Best Carpentry Schools in South Africa in 2023| All You Need to Know

Here in this article, we have prepared a list of the best carpentry schools in South Africa, how to become a carpenter in South Africa, and all the details needed to succeed as a carpenter in South Africa.

You don’t have to look elsewhere because South Africa is home to many technical and vocational training programs. 

Do you wish to become a carpenter in South Africa? Are you interested in Woodworks? 

Do you want to explore the world of the carpentry trade? 

Well, not just having it in your mind, those can become a reality by applying to a carpentry school, university, or college in South Africa. 

Carpentry is one of the oldest skilled trades in the world. Again, Carpentry is creating, building, and fixing wooden structures or frameworks, turning timbers into finished Woodwork, etc. Thus a carpenter is trained in Carpentry. 

With technological advancements, carpentry schools are made available to produce excellent and proficient skilled carpenters to keep the trade going. 

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Why Become a Carpenter in South Africa? 

Many have the zeal or passion for becoming a carpenter in South Africa. However, they have second thoughts about it; they do not see a reason to take up the profession or mortalize it as a career.

Carpentry, even as old as man, is still in vogue. Construction industries are increasing in numbers, which means more job openings for carpenters. Apart from construction, most of the Woodwork we use at home, like chairs, upholsteries, bed frames, tables, kitchen cabinets, etc., are all the Artisan skills of a carpenter. 

Subsequently, there is a growing demand for carpenters in South Africa, and the need for skilled Artisans doubles. 

A carpenter in South Africa earns about R141,000 per annum. But Carpenters with more experience and advanced knowledge earn more than R151,000 a year. 

Thus, Carpentry isn’t a good profession if you always want to be comfortable because it is labor intensive. 

On the contrary, if you enjoy working with your hands and wood, Carpentry is an excellent career. It is financially rewarding, fulfilling, and skillful with job security.

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How do I Become a Carpenter in South Africa? 

One can choose several paths toward becoming a carpenter or pursuing a career in Carpentry in South Africa. 

One has the choice of choosing from these four options;

1. Applying for an apprenticeship program with any registered and accredited TVET college in South Africa. 

2. Learning and completing the four levels of carpentry training under the guidance and supervision of a good master carpenter. 

3. Taking a National certificate course on carpentry-related Engineering studies, completing N1, N2, and N3. 

4. Applying for Artisan Internship. 

Therefore, It is very important to know that on either of the paths taken, a trade test is taken upon completing the course or training. 

How Long Does it Take to Become a Carpenter in South Africa? 

In most 3-4 years, one should be done with an apprenticeship program in Carpentry. On the other hand, A certificate course in Carpentry takes about four weeks or more in South Africa. 

Do we Have Carpentry Schools in South Africa? 

South Africa is home to many vocational trades, and carpentry schools, universities, and colleges are not left out of this. Some of the institutions with carpentry programs in South Africa include ;

  • Plascom training center 
  • BB craft school
  • Varsity Institute of science and technology 
  • Mulani operators machine and welding training center 
  • College of cape Town 
  • MSC Artisan Academy 
  • Central Johannesburg College 
  • DIY Divas
  • Finikiti Woodworks
  • Bolton college 
  • Africa skills private college etc. 

Best Carpentry schools in South Africa in 2023. 

This comprehensive list provides detailed information about the best carpentry schools, universities, and colleges in South Africa. They are as follows :

#1. Mercury School of Woodwork

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Location: Cape Town, South Africa. 

The opportunity to rediscover the old-age craft of Woodwork I available in this carpentry school in South Africa. Therefore, Mercury School of Woodwork has unique goals, training, and teaching. 

They offer beginners, intermediate and advanced courses in the foundation of the woodwork program. The student gains knowledge of woodwork techniques, different materials and their usage, machines and their applications, etc. 

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#2. Finikiti Woodworks

Location: Benoni, Guy, South Africa. 

At this carpentry school in South Africa, we offer three foundation woodworking courses, each covering different experience levels of Woodwork. 

Hence, Students in Finikiti Woodworks acquire basic knowledge of timber and its uses, fastening systems, finishing methods, etc. Students would have earned so much experience in Carpentry upon completing the program. 

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#3. Africa Skills Private College 

Location: Georges, South Africa.

Accredited by the quality council of trades and occupation, Africa skills private college is a carpentry college in South Africa committed to changing lives through training and skills development. 

At Africa skills college, provisions are made for different skills programs like catering, Carpentry, joinery, cosmetology, etc.

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#4. Young Woodworking Training Center 

Location: Midrand, South Africa. 

Construction skills and hazardous waste operations are areas in the construction and environmental training program. 

Likewise, The program provides students with basic technical skills in general construction. 

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#5. Ekurhuleni Training Center 

Location: Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Indeed, another carpentry school in South Africa equips students with essential workshop skills in Carpentry. 

At Ekurhuleni training center, students have access to work for companies as they already have the necessary basic training that they require. 

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Location: Bellville, Western Cape Town, South Africa. 

Northlink college is a government higher educational Institution accredited by the council on higher education and the department of higher education and training (DOHET). 

With well-qualified trainers and professionals in Carpentry and joinery, they deliver quality and experience pack students in the carpentry trade. 

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#7 Africa International College. 

Location: Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. 

At Africa international college, we produce the best graduates with the highest quality Artisan skills. Above all, The provision of dynamic training facilities, continuous qualitative training, and education is always available. Thus, It is one of the best carpentry colleges in South Africa.

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#8. Durban Skills College Zema training and Development center. 

Location: Durban, South Africa 

This is a trade school in Durban and an accredited skills training college center. QCTO and CETA register it. It is also an accredited trade test center for Carpentry. 

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#9. Mnambithi TVET college 

Location: Ladysmith, South Africa. 

Mnambithi TVET college upholds high standards, quality education, and learning. Also, They aim to be one of the leading TVET colleges in South Africa. 

They offer a certificate course in Carpentry which takes about nine months to complete. 

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#10. Kelland International College 

Location: Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Oakland International College is one of Johannesburg’s successful colleges. This carpentry school in South Africa provides effective and quality education and training to students. They aim to produce proficient students with the necessary training to gain entry-level jobs in the construction industry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpentry schools in South. 

How long does it take to become a carpenter in South Africa?

 The maximum of 3-4years.One must have completed carpentry training with hands-on job experience in these years. 

How much does it cost to study Carpentry in South Africa?

 A carpentry course in South Africa costs R7000 and takes a month to complete. 

Is a good carpenter in demand in South Africa? 

A Carpenter with good skills is always in demand as long as it involves construction.

How much does a qualified carpenter earn in South Africa? 

Carpenters in South Africa earn from R5,541 to R17,235 per month. It is dependent on years in the carpentry trade and experiences gained. 


A career in Carpentry becomes easier by choosing the right carpentry school, university, and college in South Africa. 

A career in Carpentry is worth exploring your interests and potential. 


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