Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania 2022

When we leave home to attend school, it is a familiar and sad event for all of us. For all of us, it’s typically a really emotional time. 

But the crucial point is that if we are residing at home, we should look for a place that is similar to home.

Let me now explain why choosing one of the best boarding schools in Pennsylvania may be the best option before we decide on a school.

Our Kids claims that boarding schools provide several advantages for pupils. The choice to attend boarding school is the initial action in what many see as a major choice; by doing so, you will benefit in the long run from its benefits.

However, many prominent people, including previous presidents, actresses, athletes, famous business people, and other politicians, started their educational careers at private schools.

While we discuss boarding schools more broadly, we will mostly concentrate on boarding schools in Pennsylvania.

Let’s get started!!

Are There Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

You might be curious as to whether Pennsylvania has boarding schools. Yes, Pennsylvania is home to numerous boarding schools. These boarding schools are either co-educational, all-boys, or all-girls.

They include:

  • The Hill School
  • Westtown School
  • Perkiomen School
  • Linden Hall School for Girls
  • Valley Forge Military Academy and College
  • George School
  • Mercersburg Academy
  • Solebury School
  • The Kiski School
  • Shady Side Academy
  • The Phelps School
  • Milton Hershey School Admissions Office
  • Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School
  • Girard College
  • Carson Long Military Academy

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How Much Does Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania Cost?

You might also wonder how much these boarding schools cost on average.

Typically, boarding schools in Pennsylvania cost zero fees to attend for the public ones while the private ones can be costly to attend ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 per year. 

This also applies to the military academies in Pennsylvania.

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Are There Cheap Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Due to how costly boarding schools are, some parents might want to know if there are boarding schools in Pennsylvania that are affordable.

Most public boarding schools in Pennsylvania are tuition free but the private ones are expensive except some that are affordable.

These affordable ones include:

  • Lancaster Mennonite School, with yearly tuition of $10,250
  • Pine Forge Academy, with yearly tuition of $18,250
  • Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School, with yearly tuition of $21,125

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What Are The Best Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

We used the following rating criteria to accurately identify the best boarding schools in Pennsylvania. Thus, they comprise;

To make sure they hold respectable places, we checked their rankings. As a ranking element, we used Boarding Schools Review.

Also, we ranked these schools according to their areas of specialization in light of the challenges associated with admission. As far as we’re aware, equestrian schools are the focus.

Many students at this school must attend college after completing their studies there. We also evaluated this institution by looking at the average percentage of its graduates who enroll in colleges right away.

Therefore, the best boarding schools in Pennsylvania include:

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1. George School

The best boarding school in Pennsylvania is George School. And the cause is not difficult to understand because it is evident in the way they approach everything they do.

This boarding school, in contrast to others, provides you the freedom to experience and investigate extracurricular activities. According to them, pupils can experiment with calculus, participate in sports, and use 3D printers.

Also, one of the most difficult courses in an International Baccalaureate program, according to George School, is offered. They also offer other classes including AP calculus and Spanish Seminar.

In addition, teachers at George School encourage and assist pupils in choosing their chosen courses. In essence, their demanding learning environment continues to attract students.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 7:1
  • Location: Newtown, PA
  • Graduation rate: 98%.

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2. Hill School

Hill School was established in 1852 and has a long history of tradition and quality. This is the fundamental basis for many of the outcomes they have today, and it has obediently followed this course.

Character is highly valued in Hill School. They contend that character is what our modern world needs to advance. Their motto, “Whatever things are true,” encapsulates their philosophy perfectly.

Furthermore, Hill School firmly believes in the importance of community and the importance of respect and goodwill. They encourage pupils to maintain relationships with their teachers outside of the classroom.

Also, they are now a top academic institution as a result of this connection. Just consider what it would be like to attend a school where the curriculum is constantly updated to reflect current requirements.

In this school, there is a strong sense of community and shared success among the students. So, regardless of whether kids excel in athletics or academics, the reward structure remains the same.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 9:1
  • Location: Pottstown, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%

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3. Mercersburg Academy

Mercersburg Academy is an outstanding boarding school in Pennsylvania. They have a history of innovation and brilliance, which sets them apart in every way.

Moving on, Mercersburg Academy has a student to faculty ratio of 4:1 with 442 pupils. In addition to the number of students, there are 104 faculty members in total.

With an average class size of 11, students can enroll in any of the 107 courses offered at this school. Additionally, students have the option of participating in an exchange program in Chile or Germany.

