How to Get a Cheap Student Accommodation in Pretoria in 2024 | Full Guide

If you wonder how to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria fast. Then this guide is for you.

Two things that bother most students are financial demands and accommodation challenges.

Academic challenges are also in the mix, but getting student accommodation can be incredibly difficult for students in Pretoria.

Higher institutions in Pretoria give admissions to a large number of students yearly.

Although Pretoria is a splendid city in South Africa with remarkable academic records.

It poses a daunting experience to students seeking accommodation.

With this in view, we’ve put together this article to ensure you don’t encounter the hassles usually faced with finding student accommodation in Pretoria.

Well, go through the available options and show you different places possible.

Finally, you’ll know how to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria fast.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation in Pretoria

#1. Proximity to School

This is at the top of the list.

Living in a residence that is distant from the institution turns out counterproductive.

By so doing, the cost you incur from transportation negates the value of finding low-cost housing.

Examine the proximity of the lodging to the school and inquire about the cost of transportation to your school. Some off-campus lodgings are accessible by foot.

This is the finest solution, and I strongly suggest it. 

#2. Security

Learning in an environment where students’ lives are in danger will be unhealthy.

Ensure the lodging is secure, and you will feel protected. 

This is crucial for international students who are new to the city and may not be familiar with the native language.

Get the contact information for the school security and the area where you will be staying; this will come in handy if there is an emergency.

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#3. Accommodation Facility

Good and fast internet is a requirement of a good lodging facility.

Availability of water, electricity supply, the status of the structure, and environmental conditions.

Be on the lookout for these factors and meet your taste before paying.

How Do I Get Student Accommodation in Pretoria?

Getting student accommodations in Pretoria comes with many tasks.

This is mainly because the number of admitted students is high each year.

Also, the number of cheap student accommodations in Pretoria is low.

This brief guide will examine the best methods to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria. 

Step 1: Start Early

Starting early to find student accommodation gives you many advantages.

As soon as you obtain admission into school, it would be best to begin applications for student accommodation.

Generally, accommodation is given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you apply, you get a better chance.

Considering the large number of students who’d also be admitted into the school, it’ll only be wise to start early.

If you applied to the University of Pretoria, visit

Step 2: Research and Compare Options

Doing your research can not be underestimated.

Since many options exist, it’d be best to check for the best possible agents through which you can get cheap student accommodation.

The following are Some agents for student accommodation in Pretoria:

Step 3: Your Budget

Finding accommodation within the allowance of your budget is a good guide.

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on accommodation helps you save for other expenses.

Make a budget and stick to it.

Step 4: Ask Questions

Asking questions to people who have gone before or are currently enrolled at a university in Pretoria smoothens the way for you.

Due to how difficult it is to get accommodation, many will be willing to help you find an affordable one.

Senior colleagues and indigenes of the city will help you better understand everything you need to know.

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List of Cheap Student Accommodations in Pretoria

Cheap Student Accommodation in Pretoria

Ensuite accommodations are considerably cheap. 

The accommodation is usually shared with others, thus reducing the cost.

With a price tag of about R1,390, it is lower than individual private apartments.

While in some institutions’ accommodation, the meal and accommodation are already paid for.

The ensuite accommodation allows you to eat to your taste.

Here’s a list of some providers for student accommodation in Pretoria:

#1. Hatfield Square 

Hatfield is a great place to place your search for student accommodation in Pretoria.

It offers a combination of single and shared bedrooms.

They are also virtually present on the University of Pretoria campus, making it a good base for TUKS students.

The various options available are:

  • Hatfield Sharing Dorm
  • Hatfield Apartment with Kitchen
  • Studio
  • Hatfield Single Dorm
  • Hatfield Square, and
  • Sharing En-suite in Hatfield Square

#2. Urban Nest Pretoria Housing

Urban Nest accommodation is uniquely cited for students at the University of Pretoria.

Being close to the campuses, Urban Nest accommodates the University of Pretoria and surrounding academic institutions. 

Urban Nest student accommodation is a 26-minute walk from the Tshwane North TVET College. But 7 minutes by bus. 

Moreso, students at the University of South Africa (Sunnyside Campus) can take a 28-minute walk or 9 mins bus ride from their residences to campus.

UrbanNEst accommodations stand out from others because they are cheap and at student-friendly prices.

#3. Eastwood Village 

Eastwood Village is situated very close to the University of Pretoria, making it one of the best student accommodations in Pretoria in 2020.

Also, It is considerably cheap compared to other accommodations. 

With a capacity to accommodate 508 students, there are 2-bed, 4-bed, 5-bed, and 8-bed apartments.

#4. West City 

Another of the easiest ways to get cheap student accommodation in Pretoria without hassles.

Additionally, it provides students with more than just a roof, a bed, and a desk.

It offers an all-inclusive rate that covers laundry, parking, a gym, free wifi, a swimming pool, study and computer centers, and also recreation or chill rooms.

In short, you get your money’s worth with west city.

Going to school is also catered for by the provision of free bus transport by the west city to the TUT campus daily.

Where Do I Get Pretoria Student Accommodation?

The best way to get student accommodation in Pretoria is to start online.

If you don’t already live in Pretoria and can walk around doing the lookout for your sale, checking various websites is the best bet for you.

Checking out the school’s website for on-campus accommodation you can choose from is a good start.

However, if you rather prefer to live off-campus, there are some websites you can also look up. Here are a few:

#1. CampusKey – Glyn Street, Pretoria

CampusKey offers student accommodation in Hatfield.

The Pretoria campus is located within walking distance from the University of Pretoria.

It is also centrally located in proximity to all other amenities.

More so, we gather that all the rooms are fully furnished and to a modern standard. 

#2. Respublica 

Respublica is a renowned website for getting state-of-the-art student accommodation in South Africa.

They offer cheap student accommodation in Pretoria, located nearby the school campus. 

Moreso, there are various options on the type of student accommodation you may get.

Various bedroom types, modern studios, all-inclusive living, and lots more.

Student Accommodation in Pretoria FAQs

Is student accommodation first come, first serve?

Yes, student accommodation in Pretoria is offered on a first-come-first-served basis. You can get rooms based on their availability and the preferences you set on the waiting list.

What’s the WiFi like?

Of course, good internet is nice to have. Most accommodations that include this in their charges provide free wifi to all residents. You’ll mostly have free and uncapped access to the wifi where you live. Besides, it is what you pay for. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Student Accommodation in Pretoria?

Off-campus student accommodation in Pretoria is located outside the school. 
Most such accommodations are close to the school’s campus and generally provide amenities similar to those on campus.

The price for student accommodation varies depending on the type you choose. These student accommodations are of two types:
– Private apartment
– Shared apartment

Private accommodation can cost anywhere from R4,250 – R4, 800 per month. 
Shared accommodation costs about R1930 per month. These prices could vary depending on the student’s choices and their taste.
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What campuses are the University of Pretoria?

The campuses at the University of Pretoria are:
– Hatfield Campus
– Hillcrest Campus
– Groenkloof Campus
– Printshop Campus
– Onderstepoort Campus


We found that it often stresses students to find cheap accommodations in Pretoria.

But with the few tips we’ve laid here, you’d be better set to find an ideal accommodation for yourself.

Getting over any residential hassle saves up time for you to focus on your academics.

By all means, this keeps your mind at rest and makes your school journey better planned.



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