10 Best Boarding Schools in New Mexico 2024 | How to Apply


The best boarding schools in Mexico are great at helping to put New Mexico on the map of quality education in the World.

You probably didn’t know that New Mexico ranks 49th in the world as the best place to get an education. Well, now you know. 


New Mexico is one of the 50 states in America and is in the southwestern part of the country. It is one of the mountainous states of southern Rocket Mountain. 

New Mexico, with a population of over 2.1 million people as of 2021, according to the United States Census Bureau, is home to many boarding schools that vary in quality depending on your choice.


New Mexico, like other states and countries worldwide, promotes education in all forms, including day and boarding schools. 

Boarding schools in New Mexico are of various sorts, including some day schools turned into boarding. 

Though we have some percentage of students discouraged from boarding while some are encouraged to do it. 


This affects the population of students in each school as well as the rate of boarding school. 

The various kinds of boarding school arrangements that exist in New Mexico include the following: 

  • 1. Day and boarding school 
  • 2. All-girls boarding school
  • 3. All-boys boarding school
  • 4. Mixed boarding schools

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What are the Day and Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

The following schools are listed in the day and boarding categories of schools in Mexico:

Menaul School: The student-to-teacher ratio in Menaul is 7:1, and the State of New Mexico accredits the School.

The  Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the North Central Association also accredits Menaul as an institution of learning.

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Bosque School: Bosque School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school for grades 6–12 founded in 1994.

The school is on 42 acres (170,000 m2) of land along the Bosque Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Surrounded by a floodplain Bosque forest. The school emphasizes ecology, art, and service learning.

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Pathways Academy: Pathways Academy is a year-round boarding school in New Mexico developed to meet the social, sensory, psychological, and educational needs of children and adolescents aged 6 to 15.

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What are the All-Girls Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

New Mexico is home to some girls-only boarding schools that serve as academic hubs for the New Mexican girl child.

  • Santa Fe Girls’ School
  • Atrisco Heritage Academy High School
  • Silver High School

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What are the All-Boys Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

The boy child is not left out in the gender-exclusive school delimitation as New Mexico also has boys-only boarding schools that offer qualitative education to just boys.

These schools include:

  • St. Pius X High School
  • St. Michael’s High School
  • New Mexico Military Institute

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What are the Mixed Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

The vast majority of boarding schools in New Mexico are mixed; they admit both male and female students to come to learn in the same atmosphere.

The essence of mixed-boarding schools is to prepare students for college life and the larger society.

Some of the Christian boarding schools in New Mexico include:

  • Rehoboth Christian School
  • Eastern Hills Christian Academy
  • Mountain View Private School

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What are the Indian Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

There were five American Indian boarding schools in the state of New Mexico. These schools came into existence with the world becoming a Global village. 

Since there is freedom of expression and immigrants from other countries and states can reside in any city due to work, government appointments, tourism, etc., a national boarding school is essential. 

The religious culture of people hardly changes. Schools have a way of protecting and maintaining the requirements of the cultures of the citizens, especially those with strict backgrounds.

Indian schools, as well as other language-centric schools around the world, could be established anywhere. 

Furthermore, it also takes any curriculum of its choice, provided the chosen curriculum will contribute to the betterment of the students. 

Moreover, Students are expected to learn and speak English, bear names, and know how to do manual labor in schools that are mostly not language-centered. 

Five American Indian best  boarding schools in New Mexico include:

  • 1. Albuquerque Indian School, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • 2. San Juan Boarding School, New Mexico.
  • 3. Santa Fe Indian School, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • 4. Shiprock Boarding School, Shiprock, New Mexico.
  • 5. Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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What are the Best Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

In each State and Country, schools are being vetted in many ways; by size, capacity, population, land mass, teachers, recommendations, attendants, awards, students’ technical abilities, standard Speaking fluency, IQ, etc. 

If you are contemplating sending your child to one of the seven best boarding Schools in New Mexico, this list will help you triangulate your decision and make the process easier.

The Ten Best Boarding schools in New Mexico are: 

  1. Albuquerque Institute Of Math & Science
  2. Early College High School
  3. Mandela International Magnet
  4. Explore Academy
  5. Rio Rancho Cyber Academy. 
  6. Menaul School.
  7. Coral Community Charter School.
  8. Rehoboth Christian School
  9. Eastern Hills Christian Academy
  10. Mountain View Private School

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1. Albuquerque Institute of Math & Science

Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science (AIMS) has been the number 1 in New Mexico for over 12 years. 