Since its founding, this school has generally spent over $297 million. In essence, more than 50% of their pupils have benefited from financial aid in some kind.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 4:1
  • Location: Mercersburg, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%

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4. Perkiomen School

Among the best boarding schools in Pennsylvania is Perkiomen School, founded in 1875, continues to encourage bravery, strength, and fortitude. They continue to be admired and held in great regard for this reason.

The Perkiomen School encourages its students’ curiosity and capacity for problem-solving. They can therefore afford the best liberal arts education available.

However, they are dedicated to creating a diverse and talented student body as a boarding and day school. a location where students may meet and work together to solve problems from the real world.

In addition, students have the choice to follow their interests in the world outside of school. In reality, it is this desire that strengthens the bonds between students and their teachers.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 6:1
  • Location: Pennsburg, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%.

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5. Shady Side Academy

Shady Side Academy consistently pushes its students to think critically. From a one-room schoolhouse, they have expanded into a sizable educational community.

Furthermore, they aggressively teach and advise forward-thinking pupils as a well-respected private school to help them meet their goals and ambitions. These outcomes serve as the basis for their construction.

At Shady Side, there is always a trail that students will take in order to accomplish their objectives.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 8:1
  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%

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6. Solebury School

In contrast to other institutions, Solebury adheres to a particular ideology. They think that because young people want to study, all that is required of them is to design a curriculum that best satisfies that desire.

However, their investigative work and drive to link several fields do, in fact, clearly convey this. They have learned a lot and innovated a lot thanks to this inquiry.

Furthermore, teachers and kids may easily connect at Solebury because of the atmosphere of respect. As a result, they abandon conventional patterns that have limited association.

You are enrolled in one of Pennsylvania’s top boarding schools when you attend Solebury. A location where you can build a path for your goals and aspirations.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 5:1
  • Location: New Hope, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%.

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7. Westtown School

The oldest continually running co-educational boarding school is Westtown School, which was founded in 1799. Their cause is supported in every way by their extensive history and supporting evidence.

Furthermore, Westtown School holds accreditation from the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools. As a result, 85 percent of their 107 teaching faculties’ students are on campus.

Also, this university’s campus spans more than 600 acres of land. The school occupies the majority of the property, but there is also an educational organic farm in the remaining areas.

In addition, the student body there is extremely diversified. Over 19 states and 17 foreign nations are represented among the students at Westtown. Scholarships and prizes totaling $9.5 million have been awarded to these students.

Academically and athletically, Westtown students achieve exceptionally well. They thrive in basketball, soccer, badminton, and athletics because of their varied sports facilities.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 8:1
  • Location: West Chester, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%.

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8. Valley Forge Military Academy

Valley Forge Academy is a school that is solely dedicated to fostering both intellectual and personal power. For many of their kids, they have succeeded in achieving this goal.

However, the activities of this academy are governed by five ideologies. Academic excellence, moral development, self-motivation, physical growth, and leadership are these pillars.

Also, their combined military and academic community helps them to accomplish these goals. a group of people who value friendship and knowledge at all levels.

In addition, their teachers impart knowledge to these pupils about life and several topic areas in every faculty. Each student has the chance to interact with their teacher personally in an effort to find a solution to an issue.

Finally, your life, character, and personality will be polished once you graduate from the cadet program as a young man. As a result, they rank as one of Pennsylvania’s top boarding schools.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 13:1
  • Location: Wayne, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%.

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9. Milton Hershey School

The Milton Hershey School was established in 1909 by Milton and Catherine Hershey. 

However, this school was founded with the intention of serving children from low-income households. Over 10,000 student lives have been changed as of today.

The Milton Hershey School doesn’t stray from its guiding ideas. Integrity, a good attitude, respect for one another, and dedication to the objective are some of these principles, sometimes known as their sacred values.

Despite being a free boarding school in Pennsylvania, they completely take care of its students’ social and economical needs. The goal is still to assist people in leading more fruitful lives.

Furthermore, this school enrolls around 2,100 students through the 12th grade, while not yet accepting any international students. In actuality, the number of boys and girls attending their school is equal.

Also, all of the students receive an unrestricted education in a warm, familial environment. In each of the more than 180 student homes, there are eight to twelve students living there.

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 10:1
  • Location: Hershey, PA
  • Graduation rate:80%

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10. Linden Hall

Lindel Hall is a private residential school for girls that was established in 1746. It has continued to be the oldest independent boarding school in the United States since it first began operating.

