themselves amongst others. In this respect, they will be discussed in this article.

Are There Boarding schools in Iowa?

Of Course! There are several boarding schools scattered around the state of Iowa. The best of this schools which you can choose from are;

  • Scattergood Friends school
  • Maharishi School
  • Cono Christian School
  • Rivermont Collegiate High School
  • Liberty Christian School
  • Hillcrest Academy
  • Fairmount Education Inc
  • Heritage Reformed Christian School
  • Des Moines Christian School
  • Morning Star Academy
  • Assumption High School
  • Pella Christian High School
  • Heartland Christian School
  • Waterloo Christian School
  • Cedar Valley Christian School

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What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Troubled Youths?

These are highly specialized boarding schools that in addition to providing teens with an individualized academic program they also provide troubled youth with expert therapeutic and behavioural therapies. Some of these Schools in Iowa includes;

  • Heartland Family Service Therapeutic School
  • Turning Winds School
  • Shepherd’s Hill Academy

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools In Iowa?

There are several requirements to be met for a school to be classified as “best’. This requirements entails teaching methods, acceptance rates, annual tuitions etc.

However in Iowa there are just 2 college-prep and junior boarding schools serving 229 students located throughout Iowa and they have both met up with the requirements to be termed as the “best’. These schools include;

Maharishi School

Maharishi School is located in Fairfield, Iowa and has the mission of preparing students for college and developing their consciousness.

Maharishi School provides a Preschool-12th grade day and boarding option for 8-12th grades,to experience in a safe and healthy environment which helps develop their ability to know, understand themselves and also think deeply. The School has a total of 184 students.

Maharishi school is also a non-sectarian, co-educational school and also accepts international students.

Furthermore, the Marishi school has an annual tuition of $39,000..

Finally, it runs a class size of 12 students.

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Scattergood School

Scattergood Friends School is located in Cedar County Iowa, and is a private high school which runs a 9th-12th grade boarding option to students since 2020 and also offers a co-educational system to harness cooperation and togetherness towards students.

Also, the school has a total of 45 students.

In addition to providing a solid foundation for higher education, Scattergood School is a learning community that promotes the practical aspect of all forms of knowledge.

The Schools mission is geared towards providing students with a sense of global citizenship while recognizing their individual self-worth.

Finally, the annual tuition of Scattergod school is $37,000.

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Cono Christian School

Cono Christian School is a non-profit private high school located in Walker, IA 

This wonderful school runs a co-educational program and has 9 students in grades 6th through 10th.

Moreover, Cono Christian School is the 50th largest private high school in Iowa and the 7,308th largest nationally. 

Also It has a student teacher ratio of 2.0 to 1.

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Rivermont Collegiate High School

Rivermont Collegiate, was known formerly as St. Katharine’s/St. Mark’s School, 

Furthermore, It is a non-sectarian, independent, multicultural, college preparatory school which also runs a co-educational program for students within the age range of two years old through twelfth grade, located in the Quad Cities in Bettendorf, Iowa, in the United States.

In addition to it’s excellent features, the student population of Rivermont Collegiate is 210

Lastly, Rivermont Collegiate has an annual tuition of $13,625.

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Liberty Christian School

Liberty Christian School is a private, Christian school located in COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA. It rune a wonderful co-educational program. 

Note that This school gives sound training to students both academically, morally and spiritually. 

In addition, this school runs college preparatory classes and post-graduate classes for it’s students.

Liberty Christian School boasts of 24 students in grades 1-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. 

After graduation, 50% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.

However this wonderful school has a tuition which ranges from $14,659 -$17,313

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Fairmount Education Inc

Fairmount Education is a private, Christian school located in DES MOINES, IA. 

Fairmount Education believes in offering standardized educational programs to it’s students. 

Furthermore, It has 40 students in grades 3-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 5 to 1.

Lastly, this school has a tuition of $41,650 annually

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Heritage Reformed Christian School

Heritage Christian School is a private, Christian school located in NORTH LIBERTY, IA. 

