14 Best Boarding Schools in Maryland 2024 | How to Apply


Many people ask: “Being away from home should give a child confidence, coping skills, and independence but does it?

Of course, you must’ve witnessed or heard of different scenarios where a hot-tempered student is sent to a boarding school, expecting changes, but he turns out worse, or a “normal” kid comes back home unserious.


Nevertheless, that shouldn’t shake your beliefs about boarding schools. They help build students morally, socially, emotionally, and physically. We don’t dispute that some boarding schools are poor at achieving students’ overall development. However, it’s not the same in Maryland.

The state is ranked 4th best in public education due to its high educational accomplishments. That only gives a clear image of how well-equipped its boarding schools are. They are of high quality and belong to a distinct class from other schools. 


Read along as we take you through the best boarding schools in Maryland—quality, information, and extra information.

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Are there Boarding Schools in Maryland?

Yes! Dating schools in Maryland offer various courses, equipping students with various skills, knowledge, and information. 


Boarding schools in Maryland are accredited and licensed to operate by the State’s Department of Education. So, you should rest assured as your child is in safe hands.

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How Much Does Boarding School Cost in Maryland?

Although boarding schools in Maryland differ in fees, you still need to know the average range. Averagely, the cost per child of attending a Maryland-based boarding school is between $20,000 and $55,000.

However, the cost might be more or less in some schools.

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Best Boarding Schools in Maryland

From the location to the facilities to the teachers and reviews, boarding schools in Maryland are top-class.

Here, we’ll provide you with our list of some of the best boarding schools in Maryland. 

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Elementary Boarding Schools in Maryland

#1. McDonogh School

This school is known for its nonsectarian views toward religion. They seek to help students seek, identify, work on, and fully maximize their potential. Through the school’s programs, students are well-prepared for higher learning. 

You’ll find a STEM building, two theaters, and an art gallery to facilitate learning at McDonogh School. There are playing fields, courts, and an Olympic-sized pool to solidify its students’ sporting prowess.

There is also the possibility of closer teacher-student interactions with a 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio. While it is a boarding school, it offers a program that allows students to live on campus during the week and return home on weekends to spend time with their families. It ensures that children develop imaginative, inquisitive, and critical thinking skills in a rigorous academic setting, preparing them for “life after school.”

  • Location: Owings Mills, MD
  • Application Fee: $65
  • Tuition and Fees: $31,300 (Lower school boarding)

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#2. Sandy Spring Friends School

By employing a method known as QRA or Question, Reflection, and Action, students at Sandy Springs Friends School are groomed academically and intellectually. This method ensures that their thinking, assimilation, and application skills are well-developed. 

As a co-ed boarding school, they help students achieve their purpose through their program. Students also get the chance to do sports, thereby finding balance and developing team spirit, honesty, sportsmanship, and stress management. 

  • Location: Sandy Spring, MD
  • Acceptance Rate: 68%
  • Tuition and Fees: $55,950 (5- day boarding) and $66,970 (7- day boarding)

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Top Boarding Schools in Maryland

#3. St. Timothy’s School

This school has kept an excellent academic record over the years. Its program engages students in challenging situations with the instructional mode of teaching to ensure adequate assimilation within and outside the classroom. 

Apart from its numerous awards, St. Timothy’s most famous program, the Global Immersion Program, allows students to tour the world in search of more knowledge. 

Although many sports are encouraged, basketball at St. Timothy’s has a strong tradition. Its unflinching support for students’ achievements makes it one of the best boarding schools in Maryland. 

  • Location: Stevenson, MD
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Acceptance Rate: 50%
  • Tuition and Fees: $62,900

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#4. West Nottingham Academy

At West Nottingham Academy (WNA), school life is about creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship skill development. Students are encouraged to identify their desires and purpose through a student-oriented program and strive to achieve them.

The boarding school participates in the Aspire Program, which connects students with working professionals in their field of study. This way, students know more about their desired line of work, grow their professional network, and become the best they can be when the time comes. 

WNA is proud of its beautiful dorms, healthy dining hall offerings, active sports teams, and diverse community, aiming to instill positive changes in its students in a conducive environment.

  • Location: Colora, MD
  • Acceptance Rate: 60 %
  • Tuition and Fees: $52,500 (Boarding)

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#5. Garrison Forest School

As one of the boarding schools in Maryland, the school focuses on its students’ mental, emotional, physical, and moral development. They teach students integrity, self-confidence, courage, and uniqueness, supporting their motto, Esse Quam Videri, which means “to be rather than to seem.”  

The school maintains an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio and offers staff accommodations, creating an interactive community of students and teachers.

  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Tuition & Fees: $60,215 (Boarding)

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#6. The Calverton School

This boarding school seeks to build inquisitiveness, a sense of responsibility, and a strong work ethic in its students through programs that encourage respect and interpersonal relations. This prepares them for advanced learning and balance as they face reality.

Also, the teachers are competent, qualified, and ready to attend to every student’s needs. They offer all programs to all students equally, not minding their racial backgrounds.

