10 Best Boarding Schools in South Carolina 2023 | How to Apply

Hang around if you want pertinent info on the best boarding schools in South Carolina.

Essential facts about boarding schools in South Carolina will be covered in this article, including costs, ratings, and acceptance rates. 

South Carolina provides boarding schools that will push you and prepare you for college’s difficulties.

Living as a boarding school student has advantages, such as a broader conception of accountability.

We will examine which boarding schools in South Carolina are much better than the rest.

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Are there any Boarding Schools in South Carolina?

Yes. When it comes to boarding schools, South Carolina students have various alternatives. Some boarding schools in South Carolina include: 

  • Ashley Hall School
  • Hilton head preparatory school
  • Southside Christian School
  • Camden Military Academy
  • SC Governor’s School for Arts & Humanities
  • John Paul II Catholic School
  • Ben Lippen School
  • Diocese of Charleston
  • Pinewood Preparatory School

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How Much do Boarding Schools in South Carolina Cost?

South Carolina’s yearly average cost of boarding schools is $7,248. The Goddard School, which charges $1,300 in tuition, is the boarding school with the least expensive fees. Trident Academy charges $29,050 in tuition, making it the most expensive boarding school in South Carolina.

The average annual tuition for private middle schools is $7,414; for private high schools, it is $7,476.

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Which South Carolina Boarding Schools are Affordable?

Because of housing, food, and other requirements, boarding schools are generally considered expensive. As far as we know, several boarding schools in South Carolina are reasonably priced. Beneath this paragraph, a list of schools will be revealed. 

  • Camden Military Academy, Camden, with a tuition of $19,995.
  • Whetstone Academy has a tuition of $13,900.

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Which Boarding Schools in South Carolina are the Best?

Based on rigorous information analysis and countless evaluations from students and parents, Niche selected the best boarding schools.

It provides school rankings based on SAT/ACT scores and the caliber of the institutions that kids are considering. Also, it examines the student-teacher ratio and the reviews of boarding schools.

A comprehensive list of South Carolina’s best boarding schools is featured below:

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1. Ashley Hall

This school was established in 1909 by Mary Vardrine McBee. The school has stayed devoted to its primary purpose. Its mission is to educate independent women, ethically responsible and prepared to tackle society’s problems confidently.

At every stage of a child’s development, their curricula, teaching strategies, extracurricular programming, and facilities have been prepared. The aim is to promote the qualities of mind and character in each of their students.

Ashley Hall charges $22,000 a year in tuition. It is also a school where girls are encouraged to succeed academically and socially.

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2. Ben Lippen School

In 1940, the Columbia International University board of trustees established the Ben Lippen School. This happened under the direction of Robert C. McQuilkin, Columbia International University’s first president.

More than 900 kids in grades Pre-K through 12 are currently enrolled there. Also, more than 80 foreigners live on-site and attend our high school.

Ben Lippen is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). Ben Lippen School has an annual tuition range of $7,000-$39,000. Its mission is to glorify God by equipping students under the Lordship of Jesus Christ while assisting families and churches. 

Students are educated with a biblical worldview to impact the nations. It is a leading Christian school in the Southeast, marked by deliberate student discipleship. Their vision is to be the leading Christian school in the Southeast with a varied college-preparatory academic program. 

In addition, they have a vibrant fine arts department and a competitive athletic program.

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3. Camden Military Academy

Originally known as Wofford College’s Carlisle Fitting School, Carlisle Military School was established in 1892. They exist to instruct and motivate cadets so that each can realize his or her full potential. Further, to acquire the academic groundwork necessary to succeed as a productive, contributing citizen in college and life.

They seek to inspire them to pursue excellence, foster a passion for learning, and develop self-discipline.

For over 50 years, Camden Military Academy has been educating young men according to this concept. Cadets learn to translate the concepts of honor, integrity, and duty into reality as they grow and mature on campus.

They learn to accept responsibility for their successes and failures on the academic, athletic, and military fronts. Cadets are urged to hone their talents while simultaneously respecting the rights of others. At annual tuition of around $24,000, the school seeks to develop the students. 

Providing the students with the determination to meet obstacles and seize opportunities after leaving Camden Military Academy.

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4. Hilton Head Preparatory School

With over 400 students in grades K–12, Hilton Head Preparatory School is a coeducational day and residential institution.

