Top Carpentry Schools in Kentucky in 2024 | All You Need to Know 

If you want to become a carpenter, we have listed in this content the top 8 best carpentry schools in Kentucky in 2024. Becoming a carpenter in Kentucky is easy if you choose the right one: colleges, universities, or carpentry schools. 

Carpentry is one of the oldest skilled trades and is heavily dominated by the male gender. Of course, it is a professional trade that requires physical strength or stamina. 

Carpentry work on its own is labor intensive. Also, It requires someone who is detail-oriented and has good mathematical skills. 

On every construction site, you must see a carpenter. They do the sketches, framing, and finishing. It is a skill that has been rewarding since the beginning. 

In the fast-changing world, many skills are becoming obsolete, but Carpentry is a skill that is becoming more modernized and completely fits in.

As much as construction is still on, Carpentry works for hand in glove with it. 

This read provides information on how to become a carpenter and carpentry schools in Kentucky. 

Let’s get started. 

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Is Carpentry a Promising Career in Kentucky? 

With that in mind, let’s look at who a carpenter is;

Simply put, A carpenter is a person who is skilled in Carpentry. 

A carpenter is skilled in joining timbers and wood and turning them into finished goods. Thus, They design, fix, and construct pieces of furniture, houses, etc., with wood. 

Further, A carpenter creates or constructs sketches through a blueprint for houses, bridges, tunnels, doors, etc. 

A good carpenter is in demand in Kentucky. The job outlook for carpenters in Kentucky is expected to rise following the rate of construction activities. Carpentry is versatile and allows you to select a particular niche to focus on. 

An average carpenter in Kentucky earns about $22.41 per hour. However, carpenters with more work experience earn more than that—the more experience in the field, the higher the wage. Often, carpenters are also paid for working overtime.

Carpenters in cities like Louisville, Lexington, Florence, Bowling Green, and Hebron in Kentucky earn higher than others. 

Essentially, The Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters(IKORCC) is a body set up to govern, fight and protect the rights of carpenters in Kentucky. 

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How Do I Become a Carpenter in Kentucky? 

One good thing about Carpentry is that you don’t necessarily need to be certified to become one. 

To become a carpenter in Kentucky, one can seek to be an Apprentice under a master carpenter or go to some recognized local carpenter union and apply for an Apprenticeship program. 

In another way, A person interested in Carpentry can also enroll in a carpentry training course in any institution opting for a carpentry program, be it a trade school or community college. But, You need at least a high school diploma or a GED. 

On completion of the course or Apprenticeship program, the person becomes a carpenter in Kentucky. 

However, getting certified with NCCER(National Center for Construction, Education, and Research) is essential. It is the first step in securing your career. 

Are there Carpentry Schools in Kentucky? 

There are many colleges and trade schools with carpentry programs in Kentucky. Most of them include;

  • Jefferson Community and technical college 
  • Hopkinsville Community College 
  • Bluegrass Community and technical college 
  • Carpenters Apprenticeship School 
  • Ted Harlan woodworking school 
  • Big sandy community and technical college 
  • Southeast Kentucky community and technical college 
  • Somerset technical center
  • Hazard community and technical college 
  • Elizabethtown 
  • Maysville community and technical college 
  • Owensboro community and technical college 
  • Southside technical college etc

What is the Cost of a Carpentry Program in Kentucky? 

Carpentry is a course that inhabits construction technology. In Kentucky, the average fee for a construction program is $21,700.

Besides that, a carpentry training course in Kentucky carpentry colleges costs an average of $4,000-$20,000. In contrast, a course in Carpentry costs about $750-$6500, depending on the type of institution. 

How Long Does it Take to Become a Carpenter in Kentucky? 

Becoming a carpenter in Kentucky takes about 3-4 years to complete an apprenticeship in Carpentry. In these years of training, the person would acquire some skills from on-the-job experience. On the contrary, taking a carpentry training course in a college or trade school takes two years to complete the training.

However, it takes a year to complete if you wish to attend or opt for a carpentry course. 

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Top Carpentry Schools in Kentucky in 2024. 