  • Location: Huntingtown, MD
  • Application Fee: $75
  • Tuition & Fees: $40,000

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Free Boarding Schools in Maryland

Economic situation, job loss, single parenting, or anything else can lead to a family’s being in a low-income state, hence the need for tuition-free boarding schools. Does Maryland have them? Of course, yes! 

For low-income families, check this out.

#7. The SEED School of Maryland

The SEED School of Maryland is a free public boarding school where students can live and learn on campus from Sunday to Friday. The school’s program seeks to give students an unforgettable, top-notch experience.  

Intense academic studies, college-type environments, extracurriculars, sports, individual mentoring, and behavior management are all part of what the school offers. 

Students can receive free tuition at the SEED School of Maryland. This tuition-free college prep school has two boarding school dorms for male and female students, each with two to three students per room. The university offers transportation to designated areas for pupils whose families live far away from school.

  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Acceptance Rate: 48%

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Military Boarding Schools in Maryland

#8. United States Naval Academy

USNA is one of Maryland’s most prestigious, having a strict method of screening out unqualified students.

Successful applicants are recruited into the US Navy and Marine Corps as officers-in-training. After graduation, they’re promoted to the rank of midshipman. While the academy runs a recruitment-after-graduation program, it’s tuition-free.

The academy’s educators work on students’ knowledge and encourage them to choose dignity, honesty, friendship, sacrifice, and responsible citizenship over social vices.

  • Location: Annapolis, MD

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#9. Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy

Here, students enjoy rigorous training, lessons, and exposure. This has contributed to the academy’s achievement in students’ performances.

As a result, Ivy League schools and some other popular colleges scout for suitable applicants at the school. 

The school focuses on building a community where students and tutors are connected, as well as families.

  • Location: Leonardtown, MD

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Maryland

Maryland has schools that provide treatment to students with unique behavioral patterns, mental and emotional conditions, and difficulties in relating with people.

#10. Benedictine School

The benedictine school focuses on teaching troubled students improvement techniques, behavior management, and academics. They believe that learning goes beyond the classroom.

That’s why they attend to students with special cases like anger, autism, depression, and disabilities.

The alternative school’s keen on training students to become responsible, self-sufficient citizens who maximize their potential and live productive lives.

  • Location: Ridgely, MD

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#11. The Diener School

This school raises students in an accommodating environment while taking note of their differences.

Over time, they’ve gathered a lot of good reviews from parents and guardians due to their influence on students’ social, emotional, and academic development.

Extra support is given to each student in the classroom to improve their sensitivity, balance, thinking, analysis, organization, and academics.

  • Location: North Bethesda, MD

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Christian Boarding Schools in Maryland

#12. The John Carroll School

John Carroll is a catholic school focused on students’ academic excellence in a God-centered environment.

From the classrooms down to the chapel, the school ensures that students learn and act in line with the will of God. They believe that that can help them become responsible, patriotic, and productive.

  • Location: Bel Air, MD
  • Tuition & Fees: $17,950

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#13. Covenant Life School

Covenant Life is a Christian boarding school in Maryland where students get trained and prepared for higher education.

Its facilities encompass all aspects, including science, the arts, and computers. Students are also taught to develop their skills, talents, and undiscovered potential to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves.

Graduates get admitted into the best colleges in the country, with many winning scholarships to aid their education.

  • Location: Gaithersburg, MD
  • Application Fee: $125
  • Tuition & Fees: $14,770

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Islamic Boarding Schools in Maryland

#14. Al-Huda School

Al-Huda School is one of them if you’re looking for a famous Islamic boarding school in the United States. Since its inception, they’ve been working to raise Muslims who will make America great and become a blessing to the world. 

They do this by engaging students in the Holy Quran and normal academic work, raising leaders in an Allah-centered environment.

  • Location: College Park, MD
  • Acceptance Rate: 60%
  • Tuition & Fees: $8,594

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How Many Private Schools are in Maryland?

There are over 750 private schools in Maryland. This number covers a day, boarding, all-boys, and all-girls schools. These schools have registered a total enrolment of about 143,500 students.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding Schools in Maryland

Why attend a boarding school in Maryland?

Boarding schools in Maryland are known for their challenging environments, and that builds students in those schools. They learn resilience, independence, self-confidence, and courage faster than their day counterparts.  

Is it worth the struggle?

At Maryland, boarding school students learn quite a several management techniques, such as anger, fright, stress, and time. This makes them extra-conscious of themselves and takes more decisive actions to become productive. Also, they follow the rules, timetables, and daily routines. This makes them more organized and reliable at completing tasks.

What are the benefits of a boarding school in Maryland?

Being at home can be so distracting. Video games, virtual reality, street play, or even mobile phones can distract students – and cause addiction. However, students can overcome this by going to boarding school, where they’ll waste less time getting distracted.


Boarding schools provide students with countless opportunities alongside quality education.

Regardless of their past ideas, students who attend boarding schools in Maryland learn how to maintain mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual balance. Not minding the expenses, there’s a lot to gain from attending a boarding school in Maryland.



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