Best Boarding Schools In Kentucky | 2022

While boarding schools have their downsides, there are varieties of benefits that students tend to achieve when they attend these schools.

Most boarding schools are full of several engaging activities, programs, and daily challenges to keep students on their toes.

This way, a typical boarding school student will seize the moment and overcome those challenges. Thus, becoming more productive, confident, academically sound, and self-reliant.

The location of a boarding school is one factor you might want to consider while choosing a boarding school for your kid. It’s true that some locations are security- and health-wise unsafe for kids.

Other “bad” locations don’t support student knowledge. There’s no access to beyond-the-classroom materials and others. That’s why you need to get a boarding school situated at a reputable location.

Where, then, is a “good” location for your kids’ boarding school education? – Kentucky!

Kentucky is not just a place bounded by the Appalachian Mountains and Ohio river or a place where horse riders get to race on every first Saturday in May.

No! It’s a place where you can also get quality education. Its boarding schools, located in different parts of the state, strive to provide students with the best experience possible.

What do boarding schools in Kentucky have to offer? Read along as we show you the world within the walls of the best boarding schools in Kentucky.

Are There Boarding Schools in Kentucky?

The simple answer is – yes. Boarding schools in Kentucky treat students with care, respect, and urgency.

They pay rapt attention to students’ individual needs, training them in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Also, they’re known for their spacious, accommodating environments, excellent teachers, and reasonable student-to-teacher ratio that makes each teacher know every student’s name.

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How Many Boarding Schools Are in Kentucky?

There are over 8 accredited boarding schools in Kentucky, although there are several others that aren’t licensed by the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE).

The KBE is in charge of coordinating and handling K-12 education across the state’s 1,477 public, private, and boarding schools.

Hence, we’ll be providing you with information on the accredited boarding schools in Kentucky. Also, you should note that most of these schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

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Why Should You Choose A Boarding School in Kentucky?

Firstly, safety is guaranteed. The state’s security is said to be one of the best in the country. As such, you can be rest assured. 

Also, the environment is conducive, appealing, and accommodating. Students can be sure to enjoy the beautiful layout, seasonal changes, and modernized infrastructures.

Lastly, Kentucky is a very popular location and that’s why direct flights to the state is possible. The boarding schools are located in different areas of the state. As a result, they’re easily accessible.

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Best boarding schools in Kentucky

Having known that there are boarding schools in Kentucky that groom students for real-life scenarios, as well as higher education.

While they differ in areas like fees, location, and acceptance rates, the sky is just the beginning of their quality. They include: 

  • Oakdale Christian Academy
  • Oneida Baptist Institute
  • West End School
  • Lexington Catholic High School
  • Heartland Boys Academy
  • Appalachian Challenge Academy, to name a few.

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#1. Oakdale Academy

While the school focuses on students’ academic and moral upbringing, they train students in a God-centric environment. They prepare students for college through regular engaging activities, challenging learning situations, and personal engagement. 

In addition, they teach students the essence of Christianity in relation to their everyday lives, their career, and the world at large. The student-to-teacher ratio of 2:1 automatically denotes that each student receives an unwavering attention from the teachers – and that’s what parents want.

  • Location: Jackson, KY
  • Acceptance Rate: 90%
  • Tuition & Fees: $23,285 for local students.

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#2. Oneida Baptist Institute (OBI)

This co-educational Baptist boarding school has designed residential programs, specifically for students with below-average abilities as well as the exceptional ones.

The school organizes a daily chapel service for students to worship, praise, and pray to God. So, if you’re looking for a Christ-centered boarding school, you don’t want to miss OBI.

Also, there’s a career placement program where students get enlightened on skills such as effective communication and leadership, which are essential to building successful careers.

Sports are not left out as the school participates in regional tournaments, giving students the chance to showcase their athletic talents.

  • Location: Clay County, KY
  • Tuition & Fees: $18,000

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#3. West End School

At the West End School, they believe that “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child”. Well, here, they raise men. It’s a free boarding school for neighborhood boys considered to be “at risk”. However, it’s not a therapeutic school for students with extreme learning difficulties.

The school’s management and staff are keen on building young boys with purpose, values, and potential. Students get individualized attention from teachers who’re dedicated to making positive impacts on them. Getting a college-type experience isn’t a big deal at the West End School as students are given a taste of college life, even in middle school.

They also appreciate exceptional students, making them feel loved, more responsible, and respected. This way, the school’s five pillars – perseverance, respect, responsibility, trust, and forgiveness – is upheld.

  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Tuition & Fees: Free

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#4. Sundance Canyon Academy

What if your child has behavioral difficulties or is the troublesome type? In either case, you’ll need a therapeutic boarding school.

In this regard, Sundance Canyon Academy is equipped enough to help troubled boys, mostly 13-17 years of age. 

Although it’s not located in Kentucky, the school’s dedicated to its specially-designed programs that look after the academic, moral, emotional, and behavioral well-being of students. The school is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools in Utah so, troubled boys are sure to get the best therapeutic experience from the school. 

