10 Best Boarding Schools in Oklahoma 2024 | How to Apply


As we all know, boarding school brings out the best in a child and helps them stay focused on attaining their goals.

As a result, you’ve resorted to enrolling your children at a boarding school in Oklahoma, USA, where they can be groomed to be the best and excellent at anything they do.


In other words, we’ve compiled a list of the best boarding schools in Oklahoma where you may enroll your child, as well as kids from all over the United States.

Oklahoma has a diversified landscape with plains, lakes, and woods. As they choose boarding schools, students may discover tranquility and adventure here.


A boarding school in the United States can help your child develop a solid academic foundation. Furthermore, boarding schools in Oklahoma provide kids with a calm and secure study atmosphere in which they can be schooled and exposed to a broad range of subjects, preparing them for the future.

In other words, enrolling in a boarding school is always a good idea because boarding schools shape a student’s mentality based on the academic environment in which he or she is placed.

So, in this post, we’ve carefully compiled a list of the best boarding schools in Oklahoma for American students who want to bring out the best in themselves and prepare for the future.


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Are there Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Oklahoma is among the states in the USA with many boarding schools. 

Therefore, to answer your question, there are boarding schools in Oklahoma, and as there are many, we will give you a list of some of the well-known ones. They include:

  • Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
  • Sequoyah High School Gym
  • Seneca Indian School. 
  • Oklahoma School for the Deaf
  • New Lifehouse Academy
  • Brush Creek Academy 
  • Oklahoma Academy
  • Cookson Hills Christian School
  • Goodland Academy
  • Oklahoma School for the Blind
  • Corn Bible Institute 
  • Oklahoma School for the Deaf
  • Metro Christian Academy
  • Mount St. Mary Catholic High School
  • Casady School

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How Much do Boarding Schools in Oklahoma Cost? 

Several factors influence the total investment amount: tuition, accommodation, dorm amenities, and meals are all included in the price.

Oklahoma’s average annual boarding school tuition is $5,938. Some institutions charge as little as $1,750 in tuition, and others charge as much as $21,370.

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What are the Cheap Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Due to the cost of housing, food, and other requirements added to the tuition, boarding schools are considered extremely expensive.

However, certain Oklahoma boarding schools can be considered cheaper than others. 

They include:

  • Goodland Academy has a yearly tuition of $1,750. 
  • Brush Creek Academy, with a yearly tuition of $2,700 
  • New Lifehouse Academy, with a yearly tuition of $2,700 

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What are the Best Boarding Schools in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has a variety of boarding schools where students from the United States can enroll. 

So, to rate these top 5 boarding schools, we used several parameters. Grades, student enrollment, and student-to-teacher ratio are among the ranking elements for the top-best boarding schools for American kids in Oklahoma.

They include:

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1. Brush Creek High School 

Brush Creek Academy, established on a ranch in northeastern Oklahoma, is a lower-cost Christian residential school for at-risk boys ages 14 to 17.

Brush Creek admits boys battling life-controlling challenges and provides them with the tools they need to become happy, confident, honest, of integrity, disciplined, self-reliant, and successful adults.

In addition, the school works with the parents to rebuild a healthy home environment and connection.

Brush Creek is also completely accredited and meets all the national school requirements. The study program for an education plan at the institution is tailored to disturbed boys.

Furthermore, Group Studies and Personal Studies for New Christians (GSNC & PSNC) are part of the school’s intensive therapeutic curriculum, which is beneficial in helping young people overcome life-controlling challenges and discover more about themselves.

Boys also enroll in our certified Cross-Christian Academy to ensure they receive a high-quality education and transferable credits to other universities.

They also include varsity sports, including football, basketball, and track, and animal therapy with horses and exotic animals. 

  • Grades: 8–12, 
  • Student Enrollment: 20. 
  • Students and teachers ratio: 4:1. 
  • Tuition: $2,700 

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2. New Lifehouse Academy

Teen Challenge Oklahoma’s New Lifehouse Academy is a ministry. They are a low-cost Christian residential school for disturbed or unruly young women aged 14 to 17.

On the other hand, the school’s mission is to give adolescent girls and their families the tools and resources they need to start thriving academically, relationally, and spiritually.

New Lifehouse Academy is a structured boarding school for young women who require a nurturing but controlled environment. I

n addition, our approved Cross Christian Academy enrolls girls to ensure they receive a high-quality education.

Furthermore, the New Lifehouse staff is committed to teaching and mentoring your daughter in a faith-based manner, assisting her in changing her path.

The school also offers varsity sports, including basketball, volleyball, track, and field, as well as animal therapy with horses and exotic animals.

