Catholic University of America Acceptance Rate 2023 | How to Get in

Catholic University of America (CUA) is a private-based research university in Washington, D.C. It is the only institution of higher education founded by the U.S. Catholic bishops.

Are you still debating whether or not to apply to the Catholic University of America? I don’t think you should hesitate because, unlike many other American universities, the Catholic University of America is modestly competitive and has a high admission rate.

This article will examine the Catholic University of America acceptance rate and admission requirements.

Brief History of the Catholic University of America

Catholic University of America (CUA) is a Catholic private university in Washington, D.C., United States of America. In 1887, the university was formed by the country’s Catholic bishops. Although undergraduate instruction began in 1904, the university has long been a famous research center. 

The institution has strong ties to the Catholic Church and other Catholic organizations. Undergraduates’ liberal arts, professional education, and personal development are all improved through programs at the Catholic University of America.

The Catholic University of America is a national research university with 5,700 undergraduate and graduate students in more than 250 academic programs on a residential campus in the heart of Washington, D.C.

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Why the Choose the Catholic University of America?

The Catholic University of America is a fantastic school whose mission is to promote academic excellence, personal development, and student development. Students are allowed to learn both inside and outside of the classroom by the institution. 

Few universities in the world can compare to the opportunities available in this culturally vibrant university for enhancing art education. The very clear advantages of attending Catholic University of America are their excellent and qualified staff and the supportive learning environment. 

The school is well known for its in-depth career preparation and practical training. There have been 24 reviews of Catholic University of America, with a mean rating of 4.50 out of 5. Approximately 83% of reviewers said they would refer a friend to the Catholic University of America. 

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What is the Catholic University of America Acceptance Rate?

Catholic University of America has an acceptance rate of 82.5%. This means that out of every 100 people that apply, 82 will be accepted.

With an acceptance rate of 82.5%, it indicates that the school is not overly selective. The school will have its GPA and SAT/ACT criteria. You can be confident that you will be offered admission if you match their requirements. 

If you don’t meet Catholic University acceptance rate, you’ll be one of the unlucky few who are turned down. So stay with me as we look into the requirements for gaining a spot on the CUA’s admission list. 

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Catholic University of America Transfer Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for transfers at Catholic University of America is competitive at 54.01 %. 274 transfer candidates applied to Catholic University of America in 2019.

148 of them were admitted by the school. This only shows how challenging it can be to transfer to Catholic University of America.

Transfer students’ admission to the Catholic University of America is contingent on a minimum grade point average (GPA). However, this is merely a prerequisite before they screen you. However, this does not imply your admission to the university.

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Catholic University of America Acceptance Rate by Major

Catholic University of America offers more than 60 majors as well as more than 60 minors and certificate programs.

CUA’s Majors and Acceptance Rate

Here are few of Catholic University of America majors and their respective acceptance rates:

  1. Political science and government 10.6%
  2. Psychology 8.9%
  3. Registered nursing/registered nurse 8.4%
  4. Architecture 5.9%
  5. Mechanical engineering 5%
  6. Philosophy 4.7%
  7. Finance 4.5%
  8. Marketing/marketing management 4.5%
  9. Business/commerce 4.3%
  10. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering 3.4%
  11. Civil engineering 3.2%
  12. Business administration and management 2.9%
  13. Social work 2.6%
  14. History 2.4%
  15. Computer science 2.3%
  16. Music performance 2.2%
  17. Electrical and electronics engineering 1.9%
  18. Religion/religious studies 1.9%
  19. English language and literature 1.8%
  20. Accounting 1.8%
  21. Mass communication/media studies 1.4%
  22. Economics 1.4%
  23. Biology/biological sciences 1.3%
  24. International economics 1.1%
  25. Elementary education and teaching 1%
  26. Drama and dramatics/theatre arts 1%
  27. International business/trade/commerce 1%
  28. English/language arts teacher education 0.6%
  29. Sociology 0.6%
  30. Early childhood education and teaching 0.5%
  31. General studies 0.5%
  32. Music 0.5%
  33. Classics and classical languages, literatures, and linguistics 0.4%
  34. Biochemistry 0.4%
  35. Mathematics 0.4%
  36. Anthropology 0.4%
  37. Criminology 0.4%
  38. Fine/studio arts 0.4%
  39. Voice and opera 0.4%
  40. French language and literature 0.3%
  41. Chemistry 0.3%
  42. Art history, criticism and conservation 0.3%
  43. Education 0.1%
  44. Mathematics teacher education 0.1%
  45. German language and literature 0.1%
  46. Physics 0.1%
  47. Social sciences 0.1%
  48. Economics 0.1%
  49. Music history, literature, and theory 0.1%
  50. Music theory and composition 0.1%
  51. Keyboard instruments 0.1%

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Necessary Requirements for Catholic University of America(CUA)

As a prospective Catholic University of America student, you should know the school’s admission standards.