This wonderful school has 199 students in grades PK, K-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1.

In addition, this school operates a co-educational program for it’s students to improve students abilities and cognitive development while learning together.

Lastly, Heritage Reformed Christian School has an annual tuition of $14,718

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Des Moines Christian School

Des Moines Christian School is a private Christian school that opened in 1948 on the campus of First Federated Church in Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Note that in 1980, the school moved to the former Franklin Junior High School building, and in 1983 added ninth grade.

In addition, Des Moines Christian School seeks to promote the development of the whole child academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Start time.

Lastly ,Tuition is $10,600 for the highest grade offered. After graduation, 90% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.

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Morning Star Academy

Morning Star Academy is a private school located in Bettendorf, IA. The student population of Morning Star Academy is 198. The school’s minority student enrollment is 11.1% and the student-teacher ratio is 11:1.

While the undiscounted tuition cost is $11,500 annually, MSA has been blessed with generous donors who recognize the value of a private Christian education. These donors subsidize $5,000 per child per academic year for 100% of the children who attend Morning Star Academy

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Hillcrest Academy

Hillcrest Academy is an independent, Christian high school near Iowa City, Iowa in Kalona, Iowa, established in 1945.

Furthermore, this wonderful school runs an excellent co-educational program for students within 9th-12th grade. This school strives to give students not only academic backing but also spiritual awakening. 

They also endeavor to create a wonderful students-teacher relationship by running a ratio of 4:1

Also, Hillcrest Academy has a long history of helping high school students thrive. Students gain more than just a strong academic foundation; they graduate with the skills to apply knowledge, confident in their talents, and ready to take their place as Christian leaders in their colleges and communities. 

In addition, the mission of this wonderful school has stayed the same: to offer students of all denominations an academically excellent, Christ-centered education.

Lastly, the annual tuition of this school is $3,500 to $9,735 per year

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What Are The High School Boarding School in Iowa

A high school usually runs from 9th – 12th grade. Most times, these schools also run college preparatory and postgraduate classes for their students. Some of these schools includes;

  • Scattergood Friends School
  • Johnston High School
  • West High School
  • Bishop Garrigan High School
  • North-Polk High School
  • Bishop Heelan Catholic School
  • Urbandale High School
  • Pella Christian High School
  • Pleasant Valley High School
  • Kennedy High School
  • How Much Is Boarding Schools In Iowa?

According to the Boarding School Review, the average price for boarding schools in Iowa is $29,000 a year

What Are The Indian Boarding Schools In Iowa?

This refers to American Indian Boarding Schools established in the United States during the late 19th century to educate the Native American youths according to Euro-American standards. These schools in Iowa include;

  • Toledo Industrial Boarding schools
  • Whites Labour Manual Institute

What Are The Military Boarding Schools In Iowa?

A military school is a school which offers a mix of discipline and educational curriculum to help prepare students for a military career. There are several of these schools, but some of the best which you can choose from are:

  • Oakdale Christian Academy
  • Gateway Boys Academy
  • Agape Boarding Schools.


Iowa is a wonderful city in the US, but it also has the educational growth of its citizens at heart. That is why they enact laws that promote the educational sector of the state.

This article simply brings to your notice a list of the best boarding schools you can find at the start. Thatte even though they are just 2. 

With this information, you can now make your decision with no setback, as everything you need to know has been provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any free boarding schools?

Yes, there are, even though they are few in the US. However, they are very competitive to get acceptance of.

Are you allowed to use phones at boarding school?

At Boarding schools, you are being trained to live a community life so the need of phones would not arise because you are meant to be interacting with your colleagues and not being buried inside your phone screen. However, there are some boarding schools which provide Wi-Fi and laptops for their students.

Are sports compulsory at boarding school?

Not all boarding schools require sports, but there are wonderful opportunities for students who play sports. However, there are a wide range of sports which you can pick from.



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