The student population is about 382, and the school serves ages 6-12. 

74% of its students score at and above 90% at proficient maths level and above 90% for reading.

 The student-teacher ratio is 20:1, the same as that of the district. 

During the 2009-2010 school year, the school’s goal was to develop a comprehensive staff development program to design constructive assessments in critical areas of mathematics, science, language arts, and social studies in all grades. 

The information from these assessments resulted in a steady increase in annual student performance at NMSBA.

Also, this has allowed the school to identify teachers who are most effective in the classroom and teachers who have little or no effect on student performance and to facilitate remedial action. 

Over the years, performance has increased among small groups, and the success gap has narrowed. 

Albuquerque reflects the benefits to all races and genders in math, science, and education. In some cases, the technology is close to 100%.

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2. Early College High School.

Early College High School is ranked 36th in New Mexico. The total enrollment is 71%. . Early College High School is 1 in 4 private schools in Roswell.

Early College High School is ranked # 6,229 in the National Rankings. 

Schools are accountable for their performance in government-required examinations, graduation, and the degree to which they prepare students for college. 

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 3. Mandela International Magnet (Mims).

Mandela International Magnet (MIMs) is a magnet school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a small city. The school population is about 254, serving ages 7-12. 

Mandela International Magnet is a notable school that is not ranked nationally. The minority percentage is 56%, and 23% of students are from humble backgrounds.

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4. Explore Academy.

Explore academy is a growing tuition-free network that provides each student with a personalized educational experience through the power of students’ choice. 

Each student creates unique personal learning partway through an elective base approach. 

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5. Rio Rancho Cyber Academy.

Rio Rancho Cyber Academy is highly rated in the states at public, online, and other schools.

 Its population of students is about 147 in grades 6-12. 

It is located in Rio Rancho and ranks 24th in New Mexico. Its minority enrollment is 40%, and 16% are economically disadvantaged.  Rio Rancho Cyber Academy was founded in 2005. 

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6. Menaul School.

Menaul School is an independent sixth- to twelve-day boarding school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a diverse, brilliant, personal, and college-ready experience. 

Menaul School is accredited by the Province of New Mexico, the South West Independent Schools Association (ISAS), and the North Central Association (NCA). 

The school has a significant history in New Mexico, primarily in Albuquerque, where Menaul Blvd. and many other places have been called schools.

The average student and teacher ratio is 7: 1

High-level games are open to Grades 8 – 12. In addition, different middle school programs (6 – 8) are offered for selected games. 

Opportunities for student participation are available regardless of previous experience, skill level, and size. 

There is a student behavior policy. Sports programs welcome athletes and managers, and student interest drives the delivery of the program.

Students participate in various sports at Menaul School, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track and field.

Students participate in organizations such as the Student Council and Model UN and clubs such as Junior Civitan, Garden Club, Art Club, French Club, Tribe, and Robotics Club.

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7. Coral Community Charter School.

The Coral Community Charter is one of the best boarding schools in New Mexico, located in a metropolitan area in Albuquerque.

Coral Community Charter students 247, and the school admits students from kindergarten to grade five. 

The number of pupils in the school is 74% compared to the student ratio in the district. 

The average student and teacher ratio is 16: 1.

The student population is made up of 51% female students and 49% male students. The school enrolls 44% of the poorest students. There are 15 full-time teachers.

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8. Rehoboth Christian School

Rehoboth Christian School is a private, parent-controlled Christian school in Rehoboth, New Mexico.

It was founded in 1903 as the Rehoboth Mission School, the school serves part of the Navajo Nation, and its students are predominantly Native American.

The Rehoboth Christian School Activities include choir, school band, and sports. 

In 2010, ten students formed the national choir. 

The high school choir has toured California, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Germany. 

In 2002, the choir performed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  

The high school band toured the Pacific Northwest and California in 2011 and toured Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota in 2013.

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9. Eastern Hills Christian Academy

Eastern Hills Christian Academy is a private school located in Albuquerque, NM. 

Basically, Eastern Hills Christian Academy’s student population is 108. The school’s minority student enrollment is 23.1%, and the student-faculty ratio is 9:1.

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10. Mountain View Private School

Mountain View Private School has an early admission program that allows children who turn five by October 31 to begin an accredited Kindergarten program.

Before admission, students will be assessed to determine their readiness. This program allows families to continue their relationship with La Petite Academy while providing new challenges and opportunities for their children.