Catholic University of America has some requirements for applicants to make their application process easy. These are; 

High School GPA

An applicant’s high school GPA needs to be provided because it shows how well they would do when the school decides to give out admission.

Even if a candidate’s GPA isn’t up to par, they shouldn’t be afraid to apply because other requirements might make up for this.

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High School Transcript

CUA requires every candidate to present their high school transcript during their application process.

The high school transcript is a complete report of the applicant’s academic achievements, starting with the first grading period of your first year of high school till graduation. 

College Preparatory Courses

College preparatory courses are to be taken by college applicants to give them a suitable academic background needed to succeed in a college.

It gives students a brief experience of how it feels to be at college, this prepares them for college and they’re able to adjust when necessary. 

Recommendation letter

A recommendation letter should come from either high school teachers or professors from the previous college attended.

It is written to support the applicant’s chances of getting admitted. CUA requires the recommendation letter to learn more about the applicant. 

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Transfer Requirements for Catholic University of America

Because the Catholic university acceptance rate is high, you have a good chance of becoming a transfer student. Admission processing in CUA takes just two processes.

1. Apply to Catholic University using the Common Application on their website for undergraduate admission, or if you’re applying for a graduate master’s program, submit your bachelor’s degree, a $60 application fee, a statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation, a resumé or CV, and your transcript.

2. Send 5-10 of your best original works in a portfolio.

The minimal number of credits needed to apply to be a transfer student at Catholic University of America is in addition to the requirements listed above. The Catholic University of America demands a minimum of 12 credits from the preceding college or university.

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Catholic University of America GPA Requirements

The only GPA requirement that matters is the one that will allow you to have a shot at getting in. As a result, we’ll look at the school’s current students’ average GPA. CUA has a 3.46 average student GPA.

The average SAT composite score for direct aspiring students at the Catholic University of America is 1230 on a 1600 SAT scale. This makes the Catholic University of America quite competitive. 

Although the Catholic University of America is unlikely to have a fixed ACT cutoff, you should avoid scoring too low because your application will be denied. It’s difficult for schools in the United States to accept a candidate with a low ACT score. 

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What are the Catholic University of America’s Deadlines?

Catholic University of America applicants who intend to enroll should submit their applications as soon as possible to be considered for admission. The university does not accept late applications.

Late applications will be disqualified from consideration. Undergraduate students and potential applicants should be aware of the following application deadlines before submitting their materials:

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Fall Semester

Early Action I: November 1

Students with a significant interest in Catholic University and who feel they can submit a complete, competitive application during their senior year’s first semester are eligible for the Early Action deadline.

Early Action II: November 15

The Early Action options are available to students who have decided that Catholicism is the best fit for them and are willing to attend the school if accepted. The Committee on Admission recognizes applicants who choose Early Action as having made this first-choice commitment, which may provide them an advantage during the evaluation process.

Regular Action: January 15

This deadline is for students who believe that their competitive application will be best served by submitting their final year grades from their senior year’s first semester.

Spring Semester

Regular Action and Early Action I: January 15

Early Action II: March 01

Depending on the course registered for, deadlines for graduate applicants change. It is advised that students view the individual program pages to get a better understanding of the deadlines.

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What is the Catholic University of America Decision Dates?

Applicants who are interested in Catholic University of America get anxious after sending in their applications because they aren’t certain of when the university will reply back to them. 

CUA decision dates are a guideline to tell the applicants when they should be expecting to check their emails for feedback. The University keeps to its decision dates, so no one is left out of the system. 

The Catholic University of America has decision dates are as follows; 

  • Early Decision Deadline: January 1
  • Regular Decision Deadline: February 15

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic University of America Acceptance Rate

How hard is it to get into Catholic University of America ?

Catholic University of America is not difficult to get into. With an acceptance rate of 83.7% for every 100 applicants, 84 are admitted. This means the school is lightly selective. The school has their expected requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

Does Catholic University of America require an application fee?

No, Catholic University of America does not require an application fee for undergraduate admission. The University is very welcoming and does not limit students from sending in their applications. 

Can I study from home at the Catholic University of America?

Yes, the Catholic university of America offers online programs for students who aren’t comfortable studying on campus. In a situation like this, students are given the option to study from home through online means. 

As a student in the Catholic university of America, can I stay off campus?

Yes, you can. Catholic University of America offers students the chance to stay off-campus if they want to. There are many hostels outside the school premises you can stay in.

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The Catholic University of America is among the most prestigious religious universities in the states. The University has a high moral standing and its acceptance rate is high enough for you to secure a slot on the admission list. 

It is one of the best Catholic institutions in America because of its many scholarship programs and less competitive admission screening. CUA is one University you should reach out to.

I hope this article has made it easy for you to send in your college applications and further prepare you for college. 

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