However, they continue to influence and inspire young women as a school dedicated to the education of girls. They essentially accomplish this by providing a platform for kids to learn knowledge and practical life skills.

Furthermore, their graduates have gone on to achieve outstanding careers in a variety of businesses over the years. More than 45 different countries and 15 different US states send students to their programs.

Also, the aviation centers and unique riding programs offer the girl pupils real-world experience. They are undoubtedly among the best boarding schools in Pennsylvania due to their residence area.

In addition, a structure entirely dedicated to hands-on work, in engineering and robotics classrooms across various topic areas, was recently launched as “Makerspace.”

  • Nature of School : Private
  • Student to teacher ratio: 6:1
  • Location: Lititz, PA
  • Graduation rate: 100%

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Additionally, we have decided to group these boarding schools into several categories based on where in North Carolina they may be situated as well as the reason they were founded.

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What Are The Boarding Schools in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

At the confluence of three rivers, Pittsburgh is a city in western Pennsylvania. It is also home to some of the boarding schools found in the State.

These boarding schools include:

  • Shady Side Academy
  • First Love Christian Academy
  • Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy at Wilson Campus

What Are The Boarding Schools in Hershey Pennsylvania?

Hershey is just east of Pennsylvania’s state capital, Harrisburg. It also houses some of the boarding schools located in Pennsylvania. These boarding schools include all-girls, all-boys and even co-educational boarding schools.

They include:

  • Milton Hershey School Admissions Office
  • The Vista School

What Are The Elementary Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is home to a large number of elementary boarding schools. Most of the students that attend these middle schools are in grades 4 through 9.

The elementary boarding schools in Pennsylvania include:

  • Westtown School
  • Linden Hall School for Girls
  • George School
  • Perkiomen School

Are There Public Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there are a lot of public boarding schools. The General Assembly and local school boards, whose members are elected, have control over how Pennsylvania’s public schools and boarding schools are managed and funded.

These public schools include:

  • Milton Hershey School

Are there Private Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

There are typically only a handful of excellent public boarding schools. Therefore, the rest are private.

Indeed, there are numerous private boarding schools in Pennsylvania. 

Some of these schools include:

  • Shady Side Academy
  • Solebury School
  • Lindel Hall
  • Perkiomen School

What Are The All-Girls Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Only girls are admitted to several boarding schools in Pennsylvania. So, here are some of them if you’re seeking for an all-girls boarding school in Pennsylvania:

  • Linden Hall
  • The Grier School

What Are The All-Boys Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Only boys are admitted to several boarding schools in Pennsylvania. So, here are some of them if you’re looking for an all-boys boarding school in Pennsylvania:

  • Church Farm School
  • The Kiski School
  • The Phelps School
  • Valley Forge Military Academy
  • Carson Long Military Institute

Are There Military Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Your kid must undergo the necessary training over an extended period of time if they want to join the military. Your child will benefit from military boarding school. So, the amazing military boarding schools in Pennsylvania include:

  • Valley Forge Military Academy
  • Carson Long Military Institute

What Are The Christian Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania?

Christian boarding schools give children education while also guiding them in the proper direction. Here are some of the best Christian boarding schools in Pennsylvania from which you can choose if you’re wanting to enroll your child:

  • Church Farm School
  • George School
  • Westtown School
  • Blue Mountain Academy

What Are The Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Pennsylvania for Troubled Youths?

Therapeutic boarding schools provide extra attention and care to assist unwell students recover from their conditions. Therefore, you should think about enrolling your child in a therapeutic school if they have a chronic disease or having undesirable behaviours.

Therefore, the best therapeutic schools in Pennsylvania include;

  • Agape Boarding School
  • Elk Mountain Academy
  • House of Hope – Kansas City
  • Master’s Ranch
  • Master’s Ranch – West
  • Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy at Wilson Campus


There are some obvious distinctions between two children who attended two different schools—one a boarding school and the other a day school—when you look at them closely.

Of course, boarding schools prioritize every element of the student’s life, in contrast to day schools. From his academic standing to his sense of direction, focus, and general demeanor.

You can choose from any of the schools above if you wish to enroll your child in a boarding school for boys or girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Boarding Schools expensive?

Yes, boarding schools are expensive unless they are completely free.

Why are boarding schools better?

Boarding schools are superior, because they provide your child with specialized care and education.

What exactly is a boarding school?

A school below a college is called a boarding school if the majority of the students live there.

What are the best military boarding schools in Pennsylvania?

The Valley Forge Military Academy and Carson Long Military Institute are the best military boarding schools in Pennsylvania.


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