Central South University Acceptance Rate 2023 – Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Most international students who seek to study abroad often choose to study in China. Wondering why? China over time has evolved its universities to be world-class in service, one of them being the Central South University. We have interwoven this piece to enlighten and give you firsthand information on all you need to know about Central South University, its acceptance rate, courses, tuition fees, and scholarships available for all levels and programs.

The information in this piece is verified and up-to-date. You can also compare this university with other elite universities in China such as Tsinghua, Wuhan, Peking and Nanjing University. It’s going to be an educative ride let’s get started.

Central South University 2021 - Tuition Fees| Scholarships and All You Need to Know to Get in
Central South University 2023

Overview of Central South University

Location: 932 South Lushan Rd, Changsha, Hunan, 410083, China

Year Established: 29 April 2000

School Type: Public

Campus Style: Urban

Colors: Blue

Land Mass: 392.4 hectares

Research Output: Very High

Academic staff: 18,000 (January 2020 statistics)

Number of Students: 58,000 (UG 34,000, PG 22,000 based on January 2020 statistics)

Motto: Create Knowledge and Serve Society (As translated in English)

Official School Website: https://www.csu.edu.cn

Abbreviated as CSU, the Central South University is in the city of Changsha in the central south of China. It is one of China’s modern universities which has evolved graciously to be reckoned a part of the Class A Double First Class Universities.

CSU is a member and recipient of the two national key construction projects in China: Project 211 and Project 985. It’s also one of the 32 universities to accede the “211 Project”. The university administration is carried out by the Ministry of Education of China.

Based on its existing track records, strengths, and characteristics, CSU will strengthen collaborative innovation, strive to build itself into a world-class university, continuously improve its international reputation and influence, and actively promote the progress of human civilization within and outside China.

So, if you’re looking for a school that has a track record in civil, metallurgy, science, and technologically related courses, CSU should be your best bet.

History of Central South University

The Chinese State Council on April 29th, 2000 approved the merging of 3 universities: Changsha Railway University (CRU), Hunan Medical University (HMU), and Central South University of Technology (CSUT) all in Changsha. This amalgamation led to the establishment of Central South University.

In September 2017, they selected CSU as a Class A university under China’s World-Class Universities Initiative. Gaining mastery in teaching and practice, CSU has a total of 26 national first-class undergraduate professional construction points. This has announced its success abroad, drawing the attention of international students and residents.

At the beginning of the 21st century, CSU restructured its disciplines and incorporated design, science, pharmaceutical, humanities, etc.

Today, CSU still prides itself in its legacy of education, learning by doing, and learning for using and implementing the ethos of Virtue, Truth, Perfection, and Inclusiveness. Contributing massively to the nation’s development and advancement.

CSU is striving to gather global excellent researchers and students and you’re one of them.

Just before you rush to send in your application, acquaint yourself with the courses, tuition fees, scholarships, and acceptance rate at Central South University.

What’s the Admission Process at CSU like?

Because CSU is still a young institution, its admission process is not stringent. Once you’re good and you apply at CSU, they will admit you. After the admission process, over 80 percent of applicants successfully enroll in the university.

Note: Students are selected based on past academic records and grades. No further examination.

Central South University Acceptance Rate

Central South University Acceptance Rate
Seal of Central South University

Unlike many other universities in China, Central South University has an acceptance rate of 80%. Surprising right. Students who apply at Central South University often get admission because of the high acceptance rate.

Now, this doesn’t mean because the acceptance rate at Central South University is high means they accept anybody. You still have to pass their entrance exam, meet up their requirements and convince the Adcom in your SOP, motivation letter and interview why they should admit you.

When is the Application Deadline for CSU?

All documents to process your admission must be received before June 15th of each year. Applications received after then, might not be considered.

What Courses are offered at CSU?

Central South University offers over 100 courses from across all programs. CSU offers 142 doctoral programs, 282 Master’s degrees, and 83 bachelor’s degrees. Central South University offers her courses in excellence and style.

Majorly, CSU has 10 disciplinary areas. This includes philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, medicine, management, and art.

Central South University offers her courses from 6 campuses, 31 colleges, institutes and graduate schools.

Some courses offered at Central South University include;

  • Marxism
  • Law School
  • Business School
  • Foreign Languages
  • Architecture and Art
  • Public Administration
  • Physics and Electronics
  • Literature and Journalism
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Energy Science and Engineering
  • Material Science and Engineering
  • Powder Metallurgy Research Institute
  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering
  • And many more.

To find out if Central South University offers your course of choice, visit the school’s website for clarity.

What are the Requirements to Apply at CSU?