  • Grades 9–12, 
  • Student Enrollment: 22, 
  • Students and teachers ratio: 4:1. 
  • Tuition: $2,700 

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3. The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics 

School of Science and Mathematics is a well-regarded, publicly-supported, co-educational high school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Legislature established the organization in 1983.

The institution will provide advanced mathematics and scientific education to academically outstanding high school juniors and seniors.

In addition, students who meet the admission requirements pay no tuition or boarding costs at the residential boarding school.

Furthermore, acceptance to the school is competitive and occurs during the second year of study. As a result, if you are admitted into the school, you will only be enrolled in the two-year program during your junior and senior years.

Domestic students from outside Oklahoma will pay $36,500 per year in tuition, fees, and room and board. International students will pay $46,000 per year in tuition, fees, and room and board. Students from Oklahoma will pay no tuition, fees, or room and board.

  • Grades: 11-12
  • Student Enrollment: 150
  • Students and teachers ratio: 6:1
  • Tuition: No tuition (resident students); $36,500 (domestic students); $46,000 (international students). 

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4. Oklahoma Academy

Oklahoma Academy is a private boarding Christian school in Harrah, Oklahoma, that is above average. It also offers a solid Christian education to today’s youngsters.

Oklahoma Academy is also a one-of-a-kind boarding high school run by Seventh-Day Adventists, providing Christian students with a comprehensive education.

Also, academics at this school are not limited to the classroom and are designed to help students excel mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In addition, Oklahoma Academy also ensures that its pupils are well-prepared for life following high school. They should be educated in all aspects of life through classroom instruction, vocational training, and community service.

  • Grades 9-12, 
  • Students enrolled: 27 
  • Student-teacher ratio: 4:1 
  • Tuition: $10,000

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5. Cookson Hills Christian School 

Cookson Hills Christian School is a Kansas, OK-based private therapeutic boarding and alternative Christian school. 

It has 108 students in grades K–12, with an 11:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Eighty percent of these students go to a four-year college after graduation.

Furthermore, Cookson Hills has offered at-risk children home, school, and therapy. It is a children’s home in northeastern Oklahoma that serves children ages 5 to 17 who have struggled with family life, homelessness, poor peer relationships, abuse, or neglect and want to write a better story for their lives. 

The love of Christ drives their team to achieve our goal of raising healthy individuals who will have a beneficial impact on future generations.

  • Grades: K-12, 
  • Student Enrollment: 66, 
  • Students and teachers ratio: 11:1

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6. Goodland Academy 

Goodland Academy is a boarding school in Choctaw County, Oklahoma, 3 miles (4.8 km) southwest of Hugo in the United States. It is Oklahoma’s oldest private boarding school, founded in 1848 as a Presbyterian mission.

Goodland offers a personalized, holistic educational curriculum in a traditional family setting.

Since 1848, the school’s purpose has been to create exceptional people. We have a long and proud history of addressing Indian and other ethnic, educational requirements.

  • Grades: 4–11, 
  • Student Enrollment: 22
  • Students and teachers ratio: 10:1
  • Tuition: $1,750

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7. Corn Bible Academy 

Corn Bible Academy has been a major pioneer in Christian education in western Oklahoma since 1902.

Furthermore, CBA offers a Christ-centered education that helps students prepare for life after high school.

The state of Oklahoma and the Association of Christian Schools International both accredited Corn Bible Academy.

Also, CBA students receive a high-quality college preparatory education and biblical instruction.

Corn Bible Academy is a Christ-centered setting designed to assist parents in training their children to grow in knowledge, strength, spirit, and relationship with God and others.

  • Grades: 7-12
  • Students: 87 students
  • Tuition: $6,550 
  • Acceptance rate: 90%. 
  • Student-to-teacher ratio is 16:1

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8. Metro Christian Academy 

Metro Christian Academy is an independent Christian school offering preschool through high school students on a 60-acre campus in Tulsa. 

Furthermore, academics, spiritual life, community, and activities are the four pillars that support and develop a student’s character.

They also provide an approved college preparation education based on biblical principles, cultivate Christian character, and prepare children to achieve academically, spiritually, physically, and socially in collaboration with active parents.

  • Grades: 3-12, 
  • Student Enrollment: 949, 
  • Students and teachers ratio: 11:1
  • Tuition: $10,740

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9. Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School 

Mount St. Mary High School is a co-educational private Roman Catholic high school in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Sisters of Mercy founded it in 1903, located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

Moving on, Mount St. Mary Catholic High School has 388 students in grades 9–12, with a 9 to 1 student-teacher ratio. The highest grade available costs $8,350 in tuition. After graduation, 93 percent of students from this institution attend a four-year college.

In addition, the Sisters of Mercy of Oklahoma used Mary as a boarding school for young women and a novitiate.

