10 Best Boarding Schools in Kansas 2024 | How to Apply


Kansas City boarding schools are the solution if you want your child to have the best educational experience.

Thought must be given to the decision to apply to a residential school. However, it is not terrible if sufficient resources are available in boarding school surroundings, encompassing numerous purposes.


Unlike day schools, boarding schools typically offer classes to students who live on-site. Usually, boarding students will be in the hostel for the entire semester. 

Some schools may permit you to visit your family every weekend. Some schools are co-ed, while others are just for boys or girls alone. Let’s find out more about the top boarding schools in Kansas City.


Are there any Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

Prominent institutions like the University of Missouri and Rockhurst University are located in Kansas City. They provide excellent academic programs and outstanding instructors.

In addition to well-known institutions, Kansas City is home to many boarding schools. These boarding schools offer a diverse selection of classes and activities for students of various ages and intellectual abilities.

Some Kansas City boarding schools include:

  • Maur Hill – Mount Academy 
  • Kansas City Girls Academy
  • Safe Harbor Academy
  • House of Hope Kansas City
  • McWilliams Academy for Youth   
  • V. Lindsay SDA School

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What are the Fees for Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

In Kansas, the average annual boarding school tuition is $8,260. Depending on the college, fees might range from $2,228 to $27,750.

Typically, boarding school costs include accommodation and board, but occasionally they don’t. Verify that the schools you are considering will provide you with lodging and meals.

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What are Kansas City’s Cheap Boarding Schools?

Because the expense of housing, food, and other essentials is added to the tuition, boarding schools can be expensive.

After including these required expenses in the tuition, some boarding schools in Kansas City can be considered affordable. Such schools are:

  • House of Hope Kansas City, which charges $5,000 in tuition.
  • The cost of tuition at Kansas City Girls Academy is $10,540.
  • Maur Hill Mount Academy has a $25,500 tuition fee.
  • THOMAS MORE PREP-MARIAN, which charges $26,500 in tuition.

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What are Kansas City’s Best Boarding Schools?

There are numerous boarding schools in Kansas City, but they regard a few as the best. This is because of their academic prowess, valuable guidance, conducive environment, and other attributes.

The following are the Kansas City boarding schools that have been determined to be the best in the state:

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1. Kansas City Girls Academy

Kansas City Girls Academy is a school for girls having difficulties in life due to pain. Focusing on girls ages 13 to 17, This is an all-year rehabilitative boarding school.

It is a boarding school for girls who are disobedient, unruly, or emotionally disturbed and also for those with challenges brought on by agony, ill-treatment, foster care, or household struggles.

This boarding school provides counseling to deal with emotional and behavioral problems while progressing the girl’s education.

Further, Kansas City Girls Academy provides a safe, therapeutic atmosphere focused on individual and group counseling.

It also provides therapy to support and foster emotional, spiritual, social, and academic growth. Students use all the fascinating opportunities for fine art, physical education, and indoor activities.

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2. House of Hope, Kansas City

Teenage females who are emotionally disturbed can receive therapeutic care at this school with a Christian foundation. They are an accredited boarding school for teenage girls between 12 and 17. They have national recognition.

They give teenage girls who have veered off course in life rehabilitation at the House of Hope.

Additionally, the school wants to provide hurting teenagers and their families with high-quality, affordable care. They concentrate on CBT problems like anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Additionally, school, hostel services, counseling, transportation, and other activities are all included in the monthly cost. Your child will get attention with an average modest class size of 17 pupils.

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3. Maur Hill Mount Academy

The school began as an all-girls school in 1863 and merged with a similar institution for boys in the 1970s.

The school offers grades 9 through 12 and has close to 250 pupils. It offers choices for students to attend during the day and live off-campus, as well as a boarding school. Additionally, the institution has a sizable international student body.

In addition, the school offers a variety of sporting opportunities, including football, volleyball, cross-country running, and wrestling. Choir, debate, and forensics are some additional extracurricular pursuits.