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Are there Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Department of Health must license behavioral health facilities like therapeutic boarding schools. 

Both private and state-run facilities are checked and held in case of sub-standards of agreed state operation. 

As is standard in many states, private schools in New Mexico are not required to be licensed or accredited since Separate individuals can run them. 

A school only becomes accredited if it chooses to. If it does, the Public Education Department of New Mexico would evaluate and assess the school, monitor, and grant accreditation if it’s up to their standard. 

Teachers at New Mexico private schools are not also required to be up to standard or have the necessary certificate, and the curriculum for private schools is not supervised by the Public Education Department of the state. 

Schools are required to track students’ attendance and supply a record of immunization status for each student. 

Since there is no state policy on testing or any serious affairs in private schools, the school students are entitled to free use of instruction material under New Mexico’s Instructional Material Law and agency, which requires student materials to come from a list approved by the Public Education Department.

What are the  Licensed Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

1. New Life House Academy.

 New life house academy is a  boarding school aimed at helping teenage girls who were once troubled begin living an intentional and fulfilled life. 

2. Pine Mountain Academy

pine mountain boys academy is aimed at helping boys between the ages of 13-17 suffering from intense anger issues, defiance, minor abuse, and destructive choices. They allow them to control and become responsible adults. 

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3. Future Men Academy 

Future men academy is a Christian school that ensures young men become responsible and see life as God sees it. Their guide and counseling are also on God’s word. 

4. Safe Harbor Academy

Safe Harbor admits boys in the 15–17 age range experiencing behavioral issues at home and school. They help them become responsible and mature too. 

What are the Native American Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

American boarding schools, among others, run in New Mexico. In addition, it has many international schools running in its city, having a wide range of curricula covering British, Japanese, and Mexican school systems. 

Here also are some American boarding schools. 

  • 1. Nenahnezad boarding school 
  • 2. Ramona industrial institute 
  • 3. San Joan boarding school
  • 4. Rehoboth boarding school
  • 5. Shiprock boarding school, and many more. 

What are the Boarding Schools in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque, abbreviated as ABQ, is New Mexico’s largest city in the desert region, covering 489.2 km2. Its population is about 560,447 as of 2020, which is the highest in New Mexico. Schools in this region are always expected to be the best since it is the largest city in the state. Therefore, schools in ABQ are as regular as possible. 

Its public schools are among the largest school district in the U.S., with about 142 schools. Wow. 

Its boarding schools include Menaul boarding school, Acton Academy, pathways academy, Albuquerque Indian school, Life Quest girls boarding school, Etc. 

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What are the Military Boarding Schools in New Mexico?

The military, also known collectively as the armed forces, is a heavily armed and highly organized force having its primary intention of warfare. 

It is undoubtedly authorized, controlled, and maintained by a sovereign state, with its members constantly identifiable by their distinct military uniforms and mode of operation. 

The military school is also called a service academy. It is an educational institution that prepares its participants for the officer corps. It emphasizes military operations, academics, fitness, and understanding. 

New Mexico military institute is the only state-authorized and supported co-educational college preparatory military boarding high school and junior college. Having a class size of 16-20 students each. 

There are specified for girls, boys, mixed and special military training. 

New Mexico military institute, Military heights elementary, Daniels leadership center, Bataan military academy, and more. 


Boarding schools versus Day schools cannot be over-emphasized. 

Each has its advantages. Day students often get further training from the street, society, and their guardians, who mold their characters and prepare them for the future. 

Boarding schools have strict control over students and instructions on when to do things. 

It aids in a child’s ability to face life fast and prepare for it. 

Boarding school in New Mexico stands a better chance, unlike some unfavorable local schools in different places worldwide. 

New Mexico is one of America’s choices regarding quality educational standards. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Boarding School Has The Highest Acceptance Rate?

Many schools accept students yearly in New Mexico, but overall, Alberta Ballet School ranks as number one in acceptance rate.

Are There Free Boarding Schools in the U.S

Yes. There are free boarding schools In the U.S., but they are not necessarily resident in New Mexico. The SEED boarding school, located in Washington DC, is free in the United States and operates under a free tuition charter.

Are Boarding Schools More Expensive Than Day Schools?

Of course, yes. Boarding schools are higher tuition fees than average day schools in New Mexico and everywhere in the world. Several factors account for this higher tuition fee, such as the cost of feeding and lodging within the school facility. But, in the end,  you get a good service for your money.



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