Most carpentry schools in Kentucky are community colleges. Their training follows a dual process; classroom teaching and hands-on job experience. These carpentry colleges in Kentucky listed here have proven to be the best at what they do. Top carpentry schools in Kentucky are as follows ;

#1. Jefferson Community and Technical College 

Location: Louisville, Kentucky. 

Also known as JCTC, it is a public college in Kentucky. It is the largest among the sixteen two-year colleges of the Kentucky community and technical college. 

This Carpentry school in Kentucky offers a construction technology program. This program proffers career opportunities for essential carpenters, carpenter helpers, residential carpenters, roofers, etc. 

Hence, students completing the program are eligible for entry-level jobs in the construction industry. 

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#2. Bluegrass Community and Technical College 

Location: Lexington, Kentucky. 

This is a carpentry college in Kentucky. It is also among the sixteen two-year colleges of the Kentucky community and technical college. 

The construction technology program in BCTC includes courses like instructional units in blueprint reading, building site layout, foundation systems, etc. Residential and light commercial construction applications are also taught. 

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#3. Maysville Community and Technical College 

Location: Maysville, Kentucky. 

This two-year public college prepares students for successful transfer to Kentucky 4 year college or immediate entry into fulfilling careers. 

Thus, The program challenges learners to accomplish their educational, career, and personal development goals. 

Certificates offered in Carpentry in Maysville include; Basic certificate in Carpentry, which takes less than one year, and an undergraduate certificate in Carpentry which takes about 2-4years.

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#4. Owensboro Community and Technical College 

Location: Owensboro, Kentucky 

Owensboro community and technical college (OCTC) utilizes a semester-based Academic year. However, The highest degree offered in this institution is an associate degree. 

The carpentry program applies technical knowledge and skills to lay out, fabricate, fix, etc. Also, It prepares students for careers as carpenters in manufacturing firms, construction agencies, etc. 

The program courses include; technical mathematics, blueprint reading, finishing carpentry techniques, etc. 

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#5. Hopkinsville Community and Technical College 

Location: Hopkinsville, Kentucky 

With the main campus in Hopkinsville and an off-site campus on the Fort Campbell Army base, the program follows an online, in-person, and hybrid class. 

This Kentucky carpentry school program is a 32-credit hour program consisting of 7 classes and six labs. At the end of the program, students would have earned credentials in the different aspects of Carpentry. 

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#6. Southside Technical College

Location: Lexington, Kentucky. 

Southside technical college is a public high school in Kentucky. Hence, The carpentry program in this school offers courses that will provide skills needed to qualify students as successful carpenters in the construction industry.

Upon completion of the program, students can go entirely into the workforce or choose to receive dual credit for carpentry courses in other carpentry colleges like bluegrass College, etc. 

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#7. Big Sandy Community and Technical College 

Location: Prestonsburg, Kentucky. 

This carpentry college in Kentucky is among the sixteen two-year colleges of the Kentucky community and technical college. 

The carpentry and construction program prepares students for different kinds of carpentry works in the construction industry 

equipping them with the necessary training needed to meet the demands of society. 

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#8. Ted Harlan Woodworking School. 

Location: Louisville, Kentucky. 

This is another carpentry school in Kentucky that gives students hands-on experience and teaches woodworking theories to construct high-end furniture. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Top Carpentry Schools in Kentucky in 2023.

How do I become a carpenter in Kentucky?

 To become a carpenter in Kentucky, you must attend a carpentry school in Kentucky or apply for an apprenticeship program in Carpentry. 

Can I learn Carpentry online?

 Yes, carpentry courses are available online. Therefore, This provision enables you to learn and study anywhere and at any time. 

What is the best way to learn Carpentry? 

Take a carpentry training course in any Kentucky carpentry school, university, or college. On completion of the program, apply for an apprenticeship to help you gain whole hands-on job experience. 

Which is more skilled, Carpenter or Joiner?

 A joiner joins wood without a metal fastener, while a carpenter uses a metal fastener to enter the woods. Also, Carpentry builds and installs wooden frames on buildings. 


A career in Carpentry is worth it, and from a job outlook, A good carpenter is in demand. With detailed information on how to become a carpenter in Kentucky and carpentry schools, universities, and colleges in Kentucky, you can explore your passion and turn your dream into reality. 

What are you waiting for to embrace this rewarding and lucrative career? 


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