Hilton Head Prep, the premier accredited independent school in the Lowcountry, aims to educate children. Allowing them to learn in a safe and loving environment.

The school maintains a rigorous curriculum with top-notch faculty in a friendly area. The success of their students is largely due to their outstanding and committed instructors. Their professors and administrators are from all around the United States and the rest of the world. 

More than 60% of them hold master’s degrees. They employ a special teaching strategy that respects each student as an individual with unique skills and interests. Also, those who are passionate about what they do and are knowledgeable in their academic specialties.

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5. Governor’s School for the Arts – Greenville, South Carolina

Here, talented artists and educators from around the state work together with a master faculty of pupils.

A nine-month public residential high school with music, dance, drama, and visual arts. On this prestigious campus, creative writing as a concentration is located.

Students with artistic talent must apply and perform in an audition for this esteemed program. Dancers are permitted to enroll from sophomore to senior year. However, all other programs are two-year ones for junior and senior-level students.

There are processing and food plan fees, but there is no admission price. The extensive pre-professional arts curriculum provides thorough instruction in a demanding but encouraging setting.

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6. Trinity Collegiate School

Trinity Collegiate School is one of South Carolina’s finest boarding schools for preparing students for college. It provides a challenging curriculum that stresses team-based learning, high academic and social standards, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities is necessary to guarantee children a well-rounded education.

This school is dedicated to giving your kids a safe, secure, and welcoming learning environment. An environment that fosters respect for others, intellectual curiosity, and open-mindedness.

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7. SC Governor’s School for Arts & Humanities

Young artists from around the state can explore and hone their skills at this boarding school. This is possible through pre-professional instruction in creative writing, dance, drama, music, or the visual arts.

Graduates receive scholarship offers totaling millions of dollars to attend the country’s best colleges, universities, and conservatories. These graduates pursue careers as leaders in the arts and many other professions. Emmy nominees, Grammy Award winners, and South Carolina Teachers of the Year are just a few of the illustrious graduates.

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8. John Paul II Catholic School

This boarding school encourages students to think critically, devise original solutions to issues, and work cooperatively. Also, it allows students to draw connections to pertinent real-world situations and communicate well orally and in writing. 

The school provides a wide spectrum of great academics. Given the school’s high academic performance standards, they give your kids access to cutting-edge learning environments. This way, each student can be challenged. 

This boarding school takes pleasure in upholding the major world religions while honoring its Catholic heritage. Students are trained according to Catholic tradition and with a deliberate dedication to the school’s core service principles. Also, given its high standards, innovation, quality, leadership, and discipleship, the school trains students to be scholars with a soul.

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9. Cathedral Academy

Cathedral Academy strives to provide excellent academic education with a Biblical foundation in partnership with families. This way, they empower parents and families to be a positive cultural influence for Christ. 

This mission underpins their steadfast dedication to Kingdom Education. Kingdom education is the lifelong, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of guiding a child into a new identity with Christ. This is so that students will be empowered to live a life characterized by love and obedience to Christ.

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10. Southside Christian School

More than 1,250 students attend this Christian boarding school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school’s mission is to work alongside Christian parents to deliver an exceptional education harmonizing with biblical truth. 

Students are equipped to discover, grow, and achieve all God has for them. This includes excellent academics, award-winning fine arts, competitive athletics, numerous co-curricular activities, and a family environment.

The Association of Christian Schools International and Cognia both accredit Southside Christian School. This boarding school received Exemplary accreditation from ACSI in 2019. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has registered the school with them.

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Further reading reveals that these South Carolina boarding schools are divided into several categories. It depends on where they are located in the state and why they were established. This encourages straightforward reading and a sufficient understanding of the school.

If you search these places, you will notice that the schools are the best boarding schools.

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Which Therapeutic Boarding Schools are there in South Carolina? 

The purpose of therapeutic boarding schools is to assist students in overcoming challenges. In doing so, they establish a sense of well-being and create training and long-term success techniques.

The boarding schools situated in this area are:

  • Sundance Canyon Academy
  • Asheville Academy
  • Turning Winds
  • Seneca Therapeutic Boarding School

Which Military Boarding Schools are there in South Carolina?

There are great possibilities in South Carolina if you’re searching for military schools. Military boarding schools concentrate on creating a systematic and disciplined environment that supports students’ excellence.

The military boarding schools include:

  • Camden Military Academy 
  • Low Country Military Academy 
  • Military Magnet Academy 

Which Equestrian Boarding Schools are there in South Carolina?

