Colorado College Acceptance Rate 2023: Admissions, Courses And Scholarships

Colorado college acceptance rate is extremely low and competitive compared to other colleges in Colorado. You might need to ask this and many more questions before sending your application to Colorado College.

This article has been able to deal with possible questions you might have concerning Colorado college and their respective answers to give you more knowledge on the school, including the Colorado college acceptance rate, tuition fee, and, lest I forget to mention, the requirements you’ll need to study there. Just don’t stop reading.

History Of Colorado College

Colorado College is a private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was founded in 1874 by Reverend Thomas Nelson Haskell in memory of his daughter.

Reverend Thomas described the college as a coeducational liberal arts college, and just as so many universities and colleges located in the US have stayed long past the 19th century retaining its original purpose, Colorado college has also retained its focus on liberal arts.

Presently, this college offers admission and enrolls approximately 2000 undergraduates each season at its campus. Consequently, Colorado college has topped the list of high-ranking colleges in the state, and these rankings give Colorado college the recognition it deserves in terms of academic excellence and great value.

Graduates from this college have never failed to be the best in different sectors. A few notable alumni of this college include Marc Webb, Steve Sabol, Ken Salazar, Dutch Clark, James Heckman, Thomas Ferril, and Liz Chenel who says a lot about the school.

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Why Choose Colorado College?

Amongst other colleges around the states, there are excellent reasons why you should choose Colorado college. Colorado College offers 33 minor programs and 42 majors. You can also obtain different degrees, including master’s and bachelor’s degrees in your respective field of interest.

At Colorado College, the student-faculty ratio is 9:1, which means 75.2% of the average class at Colorado college has less than 20 students. You should know by now that the lesser the class size, the easier it gets to acquire more knowledge with the professors paying more attention to the students.

It also doesn’t require any admission fee to apply to study there and this includes transfer and international students too.

It has a wide range of programs to pick from, and whichever program you pick, this college is bent on providing the best knowledge you need to succeed in your field. This doesn’t go down to just states school alone; it also includes international students.

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What Is Colorado College Acceptance Rate?

Colorado college acceptance rate is 13.6%, with an early decision acceptance rate of 14.6% for early decision applicants. The acceptance rate is relatively low, and this rate has made Colorado college one of the colleges with the lowest acceptance rate in the US.

This rate makes admission into Colorado college very competitive and selective, as the college only wants to admit the best students who can soar high in different sectors of the world.

Every intending applicant for this college should have it in mind that it is a little challenging to get into, especially with the Colorado college acceptance rate of 13.6%, but that shouldn’t scare anyone; if you meet the basic requirements, there’s no possible way you wouldn’t get admitted.

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What Is Colorado College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Colorado College acceptance rate for a transfer student is 11.25%. This explains that for every 100 transfer applicants’ applications received, only 12 students are accepted.

Transferring to Colorado College requires you to be the top student in your previous college. The high rate of students transferring into Colorado college every year has made it relatively difficult to transfer into the college, especially with the low acceptance rate.

What Is Colorado College Tuition And Fees?

The tuition for Colorado College is $64,554 each year, which means the average fee for each semester is $32,227. Alongside the tuition fee, there are several fees you would need to pay, and they are listed below.

  • Student activity fee: $474
  • Housing: $8,376
  • Meal plan: $6,000
  • Books and supplies allowance: $1,240
  • Miscellaneous allowance: $1,354
  • Transportation: $1,230
  • Health and insurance: $2,930
  • The estimated cost of studying at Colorado college: $86,158

The average cost of studying at Colorado College is relatively high for most students. However, most students receive income, financial aid, and grants from Colorado College, which subsidizes the amount for students and their respective families.

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Colorado College Acceptance Rate By Major

As aforementioned above, Colorado College has a relatively low acceptance rate. That rate applies doesn’t apply to majors due to how sought in demand they are, and as a result, it increases competition. The majors below have an acceptance rate of 11.25%.