  • Location: Herriman, Utah
  • Acceptance Rate: 86%
  • Tuition & Fees: Contact admissions department

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#5. Heartland Boys Academy

Due to its sincere concern for students with behavioral difficulties, low self-esteem, depression, self-isolation, addictions, PTSD, as well as anger issues, it’s considered as one of the best therapeutic schools in Kentucky. The school’s environment is beautifully conducive, appealing, and enough for students to meet themselves, share ideas, and become better at facing reality.

The school accepts boys within the ages of 12 and 17 and is best for boys who faced expulsion from other private or public schools.

  • Location: Nebo, KY

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#6. Bluegrass Challenge Academy

With an approximate rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, Bluegrass Challenge Academy is one of the best military boarding schools in Kentucky. The school aims to reclaim the lives of students who’re “at risk”, training them into becoming skillful, educated, disciplined, and responsible individuals. 

  • Location: Fort Knox, KY
  • Tuition & Fees: Free for all residents of Kentucky

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#7. Appalachian Challenge Academy

It’s a quasi-military boarding school established to ensure that teenager in Kentucky, mostly 16 to 18 years, aren’t lost to the bad side of the society. The school’s program is authorized by the state’s Departments of Education and Labor.

Students get a taste of military training in a civilian style, meaning they learn in school and do some military exercises. Hence, they learn responsibility, discipline, and respect for others.

  • Location: Grays Knob, KY
  • Tuition & Fees: Free

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#8. Stewart Home & School

Since 1893, Stewart Home & School has been helping students with learning difficulties. They accept students of all ages, training them into the right behaviors, habits, and mindset. The school’s goal is to give students a reason to live, learn, and love.

  • Location: Frankfort, KY
  • Acceptance Rate: 92%
  • Tuition & Fees: $30,000

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#9. Foothills Academy Inc

A good boarding school should be committed to developing acceptable, positive character in students, while letting them know the consequences of negative habits.

Through the school’s unflinching support, students at Foothills Academy enjoy personal, group, as well as family counseling. They accept boys within the ages of 13 and 18, counseling them on addictions, anger issues, and other behavioral problems.

  • Location: Albany, KY

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#10. Lexington Catholic High School

With a superb Fine Arts Department, student-oriented programs, and appealing extracurriculars, Lexington High does God’s work while training students. It’s popular for its advanced science, engineering courses as well as the arts.

The school’s academic prowess paid off when it was tagged as a Blue-Ribbon School of Excellence. Every student is faced with challenging classroom and beyond-classroom adventures that helps to discover potential. At the school, it’s believed that a student’s spirit, soul, and body must be trained to cope in real-life scenarios.

  • Location: Lexington, KY
  • Acceptance Rate: 88%
  • Tuition & Fees: $12,412

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kentucky

Kentucky is home to schools where troubled youth can receive extra-parental care coupled with academic training. Some of the therapeutic boarding schools in Kentucky include:

  • Foothills Academy Inc.
  • Heartland Boys Academy
  • Stewart Home & School

Military Boarding Schools in Kentucky

While academics is important, some schools in Kentucky also fancy military training. The pro, however, is that they offer free education worth thousands of dollars. They include:

  • Bluegrass Challenge Academy
  • Appalachian Challenge Academy

Christian Boarding Schools in Kentucky

Christian boarding schools in Kentucky combine secular academic knowledge with Biblical education, training students to be God-fearing, patriotic, and productive. They include:

  • Oneida Baptist Institute
  • Oakdale Academy
  • Heartland Boys Academy
  • Lexington Catholic High School

Boarding Schools in Louisville, KY

Louisville is the most popular and populous city in Kentucky. The city houses several educational institutions ranging from elementary schools up to what you can imagine. On our list, Louisville houses one boarding school which is:

  • West End School

Boarding schools in Frankfort, KY

Like other cities, the capital of Kentucky doesn’t lack educational infrastructures. On our list, there’s a boarding school located in Frankfort which is:

  • Stewart Home & School

Cost of Boarding Schools in Kentucky

The average cost of boarding schools in Kentucky is from $30,000 to $60,000. However, some schools are free and others are quite affordable. Regardless of the difference in cost, boarding schools in Kentucky are of high quality. As such, it’s worth every cent.


Boarding school might be a scary idea, especially when you’re too attached to your kid. However, boarding school is a good way of building your kid’s future of never-ending possibilities.

Boarding schools in Kentucky are keen on offering the best possible education and extracurricular training to your child. Give them a try today – and thank us later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding Schools in Kentucky

What Age Is Best for Boarding School?

Naturally, it depends on your kid’s readiness. But looking at most parents’ views, it’s advisable to send your child to boarding school from age 12.

How Does One Find The Right Boarding School?

There are certain criteria that can help in choosing the right boarding school for your kid. First is your kid. If he/she has learning difficulties, weird behaviors, or something, you’ll need a therapeutic boarding school. If not, you can choose any boarding school. Also, you need to consider other aspects like reputation, students-to-teacher ratio, class size, accessibility, security, as well as reviews.

Can You Play Video Games in Boarding Schools?

While video games might be available for leisure, there’s a high probability that your video game play rate’s going to reduce significantly – dramatically, at worst.


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