With breathtaking views and first-rate facilities, the environment is welcoming to intellectual pursuits. Classes are taught by prominent, committed, and qualified faculty members who are also easily accessible.

It is interesting to note that just 40% of all students signed up for boarding services. Additionally, financial aid is received by more than 54% of students. Your ward will develop academically, emotionally, and in terms of social responsibility.

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4. Thomas More Prep-Marian

In Hays, Kansas, there is a private Catholic high school. It serves grades 9 through 12 and is co-educational. The school was formally created in 1981 by merging three nearby Catholic schools.

Additionally, they provide courses for college credit as well as advanced placement. They have one of the best athletics programs in Kansas, offering more extracurricular activities and athletic opportunities.

The residence program at the school adds to its distinctiveness. Students from China, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, and Rwanda are welcome at the institution. Nowadays, exposure to many cultures is crucial in the global economy.

Classes are intimate and very effective, with a 9:1 student-to-teacher ratio, providing an incredible student experience.

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5. St. John’s Military School

St. John’s Military School was a boys’ school founded 125 years ago. The school was opened to help young men become educated, productive leaders using military and church teachings. This private school has room for 231 cadets and serves grades 6-12. 

The school is committed to helping students reach their full potential and become productive adults. Students from different states and countries attend the school, giving cadets exposure to many different cultures and lifestyles.

Also, they have an innovative teaching method, particularly in math and science, that incorporates genuine collaboration. This teaching method is required to lead the next generation into an ever-changing world.

Also, the staff is committed to every student and builds lasting relationships with them while customizing their learning plan.

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6. Crescent City Christian School

Numerous PreK–12th-grade parents have trusted Crescent City Christian School as a partner in their children’s education. 

This school provides top-notch academic education in a distinctly Christian, safe, and caring setting. 

The school would be honored to have the chance to love, raise, educate, and discipline your kids.

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7. Wichita Public Schools USD259

Wichita Public Schools aims to graduate students who are prepared for future opportunities. They educate the most children in Kansas yearly at 92 school campuses, with little under 50,000 pupils. The school encourages students to explore learning through the key disciplines. 

They also provide special classes like art, music, library, and physical education, starting with intentional play in prekindergarten and kindergarten. Middle school students have access to organized sports in primary and middle schools. Students at the high school level are required to take Career and Technical Education classes. 

This enables them to choose from 26 pathways linking their interests with Kansas’s professions. Thus, they can learn more about the best approach to preparing kids for college, a career, and life.

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8. The Barstow School

Barstow School is one of the top K–12 schools for college and job preparation in the Kansas City area. Every student’s potential is nurtured in their inclusive and globally linked learning environment through customized instruction and committed faculty mentoring. They aim to advance solid scholarship and offer balanced mind, body, and character development. 

The students at Barstow School are part of a diverse community that aligns with the goals. Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math are used in Barstow’s STEAM curriculum as stepping stones to 21st-century abilities.

Some important 21st-century abilities that the school provides include communication, cooperation, and critical thinking. 

Strong service, athletic, artistic, and international travel opportunities go hand in hand with rigorous academics. Students at Barstow participate rather than watch. Barstow invests in their students and prepares them from their first inquiries through graduation.

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9. Kansas City Christian School

This boarding school in Kansas provides A faith-centered academic atmosphere. The school also allows students to develop their faith and encounter God’s love. Educational excellence gives students the knowledge they need to answer God’s call.

They also receive solid biblical training, friendship, and mentoring, which helps them spread God’s love and truth wherever they go.

The two most important lessons taught at Kansas City Christian are the world’s and God’s ways. The boarding is committed to teaching students how to live in a way that pleases God.

Students who wish to live according to God’s design can connect with Jesus at school.

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10. The Pembroke Hill School

This boarding school is dedicated to helping students succeed academically and encouraging them to become morally upright. The aim is to produce pupils who can contribute to society and the school community.

The school is aware that it takes a whole community to make the school a prosperous environment. They also understand how fortunate they are to have everyone in the school community’s real support. 