  • Grades 9-12, 
  • Students enrolled: 388, 
  • Student-teacher ratio of 9:1. 
  • Tuition: $8,350

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10. Sequoyah High School

Sequoyah High School (also known as Sequoyah-Tahlequah) is a Native American boarding school that educates students in grades 7 through 12 from federally recognized Native American tribes. 

The Cherokee Nation operates the school, a Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) grant school in Tahlequah.

Sequoyah is one of Oklahoma’s two Native American boarding high schools. 

Furthermore, Sequoyah Schools is in charge of it.

This school offers instruction in two credentials, with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification and Food Handler Certification being the most popular.

Also, “good teachers” and a “positive environment” are the most frequently claimed benefits of attending Sequoyah High School Gym, but respondents also mentioned “flexible class hours” and “affordable.” 

In addition, Sequoyah High School Gym has been rated 4.50 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews. 100% of reviewers would tell a friend about Sequoyah High School Gym.

  • Grades: 7-12, 
  • Students enrolled: 345 

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Furthermore, in this article, these boarding schools in Oklahoma are divided into different categories, ranging from where most of them are located in Oklahoma to different purposes for establishing these schools. 

This will help with easier reading and understanding of the schools.

What are the Boarding Schools in Oklahoma City? 

Oklahoma City is the state capital of the United States. It’s noted for its cowboy culture and capitol building, which is bordered by oil wells.

This city is home to a few boarding schools in Oklahoma. 

Some of the boarding schools include:

  • Oklahoma Academy
  • Casady School

What are the Boarding Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma? 

Tulsa is a city located in the state of Oklahoma. It is home to very few boarding schools in the States. One of the best boarding schools found in the state is:

  • Metro Christian Academy

What are the Elementary Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Oklahoma has few elementary boarding schools for its citizens. Some of these elementary boarding schools are expensive, while others are cheap. An example is:

  • Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy Elementary School

What are the Public Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

There are few public boarding schools in Oklahoma, most of which are for the disabled or the physically challenged. The public boarding schools are owned by the government and managed by them. 

They include:

  • Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy Elementary School
  • Oklahoma School for the Deaf 
  • Oklahoma School for the Blind 

What are the Private Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Oklahoma has a good number of private boarding schools. These private boarding schools are expensive, and only a few are affordable. 

These schools include:

  • Oklahoma Academy
  • Goodland Academy
  • New Lifehouse Academy

Are there All-Girls Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Some of these boarding schools in Oklahoma are all-girls’ boarding schools. These boarding schools admit only girls. If you want an all-girls boarding school for your child, An example is 

  • New Lifehouse Academy

Are there All-Boys Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Oklahoma has some boarding schools that admit only boys. In case you are searching for a boarding school in Oklahoma that admits only boys, here are some of them:

  • Brush Creek Academy
  • Goodland Academy 

Are there Military Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

This post is for you if you’re looking for military schools in Oklahoma in 2023. 

Military schools in Oklahoma aren’t designed to make life as tough as possible for those assigned to them.

Instead, they’re meant to bring out the best in those who are fortunate enough to be present. It is a privilege, not a punishment, to attend military school.

 They include:

  • Thunderbird Youth Challenge
  • At Brush Creek Academy 

What are the Christian Boarding Schools in Oklahoma? 

Are you a parent looking for a good Christian boarding school to send your kids to?

Search no further. Oklahoma has many good Christian boarding schools for your kids. These schools help to nurture students in the right spirit and with a Christ-like nature.

  • Oklahoma Academy
  • Cookson Hills Christian School
  • Goodland Academy

What are the Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Oklahoma for Troubled Youths? 

On the other hand, some kids require more intensive professional counseling than is currently offered in their community.

As a result, a boarding school for troubled children outside of Oklahoma can provide various advantages to such a teen.

The schools include:

  • Cookson Hills Christian School
  • Brush Creek Academy 
  • New Lifehouse Academy


Finally, Oklahoma has many boarding schools for American kids that provide a diverse range of lessons and activities for children of various ages and academic abilities. 

As a result, you can enroll your child in any of the best boarding schools in Oklahoma featured in this article to provide him or her with a strong educational foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Oklahoma have a boarding school?

Oklahoma’s educational system includes public, primary, secondary, vocational, and boarding schools in 540 school districts.

How is life in a boarding school?

Regarding college preparation, boarding school living has a distinct benefit.

What are the symptoms of boarding school syndrome?

Anger, despair, anxiety, failure to maintain relationships, fear of abandonment, substance addiction, and other symptoms are addressed by a therapist in boarding school syndrome.

Can you send a 7-year-old to boarding school? 

Most boarding schools only offer day education to younger students and do not allow boarding until the sixth, seventh, eighth, or ninth grade, depending on the school.



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