Best Carpentry Schools in Germany 2023 | All You Need to Know 

Here in this article, we have prepared a list of the best carpentry schools in Germany, how to become a carpenter in Germany, and all the details needed to succeed as a carpenter in Germany.

Surprised! I guess you would be. It is easy for someone to conclude or convince themselves that such a thing does not exist. 

Look carefully around your area and observe; you will notice that almost everything around you involves the Artisan skill of a carpenter. With the recent development in the advancing world, schools are available to enhance carpenters’ or joiners’ skills.

In Germany, for instance, one can take a carpentry course at a University or apply for a carpentry training course/apprenticeship in a college or trade school. Besides schooling, you can also learn carpentry under the supervision of a well-skilled master carpenter. 

So, I will bring you detailed information about carpentry, Carpentry schools in Germany, and how to become a carpenter in Germany. 

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What do Carpenters do? 

Carpenters do a lot of work so far as construction is involved as well as woodworking. Carpenters

  1. Uses timbers to produce pieces of furniture we use at different places. 
  2. Build wooden structures following an architectural blueprint. 
  3. Make frameworks for doors, windows, building roofs, etc. 
  4. Construct, installs, and fix woodwork
  5. Some turn timbers into beautiful Woodwork art and design. 

Is Carpentry a Promising Career in Germany? 

Carpentry is a versatile occupation in the construction industry, with workers usually doing many tasks. Due to its versatility, it is hardly possible for someone to master all the skills. However, one can become a master carpenter by choosing a particular niche and learning the arts very well.

Again, Carpenters hold about 942 900 jobs in Germany. From the job outlook, Employment is projected to grow 2% over the next year, slower than other related careers. Despite limited employment growth, about 89,300 openings for carpenters are projected every year in Germany. 

Furthermore, the average salary of a carpenter in Germany is €2,364 per month, and a range of €28,368 and €23,400 per year for entry-level carpenters. On the contrary, senior and experienced carpenters earn between €39 000 and €48,260.

Finally, carpentry is an entrepreneurial course. It allows one to be self-employed and also an employer of labor. It is a skill with job security. 

How do I Become a Carpenter in Germany? 

To become a carpenter in Germany is very easy; at least one does not need to be certified. Yet, To achieve this goal of being a carpenter in Germany, one must complete an apprenticeship in carpentry. This Apprentice program is offered mainly by colleges, trade schools, and some universities.

 The Apprenticeship follows a dual learning process, one with the company and the other with the school opting for the program.

Upon completion of the training, one is free to work in any field where carpentry skills are required. 

Hence, To be a master’s carpenter, one might consider additional schooling and some carpentry courses. With this, more knowledge and experiences are gathered. 

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Are there Carpentry Schools in Germany? 

Yes, there are many recognized schools in Germany with carpentry programs. They include;

  • Woodwork Academy Berlin. 
  • Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes Wesel. 
  • Holzfachschule Bad Wildungen
  • Ausbildungszentrum Biberach
  • Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences 
  • Euro-train Berlin
  • Berlin University of arts
  • Gustav-Heinemann Gesamtschule Essen
  • Holzformat GmbH & Neukirchen Vluyn. 

What is the Requirement Needed for a Carpentry School in Germany? 

Each school has its requirements. But one common feature is that the intending student must at least have a Higher education diploma. 

However, the intended student should have a good knowledge of basic mathematics and technical drawing. This is important because it helps the student understand better and faster, but it is unnecessary. 

What is the Duration of the Carpentry Program in Germany? 

Apprenticeship in carpentry takes at least 3-4 years for one to complete the training, which includes teaching and on-hand job training experience. On the other hand, Attending a course in carpentry takes about nine months to 1.5 years to complete. 

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Best Carpentry Schools in Germany in 2023.

This list comprises Germany’s best carpentry colleges, schools, and universities. They include;

#1. Woodwork Academy 

Location: Berlin, Germany. 

This carpentry school in Germany, owned by Lluis Mateu, is a woodshop and design space in Kreuzberg, Berlin. It provides students with basic designs and technical knowledge in woodworking. In addition, They also introduce students to how to work with machines alongside other ranges of equipment. 

At the end of each program, students are expected to complete a design project under expert supervision. 

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#2. Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes

Location: E.V Wesel, Germany. 

A vocational education center that prepares students for different careers and Apprenticeship programs in the construction industry. Also, It is one of the largest training centers in Germany, with almost 1000 apprentices. 

This German school of carpentry equips the students with basic skills of modern carpentry, different building materials and how carpenters use them, etc. 

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#3. Holzfachschule (College of wood technology)  

Location: Bad Wildungen, Germany. 

This is a state-approved central Vocational school.

Also, It is a wood technical school that offers open admission to anyone interested in wood. 

This carpenter school in Germany combines traditional and modern high technology in woodworking. Training is theories and Practicals inclusive. 

Therefore, Students are trained in sawing industry, glued wood construction, etc. Advanced teaching is also available for master carpenters. 

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#4. Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences 

Location :Fachhochschule, Germany. 

With its high quality, variety of courses, and excellent studying, Rosenheim is one of Germany’s most beautiful institutions and is located in an economically attractive region. It is also a carpentry university in Germany. 

Wood technology which comprises wood building and construction courses, is a multi-faced and professional education. That is to say; The program prepares students for various areas of Employment within and beyond the wood-building sector. 

Areas covered in wood technology by this carpentry university in Germany include Performance optimization production, Innovative timber construction, etc.

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#5. Berlin University of Art

Location: Berlin, Germany. 

This is another carpentry university in Germany. It is a public University. Berlin University of Arts is the largest art school in Europe and one of four research universities in the city. Also, it is known for being one of the most diversified and prominent universities. 

The woodwork program prepares students for artistic wood carvings and structures. This allows the student to work in art galleries, museums, etc. 

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#6. Zimmerer Ausbildungszentrum 

Location :Biberach, Germany. 

At Zimmerer Ausbildungszentrum, the carpentry program follows a dual system, training and Practicals at the company and theories in the classroom. This carpentry school in Germany offers a piece of comprehensive knowledge of the carpentry trade and the field of timber construction. 

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#7. Euro-train 

Location: Berlin, Germany. 

This carpentry school in Germany does training and retraining in commercial and technical fields of work. Students here learn the trade of carpenters, painters, etc. 

Euro-train Berlin allows joint training or partnership training. Thus, this allows their prospective students to share tasks and experiences with students from other schools. 

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#8. University of Gottingen

Location: Gottingen, Germany. 

A public and internationally renowned research university. 

This university does not train students as carpenters, but they offer basic knowledge and research on wood science. 

Students who want advanced knowledge of carpentry can take up this course at this prestigious carpentry University in Germany. Knowing a certain wood to use for a specific task makes our work stand out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpentry Schools in Germany in 2023. 

How long does it take to learn carpentry?

 An apprenticeship program in carpentry takes about 3-4 years, while a carpentry course takes approximately 9 months-1.5 years. 

Can I learn carpentry online?

 Yes, online carpentry courses are available for you to study at your own will. 

How do I become a carpenter in Germany?

 You can become a carpenter in Germany by taking a course in carpentry or by applying and completing an apprenticeship program. 

Is carpentry a promising career?

 Though it is labor intensive, it is rewarding and has job security. 


Carpentry Schools, universities, and colleges in Germany have for so long been producing graduates with good Artisan skills and preparing them for entry-level jobs in the construction industry. 

You can turn that vision or passion of becoming a carpenter into reality by choosing a carpentry school in Germany within you. Creativity is arts, exploring your interests, and advancing your carpentry skills. 


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