  • Anthropology
  • Arts
  • Asian Studies
  • Business, economics and society (BESoc)
  • Chemistry and biochemistry
  • Classics
  • Classics – English
  • Classics – History and politics
  • Comparative literature
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Environmental studies program
  • Feminist and gender studies
  • Film and media studies
  • French
  • Geology
  • German
  • History
  • History – Philosophy
  • History – Political science
  • Independently designed major
  • International political economy
  • Italian
  • Mathematical economics
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular biology
  • Music
  • Neuroscience
  • Organismal biology and economy
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Race, ethnicity and migration studies
  • Religion
  • Russian and Eurasian studies
  • Sociology
  • Southwest studies
  • Spanish and Portuguese
  • Theatre and dance

The below majors have their own acceptance rate

  • Social sciences: 30%
  • Biological and biomedical sciences: 18%
  • Natural resources and conservation: 6%
  • Physical sciences: 6%
  • Computer, information sciences and support services: 6%
  • Psychology: 5%
  • English language and literature: 5%
  • Gender, ethnic, cultural, group and area studies: 4%

Colorado College Admission Requirements

Your admission into Colorado College relies on you reaching the basic requirements. All you have to do is meet these requirements, so below are the basic requirements for admission into Colorado college.

  • Fill out the application form through the common app
  • Official high school transcript
  • Writing supplement
  • Teacher’s evaluation
  • Counselor’s evaluation
  • Early decision agreement ( for early decision applicants)
  • Financial aid application (for applicants with financial needs)
  • Standardized test scores

Prospective students can apply through the common app, coalition app, and quest bridge application.

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Colorado College Transfer Requirements

The school values transfer students, and specific requirements are needed from transfer students before admitting them.

  • Fill up the transfer application through the common app
  • Personal statement/Essay
  • High school and previous college transcript
  • College report
  • Academic evaluations/recommendations
  • Financial aid application (if needed)
  • Interviews

Colorado College GPA Requirements

The GPA requirement for Colorado college is 3.89 on a 4.0 scale. Colorado college requires you to be above average and at the top of your class. Your transcript should show almost straight A’s as it reveals to Colorado college that you can handle academics on a college level.

What Are Colorado College Deadlines?

All applicants must submit their applications before the deadlines to show how academically prepared they are, and the university will not consider late applications.

Deadline for all intakes: January 15

Colorado College Decision Dates

Applicants can apply using early decision (binding), early action, and regular decision. Early decision is the binding method of application where the student agrees to attend Colorado college at all costs before receiving an admission offer.

  • Early decision 1: November 1
  • Decision released: Mid December
  • Early action: November 1
  • Decision released: Late December
  • Early decision 2: January 15
  • Decision released: Mid February
  • Regular decision: January 15
  • Decision released: Mid March

Colorado College Acceptance Rate FAQs

Does Colorado College Give Merit-Based Scholarship?

Colorado College gives merit-based scholarships depending on the strength of the academic work of the student, including school performance, essay quality, and teacher’s recommendation. There is no particular application for merit-based scholarship consideration.

What Division Is Colorado College?

Colorado College is a member of the southern collegiate athletic conference (SCAC), and it is the 11th member of the NCAA Division III league.

Is Colorado College A Good School?

Colorado College is ranked as one of the best liberal arts colleges anyone can study in. With all things being considered, Colorado college is a good school, and the academic calendar is top-notch as it is scheduled in the best interest of the students.

Is Colorado College Difficult To Get Into?

Colorado College is difficult to get into as it has one of the lowest acceptance rates. However, if you meet up to the school’s standards and requirements, you’ll have no problem getting in.


Colorado college is one of the best value colleges worldwide as it offers quality education to students with high-quality teaching staff, quality, and variety of classes, adequate facilities, and a good learning environment for all students.

To gain access to all the benefits of studying at Colorado college, all you have to do is to fulfill all the basic requirements it is an excellent choice of university, but its still up to you to decide if it has precisely what you need from university, so you don’t go through the hassle of having to transfer college. Good luck

Reference – Apply And Study At Colorado College

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