Best Carpentry Schools in Tennessee in 2024 | All You Need to Know


Here in this article, we have prepared a list of the best carpentry schools in Tennessee, how to become a carpenter in Tennessee, and all the details needed to succeed as a carpenter in Tennessee.

Learning from a carpenter in your area can be one of the ways to become a carpenter, but it has limitations. 


You must have asked yourself, why go to a carpentry school when you can learn the basic skills from your Dad, who is a carpenter?

Carpentry Schools are essential, as well as apprenticeships in the carpentry trade. Both need each other in equal proportion to produce a good artisan.


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Thus, Carpentry Schools provide insight into Carpentry and its different specialties. With this, one can choose a niche of interest and know how to go about the Carpentry Apprentice. 

Want to start a career in Carpentry? Interested in Tennessee carpentry schools and programs? Then this article is what you need. 


Is being a Carpenter Worth it? 

One might want to consider a carpentry career critically before venturing into it. Being a carpenter is worth it because it is a fulfilling and rewarding career. It allows you to work with your hands. Despite the tools and machines used for carpentry jobs, mostly all work is done by hands.

Carpentry offers different areas of specialization, which in turn will expose you to various work fields. For instance, a commercial carpenter does not work in a particular field. Although he has a specific job, the nature of the job exposes him to different places. 

Further, carpenters have a Good work-life balance. Most carpenters work 40 hours a week and do not work on weekends. Also, Being a carpenter allows you to start your own carpentry company. 

Lastly, nothing is more significant than having a sense of accomplishment from working in your desired field. Most carpenters construct all wooden structures they use in their houses, which serves as moral support and encouragement. 

How much do Carpenters Earn in Tennessee? 

Factors like location, years of working experience, and area of specialization can determine how much a carpenter earns. 

A carpenter in Tennessee earns an average salary of $53,322 per annum. But, The salary range for carpenters in Tennessee is between $46,048 and $61,452.

What is the Job Outlook for Carpenters in Tennessee? 

The employment rate of Carpenters is projected to grow 2% from 2020-2030, slower than other related careers. But daily, there are several job openings for carpenters in Tennessee. 

How do I Start a Carpentry Career in Tennessee? 

To start a career in Carpentry, one must;

  1. Obtain a high school diploma 
  2. Consider other schools (a carpentry training course). It is optional 
  3. Complete an apprenticeship program. 

However, An apprenticeship program in Carpentry takes 3-4 years to complete. It focuses on technical training in the hands-on job experience in one’s chosen field. 

Once completed, you are now a carpenter in Tennessee. 

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Are there Carpentry Schools in Tennessee? 

Tennessee houses several carpentry schools, universities, and colleges. Some carpentry schools in Tennessee include;

  • Midsouth carpenters Regional council training trust fund,
  • Carpenters Elementary schools
  • Remington college 
  • Nashville woodworking school
  • Fortis institute 
  • Lincoln College of technology 
  • Barber Woodworking 
  • The tri-state carpenters training center 
  • TCAT Nashville Portland satellite. Etc. 

What is the Cost of Carpentry Schools in Tennessee? 

A carpentry school in Tennessee costs $2,500 to $10,000.Carpentry schools are relatively expensive. Aside from tuition and living expenses, you also need to buy tools and materials for learning. 

However, the cost varies depending on school type and skill level. 

Best Carpentry Schools in Tennessee in 2023.

We will be discussing the best carpentry schools in Tennessee and their programs.

#1. Chattanooga Woodworking Academy 

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Chattanooga is a non-profit professional woodworking school. Therefore, it provides students with the necessary training to become Master woodworkers. But, It is a four years training course. 

This Carpentry school in Tennessee offers a Woodworking program that allows students to progress at their own pace and skill level. They also learn how to cut and shape wood for any purpose. Under the woodworking program, students will also learn courses like Maths for wood making, architectural drawings, joinery skills, etc. 

In addition, Students are suitable to build and sell their Woodwork. 

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#2. Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT). 

Location: Nashville, Tennessee. 

Tennessee College of Applied Technology has several locations in Tennessee. TCAT Nashville is an above-average public college and one of the Carpentry schools in Tennessee. Indeed, It is a small institution with 619 undergraduate students. 

The Building construction program, which lasts for 20 months, provides basic Carpentry skills necessary for students to work in the construction industry. 

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#3. Nashville State Community college 

Location: Nashville, Tennessee. 

This is also another carpentry college in Tennessee. It is a public community college and an open-entry post-secondary Institution. Nashville State Community college offers a wide range of academic studies toward an associate degree and technical Certificate programs. 

On the other hand, Continuing education in NSCC provides classroom Education and hands-on training on basic Carpentry techniques. 

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#4. Williams Moore College of Technology 

Location: Memphis, Tennessee. 

Williams Moore College of Technology is a technical school in Tennessee. It is a private, not-for-profit institution that utilizes a trimester-based Academic year. Again, it runs an open admission policy.

This college offers training for different technical skills, including Carpentry, welding, electricians, etc. 

Students from this institution also qualify for various entry-level jobs. 

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#5. Woodwork of Knoxville 

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee. 

The Woodwork of Knoxville provides woodworking classes for those interested and who want to learn about Woodwork. As a result, It has all the necessary resources to see you through your woodworking training.

 In addition, Woodwork of Knoxville also runs a woodwork shop. Thus students are carried along practically, theoretically, and business-wise. 

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#6. Lonnie Bird’s School of Fine woodworking. 

Location: Dandridge, Tennessee. 

Owned by Lonnie, a woodworker, this fine woodworking school is among the carpentry schools in Tennessee. This school is dedicated to hardworking, experienced staff willing to share their wood knowledge with students. Likewise, They help students master the art of Woodwork. 

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#7. Cleveland state community college 

Location: Cleveland, Tennessee. 

Cleveland State Community College is a public 2-year college. The Tennessee Board of Regents operates it.

At this carpentry College in Tennessee, students are groomed on basic Carpentry techniques such as layout, cutting fabrication, installation, and repairing wooden structures. Technical mathematics for Carpentry, construction materials, and selection are also taught. 

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Does Tennessee have Carpentry Unions? 

Yes, Tennessee has carpentry unions that protect the interest and welfare of Carpenters in Tennessee. They also offer health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off benefits, etc., to their members. 

Provisions for an apprenticeship, seminars, and retraining courses are also made available to the members of this union. 

How to Join a Carpenters Union Tennessee. 

You can join a carpenters union in Tennessee either as an Apprentice or a Journeyman. To join a carpenters union in Tennessee, you have to;

  1. Locate the chapter close to you.
  2. Fill out an application form and submit it to the union
  3. Attend an interview 
  4. Write a test that proves your knowledge of the carpentry trade. 

N/B; Different chapters have their own rules. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Carpentry Schools in Tennessee in 2023. 

Does Tennessee have Carpentry Unions?

 Yes, we have the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and joiners of America in Tennessee. 

How long does it take to become a carpenter in Tennessee?

 At most, three years. 

Can Carpentry be Self-taught?

 To some extent, one can teach oneself the basics of carpentry skills. But a professional is needed for proper learning, understanding, and supervision. 

How much does a carpenter earn per hour in Tennessee?

 A carpenter in Tennessee earns an average of $23.50 per hour. 


Carpentry schools serve as pre-apprenticeship programs, and their impact has a long way to go in your carpenter career.

Locate a carpentry school near you in Tennessee and begin a journey in this rewarding career.


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