Top 10 Best Christian Schools In Michigan 2022

Here’s a selection of the best christian schools in Michigan, West michigan, in the grand rapids, in Zealand and on how to get into a christian school.

Michigan is a populous state in the US and boasts of attractive features. In other words, there are lots of great schools in this state. 

In this article, we’d be focused on the best Christian schools in Michigan.

This guide will assist you in finding the ideal Christian school for yourself or a ward.

Do you want to know how much attending a Christian school will cost?

We’ll provide you with some important details on things to watch out for while choosing the best Christian schools either in West Michigan, Grand Rapids or Zealand. 

So read through carefully and you’d find the best Christian school that is ideal for you.

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Are There Christian Schools In Michigan?

Best Christian Schools In Michigan

This state is one of the largest states in the US that has lots of schools. There are 112 Christian private schools in Michigan.

In other words, yes there are lots of Christian schools in Michigan and because there are so many, we’ll highlight a few of the prominent ones. They include

  • Grand Rapids Christian High School
  • Southfield Christian School
  • Spring Vale  Christian School
  • Plymouth Christian Academy
  • West Michigan Lutheran High School
  • Andrews Academy
  • Auburn Hills Christian School
  • Novi Christian Academy
  • Parkway Christian School
  • Holland Christian High School
  • Michigan Lutheran Seminary
  • Oakland Christian School
  • Lutheran High School Northwest
  • Grace Christain School

How Much Does Private Christian Schools Cost In Michigan?

In Michigan, the average private school tuition is $7,288 per year .

Also, private elementary school tuition costs on average $6,157 annually, while private high school tuition costs on average $10,949 annually.

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What Are The Best Christian Schools In Michigan?

Choosing the best Christian school can be difficult, especially in a state with many options. However, to assist you in making your decision, we have selected the best institutions in Michigan. Therefore, your options will be more limited. 

So, here are the top ten Christian schools in Michigan.

#1. Grand Rapids Christian High School

This is a well regarded private Christian high school. Also, There are 918 students in grades 9 through 12, and there are 13 pupils for every teacher. The highest grade available’s tuition is $11,240.

The essence of every Christian school is to equip the students to serve Christ in the world today as well as laying an excellent academic foundation.

As such, this school is doing a great job at it. It’s one of the best Christian schools located in Michigan. With the help of the teachers, they work hand in hand to ensure that every student recieve the best knowledge.


#2. Southfield Christian School

This school serves children in Prekindergarten through 12th grade and strives for excellence for the glory of God. It is also a College preparatory school.

 This school molds God-honoring students into leaders in their community and the society at large by providing them with the highest level of academic knowledge. However, the tuition at the highest level is $11,000 per year. 

In addition, every student at every grade level has numerous extracurricular options to pursue their interests in the fine arts, athletics, and academics. Also, they take their sports activities seriously as this school boast of numerous athletic championships.

Therefore, this school provides an all round development for your children. For you to know how to get into this Christian school, you can visit their website to follow up with the process.


#3. Spring Vale Christian School

This is a prestigious private boarding Christian school in Owosso, Michigan. 

The student-teacher ratio is 5 to 1 and there are 68 pupils in PK–12 there. For the highest grade available, tuition is $11,500. 

They also ensure that Christian values-based school curriculum is provided to their students.

 Furthermore, they make sure that their graduates are well equipped for admission to the best universities of their choice.

Being a student of this school makes you to uphold good morals and follow Christ through positive role models, words, and acts.


#4. Plymouth Christian Academy

What makes this school special is it’s well-rounded educational system that ensures the development of a student by offering challenging academics in a Christ-centered relaxed environment. 

They educate the students from a biblical worldview and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and leadership. Also, the tuition is $12,516.

Our goal at Plymouth Christian is to educate kids from a biblical point of view and prepare them for college. 


#5. West Michigan Lutheran High School

This academy is located in Wyoming, Michigan and is a well regarded private Christian school.

Furthermore, there are 24 pupils in grades 9 through 12, and the student-to-teacher ratio is 4 to 1. For the highest grade available, tuition is $6,500.

This  strives to see that every student receives the very best faith based education. 

So you don’t need to go too far looking for a Christian school as West Michigan Lutheran High School got you covered.


#6. Andrews Academy

This is a secondary Seventh-day Adventist school that is located on the Andrews University campus. 

In this school, they offer grades nine to twelve in a coeducational setting.

They ensure that the students think critically, serve selflessly and entirely respect God.


#7. Auburn Hills Christian School

This school is a highly regarded private Christian school situated in Auburn Hill, Michigan. There are 210 pupils in PK–12, with a student–teacher ratio of 6:1. 

Also, the cost of tuition for the top grade available is $5,387. 

Furthermore, this Christian school is an ideal place because they provide a learning environment that is suitable for the student. Thus, enhancing their academic development.


#8. Novi Christian Academy

This school is  a Christian coeducational preparatory college located in Novi, Michigan. With 450 students in grades PK–12, it has an 11:1 student–teacher ratio. For the highest grade available, tuition is $9,025.

This institution is one of the best Christian schools in Michigan and is perfect for your children because the school ensures they get the best education along side their Christian faith to become commited in the things of God.


#9. Parkway Christian School

This institution is an outstanding Christian school situated in Sterling Heights, Michigan. It has  a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1 is present among its 483 pupils in grades PK–12. For the top grade, tuition costs $8,500. 

So if you stay in Sterling Heights, and you’re looking for a Christian School that’s best for your children, this is ideal for you as this school is dedicated in preparing their students for higher education, profession and even their faith in God. 


#10. Holland Christian High School

This academy is among the best schools in Holland, Michigan. Also, with 632 students in grades 9-13, it has a student-to-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. The tuition for the highest grade is $9,933. 

So if you’re looking for a school that will prepare your children’s mind academically and spiritually then this school is best for you. 

Furthermore, they carry out lots of extracurricular activities and different spots activities.


What Are The Best Christian Schools In Grand Rapids, Michigan?

This city is the second most populous and largest city area in Michigan. Nevertheless, here’s a list of the best Christian schools that you can enroll in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Grand Rapids Christian High School
  • Northpointe Christian School
  • Grand Rapids Seventh day Adventist Academy
  • Plymouth Christian High School
  • Covenant Christian High School
  • Legacy Christian School

What Are The Best Christian Schools In Zeeland, Michigan?

This city may not be as popular as other cities. However, you’d find some of the best Christian  schools here in Zeeland, Michigan.

They include:

  • Zeeland Christian School
  • Borculo Christain School
  • Christian Community Pre-school
  • Zeeland East High School

What Are The Best Christian Schools In West Michigan?

The Christian schools in West Michigan provide the best in their education program and they also have a large range of extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, both the students and teachers cooperate to ensure the school curriculum is worked on properly and as such being about development in the student. 

Therefore, here’s a list of the best christian schools in West Michigan.

  • Western Mi Christian High and Middle School
  • Fremont Christian School
  • Grand Haven Christian School
  • Muskegon Christian School
  • New Era Christian School

How Do I Get Into A Christian School?

After deciding on the school of your choice, you can apply online. To apply, you will complete an online application, schedule a time for your child to be tested, and arrange for a parent interview. 

However, different schools have different way of school application. Therefore, it’s best to visit the selected schools’ website .


Michigan is a state to lots of different schools, however in this guide we’ve selected the best Christian schools to help you with your decision. 

Also, we listed out the best Christian school within different cities in the state, such as Grand Rapids, Zeeland and West Michigan.

Therefore, selecting a Christian school that is best for you wouldn’t be so difficult now, would it?

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