The school’s diversity, which includes people from every country and socioeconomic class, is something they take great pride in. This gives the school many fantastic discussions, revelations, and understanding opportunities.

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Which Christian Boarding Schools are there in Kansas City?

Are you looking for a reputable Christian boarding school to enroll your children in?

Stop looking farther. For your children, Kansas houses numerous excellent Christian boarding schools. These boarding schools support the development of students’ moral character and Christ Like attitude.

They consist of:

  • Blue Ridge Christian School
  • Kansas City Christian School
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Shawnee Mission Christian School
  • Northland Christian Schools
  • Carver Christian Academy
  • Eagle Heights Christian School
  • Faith Christian Academy
  • Harvest Christian School

Are there any Elementary Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

Parents who desire to enroll their child in an elementary boarding school should consider boarding schools in Kansas.

In addition to receiving outstanding academic instruction, students attending boarding schools in Kansas have the opportunity to avoid distractions. They can also concentrate on strengthening their connection to nature.

Among these boarding schools are:

  • Maranatha Christian Academy
  • Topeka Collegiate School
  • St. Patrick Catholic School
  • Midland Adventist Academy
  • Cair Paravel Latin School
  • Prairie Moon Waldorf School
  • The Independent School
  • Morning Star Christian Academy
  • Sacred Heart School-Kansas
  • Bishop Miege High School
  • Christ Preparatory Academy
  • Muncie Christian Schools
  • Saints Peter & Paul Schools

Are there All-Girls Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

You might be curious as to whether Kansas has an all-girl boarding school. Yes, there are boarding schools in Kansas City that only accept female students.

They include:

  • Kansas City Girls Academy
  • St. Teresa’s Academy
  • Notre Dame De Sion High School

Are there All-Boys Boarding Schools in Kansas City?

Kansas City has boarding schools that exclusively accept boys, just as there are boarding schools that only accept girls. 

These include:

  • Saint Martin’s Academy
  • Rockhurst High School
  • Agapè Boarding School
  • Vision Boys Academy
  • Whitefield Academy

Which Military Boarding Schools are there in Kansas City?

Do you look after a child who must attend a military boarding school? Military schools offer a structured and disciplined environment for kids who need a strong and continuous impact.

These military schools might be coeducational, all-boys, or all-girls.

Some of the Kansas City military boarding schools are listed below:

  • Wayside Point #5 #304
  • St. John’s Military School
  • Derby High School AFROTC
  • Agapé Boarding School
  • Gateway Boys Academy

Are there Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kansas for Troubled Youth?

Problematic conduct in teens can refer to a variety of problems. Common signs of a disturbed child include alcohol or drug abuse or even engaging in illegal activities.

As opposed to what is offered locally, some teenagers need a higher level of professional counseling. Therefore, a boarding school for troubled youth in Kansas can benefit such a teen in many ways. To begin with, the child or girl can live without any unfavorable influences.

These therapeutic institutions comprise:

  • House of Hope Kansas City
  • Lake mary School
  • Heartspring
  • Shelterwood
  • Cookson Hills Christian School
  • Vision Boys Academy – Boarding Schools USA


Thanks to an educational program that offers a wide choice of courses taught by highly educated and motivated teachers. This enables meaningful connections with students. Kansas boarding schools have a long tradition of academic distinction.

Finally, this article will help you decide the best boarding school to send your children to.


In Kansas, are there any reputable boarding schools?

Numerous well-known boarding schools in Kansas City. They have a wide range of classes and extracurricular activities for students of all ages.

What is the earliest age Kansas will accept boarding school?

There are junior boarding schools that accept students as young as 7. In Kansas, 18 is the maximum age for boarding school admission.

Why would someone attend a therapeutic boarding school?

Residential treatment centers, known as therapeutic boarding schools, help problematic teenagers navigate adolescence. Many therapeutic boarding school students suffer from emotional, social, or behavioral issues.

Parents enroll their kids at boarding schools for what reasons?

A boarding school can give kids security and mental room to worry about their development.



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