Just like any other university application, you will need

  • An educational background equivalent to Chinese high school graduation.
  • IELTS or TOFEL certificate for Non-native English speakers.
  • Application Form.
  • Scan copies of previous studies’ certificates, Transcriptions of previous studies, Passports and Health Certificates from a public hospital
  • GRE for Master’s students

What is the Cost of Studying at CSU?

The tuition fees at Central South University are low compared to Peking, Tsinghua, Nanjing, and Wuhan University in China.

Central South University tuition fees for bachelor studies will cost you 5,000 USD. If you’re doing your master’s studies at Central South University, the tuition fees cost 5,000 USD per year.

Note: Tuition fees at Central South University differ. Residents pay lower than international students. All Central South University tuition fees are to be paid in Chinese currency on arrival. Discover more via the school website.

Does CSU offer Scholarships to its Students?

Scholarships are one way Central South University attracts students’ attention from all over the world. Central South University accepts about 120-160 students for scholarships each year.

At Central South University, scholarships are available for bachelor’s, Master’s, doctoral Degrees and language courses.

You can extend your search for scholarships to

  • MOFCOM Scholarship
  • Confucius Institute scholarship of Wuhan University
  • Chinese Government Scholarship of Wuhan University
  • International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Online program
  • Chinese Government Scholarship—CHINA-AFRICA Friendship General Scholar Program

Central South University Rankings

Though a new university, CSU has successfully evolved and is consistently making its way to the top in university rankings. Statistics have it that in the next 3 years, Central South University will compete with China’s renowned universities such as Wuhan, Peking, Nanjing and Tsinghua University. Currently, the university’s prowess is thus;

  • Ranks 50-101st in the Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • Ranks 351–400th World University Rankings 2021
  • Ranks 54th in Asia University Rankings 2020
  • Ranks 651-700th in QS World University Rankings
  • Ranks 101-150th in QS WUR By Subject Ranking
  • 17 subjects entered the ESI global ranking 1%, and 3 subjects entered the ESI global ranking ‰ (Materials Science, Engineering, Clinical Medicine).

What’s the Campus Structure at CSU like?

With the amalgamation of the 3 individual schools that comprise the now CSU, the campus number also increased. CSU is one university in China that has many campuses. Most of its campuses were from individual universities. CSU has six campuses, namely:

  • Main campus:: for junior undergraduates and postgraduates of most engineering schools.
  • South campus: for all freshmen and postgraduates of all humanities schools.
  • New campus: for all freshmen and all humanities and science postgraduates.
  • Railway campus: for junior undergraduates and postgraduates of civil engineering, traffic engineering, software engineering, and architecture.
  • The New Xiangya School of Medicine: for medical postgraduates, with Xiangya Hospital and the State Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics of China.
  • The Old Xiangya School of Medicine: for medical undergraduates, with Third Xiangya Hospital and medical library.

Note: Dormitories are on most of these CSU campuses.

Notable Alumni of Central South University

Though modern, CSU has graduated over 10,000 students who have contributed to society through their innovation. Most of her graduates still identified with the school. Most of her notable alumni include;

  • Wang Chuanfu, CEO and Founder of BYD.
  • Liang Wengen, Founder and chairperson of Sany Group
  • Zhao Lijian, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Jin Zhanpeng, materials scientist and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Huang Boyun, powder metallurgist and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, former President of CSU.
  • Lu Zhangong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, former Communist Party Secretary of Fujian and Henan provinces.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about CSU

Central South University Acceptance Rate

What Language Instruction is used at CSU?

One remarkable thing about CSU is that you have the option to study in Chinese or in the English language. State this in your application.

Tuition fees for courses taught in English are higher than the same course taught in Chinese. Either way, you get quality education communicated in your preferred language.

Is there On Campus Accommodation?

Yes, CSU has dormitories on its campuses. Students who want to cut down costs live in these dormitories, as it’s cheap and more convenient. Others prefer to stay off campus.

What’s the Percentage of International Students at CSU?

3% of CSU students are international students. So yes, international students have a place at CSU.

What’s the Average Cost of Living in Changsha?

Living in Changsha is not expensive. You need about $410-827 USD/Month to live comfortably. The cost of living depends on how you spend and the city you choose to live in Changsha. Most students prefer to live on campus as it helps cut down costs.

What are the Language Requirements for getting into CSU?

Students who apply for Chinese-taught programs must get a minimum score of 180 in HSK4 for non-medical courses and 220 for medical courses while Students who apply for English-taught programs must get a minimum score of 6 in IELTS or 85 in TOFEL.

Students who cannot meet the requirement of Chinese competence will have to take a one-year preparatory course in the Chinese language and pass all the exams before embarking on their programs.


CSU will be more than glad to welcome you. Ready your documents and prepare to have an interview with Adcom once your application catches their interest.

We hope you found this piece educative. Good luck!!!


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