Equestrian sports are available at several South Carolina boarding schools. A school that offers a riding instruction curriculum is known as an equestrian boarding school. Each school has its unique program.

Schools in South Carolina that offer equestrian training include:

  • Hammond School
  • Christian Academy Of Myrtle Beach
  • Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
  • The King’s Academy
  • Mead Hall Episcopal School
  • Spartanburg Day School
  • Trinity Collegiate School
  • Wilson Hall
  • Sandhills School

What Private Boarding Schools are there in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, private boarding schools are privately owned. While some of these private boarding schools are affordable, most are expensive. Among these private schools are:

  • Mason Preparatory School
  • Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
  • Oakbrook Preparatory School
  • Pinewood Preparatory School
  • Trinity Collegiate School
  • Charleston Collegiate School
  • Porter-Gaud School
  • Trident Academy
  • Spartanburg Day School
  • Cathedral Academy

Do South Carolina’s elementary Schools have Boarding facilities?

Are you seeking boarding schools for elementary-aged children? Don’t look any further; this list of elementary schools in South Carolina might be your best bet. Kids in kindergarten through eighth grade attend elementary schools.

Such schools are:

  • St. Joseph School
  • St. Peters Catholic School
  • The Timmerman School
  • The Barday School
  • Bethel Learning Center
  • Clara Mohammed School
  • Jubilee Academy
  • Mission Hope Foundation
  • Montessori School Of Columbia
  • New Heights School

What Boarding Schools are there for Girls Only in South Carolina?

Only girls are admitted to South Carolina’s all-girls boarding schools. Consequently, if you’re searching for a boarding school for only girls in South Carolina,

Here is a useful list from which you can choose:

  • Lake Murray Baptist Kindergarten
  • Trinity Baptist Church Preschool
  • Havenwood Academy
  • Turning Winds
  • Ashley Hall
  • Columbus Girls Academy
  • Clearview Girls Academy

What are the South Carolina Boarding Schools For Boys?

Only boys are admitted to South Carolina’s all-boys boarding schools. There are many all-boy boarding schools in South Carolina, so finding one is not difficult. Here are a few examples:

  • Camden Military Academy
  • Amikids Georgetown
  • Cherokee Creek Boys School
  • Tara Hall School
  • Whetstone Academy Llc

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South Carolina has excellent boarding schools that encourage developing disciplined people, solid career opportunities, and peer learning. By exposing students to regular and difficult activities at a young age, boarding schools in South Carolina work on simple minds. Children may feel overloaded, yet addressing difficulties gives them a sense of strength. 

Also, it gives them inspiration from the spirit of the conqueror. They will go places in the future, for sure, with such qualities. These top boarding schools teach students to engage in various recreational activities, including sports like football and rugby. 

As well as artistic endeavors like music, painting, and art. Students at South Carolina boarding schools are motivated to participate in these activities by seeing their peers having fun. They collaborate with their classmates and take part as well. 

Boarding school kids exhibit an unrivaled sense of teamwork. Together, they support one another as they stand. A crucial life talent for a kid’s promising future, indeed. 

Children can find many distractions at home, making it impossible for them to focus on schoolwork. This challenge is eliminated when your child enrolls in a boarding school. They get accustomed to keeping to a timetable and allocating enough time for study.  

Children focus better when they are isolated from too many distractions, and constant supervision keeps them alert and careful. This explains why boarding school kids do better academically and earn higher grades. These top boarding schools in South Carolina are devoted to helping your child achieve success.


Does attending a boarding school in South Carolina make sense?

Yes, it does. Students who attend boarding schools are exposed to various activities, including the arts, theatre, and social service. Children will gain a strong sense of esteem as they discover what they enjoy and are skilled at.

What is the difference between a boarding school and a day school?

Boarding schools allow students to live on campus during the academic year. Day schools are institutions where students attend classes but leave for home each day.

What sort of meals are served at boarding schools?

Various offers include snacks, main dishes, and wholesome fruit salads. Everyone can find something they like from the extensive menu of meals and treats. With a traditional sit-down lunch every week, most meals are eaten in dining halls. Boys eat with their academic advisor and other teaching assistants at sit-down meals.

How old must a child be to begin boarding school in South Carolina?

It is advised to enroll your child in a South Carolina boarding school between the age of 5 and 17 years.



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