Cheap Vacations for College Students in 2024


Many options are available for cheap vacations for college students. Everyone in college wants to know how to travel cheaply as a student.

Vacations are always great to take, as they refresh your mind and give you a new perspective. However, not many college students have the money to sponsor an exciting trip to the best of places.


Or even having the best tour for college students in any of the world’s most popular destinations.

With that in view, we’ve constructed this article as a guide to help you find the best places to visit.


We’ve also compiled a list of trustworthy tips to follow and some advantages to taking time off from school.

Finally, we’ve outlined some places you can visit on a low budget.

Oftentimes, college students desire to go on a summer break, a spring break, or even a winter break. Yet they are limited by their financial capacity to find such vacations. There are many unique places to visit that won’t drain your pockets.


Sometimes finding them could be an issue. So for you, we’ve done the research and will provide you with some options.

Do you know you can get discounts on some items as a student? At the end of this article, we will show you how to get discounts when buying student items.

What is a Vacation?

A vacation or holiday is time off from work or a special trip or adventure, usually for recreational or tourism purposes.

Vacations are popular during particular holiday observances, festivals, and festivities.

Why Do I Need A Vacation as A College Student?

Cheap Vacations for College Students

One of the finest ways to get more out of life is to take advantage of opportunities to visit new locations and meet new people regularly.

You should explore more of the world, meet new people and learn new things.

Finding opportunities to go overseas after starting a career can be tough.

Besides, there is no better moment than now to seize possibilities.

Cheap Vacations for College Students | Benefits

Below are some benefits you can derive from taking a vacation as a college student. You can also check the 10 Best College Student Laptop Discounts You Can Get.

Learning in a New Environment

Education differs from country to country.

Traveling is beneficial to education since it allows students to experience a variety of environments.

It allows you to consider the subject you’re learning and life in general from a different perspective.

As a result, vacations can help you get a better grasp of happenings in your surroundings.

Someone studying business, for example, might learn more about how businesses are handled in other nations.

This can be useful both in college and after graduation in the professional world.

Discover Different Cultures

People all have distinct values, languages, and perspectives on life worldwide.

You will be exposed to numerous new ideas even on a casual, cheap spring break vacation for college students.

Moreover, immersion in a foreign language is often accompanied by cultural exploration. If you are learning that language, this is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills.

As a college student, you have a remarkable opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of cultural exploration. Imagine yourself learning German in Birmingham or Japanese in Tokyo, or any language and place you plan to visit.

By immersing yourself in the local language, you’ll forge a deeper connection with the people, traditions, and history of your chosen destination. While the classroom provides a foundation, it cannot fully capture the essence of a culture.

Through travel, you’ll witness its vibrant tapestry firsthand. Engaging with locals, savoring authentic cuisine, and navigating bustling markets will expose you to new perspectives and customs. You’ll develop a heightened awareness of communication nuances and gain valuable insights into the daily lives of those around you.

Taking some cheap student trips is surely worth the price.

Also, it may be one of your first opportunities to leave behind their familiar people and locations truly.

Finally, it is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your skills and practice talking with people.

Make new Friends

There are plenty of people to meet among your fellow students, perhaps teachers, and of course, the locals in your destination.

This might be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and create lasting bonds.

Say you just found some places to go during summer break college students.

Your shared experiences might provide an opportunity to establish truly significant relationships.

Even better, there are plenty of exciting group activities to participate in. Before we go any further, you can check the Best Study Desks for Students at Home.

How to Plan an Awesome Vacation While at College?

Planning For an affordable summer vacation and wonderful places to go during summer break?

Or is it for winter or just cheap student trips?

There are a few steps to take and things to note to get yourself the best experience.

Deciding where to go:

This can sometimes be the hardest part. Do you want to go somewhere warm or cold?

Do you like beaches or the mountains? This depends on what’s fun for you.

Mode of Transportation:

How do you want to get there?

Do you want to spend money on driving or flying?

That is, taking a bus or a plane.

In any case, you should compare the prices of locations to help you find what best fits your budget. 

Looking for the Flight:

Using various platforms to help you find flights is a great help.

Platforms like Google Flights, Kayak, Priceline, and Momondo are some of the toppers in that regard.

They’ll typically check your traveling options for different flights, and display comparisons on flights, hotels, cars, or trains.

Then redirect to the airline’s website showing when it will be cheapest.

Using this can save you a ton of stress. 

Your stay:

Make sure you’re safe during your stay. Use reliable websites to book your hotel or Airbnb., Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and are dependable for finding a place to stay on vacation.

Airbnb and VRBO platforms compare listings from hosts in the area. It is not always a large hotel or company. Be aware and cautious when looking for the right one. Tips for finding the right one include:

  • Book in advance
  • Decide what amenities are most important to your stay
  • Read the reviews
  • Connect and message with the hosts about the property
  • Be aware of additional fees not included in the nightly rate
  • Take a look at the availability calendar to see how competitive the listing is and how urgent it is to book

Dining on vacation:

Most of the cost during your stay will be on food and drink.

Prices are different depending on location.

You’ll need to know how much it will cost to feed daily.

However, staying in a place with a kitchen can save you a few meals.

The average cost of restaurants each day for an adult is around $60.

Tips to save money on food:

  • Pack your food and bring it on the trip.
  • Cook more at home
  • Make a budget estimate for each night you plan to go out

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Cheap Vacations For College Students in 2023

If you’ve been wondering how to travel cheaply as a student and some of the best places to visit.

Then here’s a list of some Cheap Vacations For College Students.

Sampling various places across the world, this list shows you fun places for college students to travel:

  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Panama City, Florida
  • Albania
  • Niagara Falls, New York/Canada
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Portugal

#1. Ecuador

Ecuador is indeed a great sight to behold.

With its lovely bright beaches and places to explore, it is a perfect spot to practice your Spanish skills from class.

Ecuador is one of the best places for college students to travel.

Although it may not be every traveler’s first choice when planning a South American Vacation.

This makes it one of the cheap vacations for college students.

The Galapagos Islands are worth all the time you can spare for an unforgettable visit.

The tourist-targeted crime rate has decreased substantially.

Ecuador is a low-cost option for any college student; you can divert your budget to having a good time there.

#2. Bolivia

Despite its growing popularity among tourists, Bolivia remains a budget-friendly location for college students.

It can be an easily affordable summer vacation for college students.

Although the plane ticket may be expensive depending on your departure location.

Once you arrive, you’ll realize that you can afford many things on a low budget.

If you plan ahead of time, transportation, food, booze, and lodging could all be less than $20 per day.

#3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an easy vacation for American students because flights are typically not too long or expensive.

You don’t need a passport as it is a U.S. territory.

You’ll be able to meet other students and travelers from all over the world.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy a fantastic party atmosphere with local rum-packed mojitos.

San Juan features a plethora of student-friendly hostels with nightly prices as low as $15.

Make a point of visiting La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce.

It is an area filled with traditional eateries and pubs popular with locals.

It’s a great spot to taste Puerto Rican food, see sights, and get happy hour drink discounts.

#4. Panama City, Florida

On the beautiful Gulf Coast lies Panama City Beach, Florida.

It claims itself as “The World’s Most Beautiful Beach.”

Also popularly referred to as the “Spring Break Capital of the World.”

It’s easy to see why as you walk the 27 miles of pure white sand beaches with the Gulf Coast waters licking your toes.

Consider going to Panama City in the fall, September or October.

During these off-season periods, the prices are lower and the crowd less.

#5. Albania

Albania’s cost of living is substantially lower than that of the rest of Europe.

Although it is generally true that traveling to Europe isn’t cheap.

However, Albania is an exception, and it also benefits budget visitors.

This is a great option if you’re wondering how to travel cheaply as a student.

With the beaming sunlight and leisure spots, this gorgeous Mediterranean country has some fantastic beaches to explore.

#6. Niagara Falls, New York/Canada

Nature is always a beauty to behold.

Niagara Falls is a prime destination when planning cheap student trips or affordable summer vacations for college students.

It spans the boundary between New York and Ontario and fills your eyes with awe and gladness.

There are several inexpensive motels in the Buffalo region.

 You’d get an even cheaper deal, especially if you avoid the hectic summer tourist season.

Moreover, you can walk across the Canadian side from the US for a lively evening atmosphere.

#7. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans houses one of the best tours for college students.

It’s an incredibly unique place in the U.S.

It displays a rich history, intriguing culture, delicious food, and a constantly buzzing nightlife.

The perfect scenery encourages cocktail to-go cups.

Importantly, some hostels in and near the French Quarter offer very reasonable accommodation rates for students.

Also, the parking rates are quite high here, so you’d rather take streetcars or enjoy walking around.

#8. Indonesia

Indonesia, particularly the island of Bali, has now become an option for cheap vacations for college students in the US.

Not only is it increasing in popularity, but also an affordable holiday destination to visit.

From lush jungles to postcard-perfect beaches.

Indonesia is an excellent choice for anyone seeking adventure on a budget. There are over 1000 islands you can visit in Indonesia.

Whether you visit Bali, Sumatra, or any of the others you can expect clean accommodations, games, and delicious delicacies.

#9. Thailand

Thailand has always been a favorite among student visits due to its appealing locations.

It has quickly become a spot for cheap winter vacations for college students.

To save money while traveling in Thailand, consider staying in a hostel with shared rooms and restrooms.

Particularly, in the winter, you can come here for warmth and sunlight.

Its cheapness and fun make it one of the best tropical vacations for college students.

#10. Portugal

European countries are generally expensive to visit, but Portugal offers cheaper rates compared to its counterparts.

Although Portugal is often disregarded by travelers, it is rich in explorative history and antiques.

Visiting the capital city Lisbon exposes you to a good share of historical and cultural landmarks.

The cost of living in Portugal is 30% lower than the rest of western Europe.

The Algarve’s coastal villages are perfect for relaxing on the beach and spending a good time.


There are many cheap Vacations For College Students.

Going once in a while will offer you the much-sought relaxation from school and refresh your mind.

However, planning a vacation or places to go during summer break as a college student will require you to know your options.

Hence this article. So consider your budget and your personality and pick a destination.

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FAQs On 20 Cheap Vacations For College Students In 2023

Why Do I Need a Vacation as a College Student?

Of the many advantages and experiences you can get from taking vacations these stands out:
– Learning in a new environment
– Discover different cultures
– Make new friends
– You’ll learn some useful tips that you can pass on to others.

How can college students travel cheap?

Here are a few useful tips on how to travel cheap as a student:
– Stay on a budget
– Use a ridesharing service.
– Be adaptable.
– Obtain a student discount card if possible
– Take advantage of train and bus savings.

What are the cheap vacations for college students?

Some cheap vacations for college students are in the following places:

– Ecuador
– Bolivia
– San Juan, Puerto Rico
– Panama City, Florida
– Albania
– Niagara Falls, New york\Canada
– New Orleans, Louisiana
– Indonesia
– Thailand
– Portugal

Can I Travel While In College?

College can be packed with many activities.
Even if you’re juggling all that college throws at you, you can still have some good time to cool off. It’s very possible to travel while in college.

Best Student Discount in 2023

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