Compliance Manager Job Description | Duties & Responsibilities

An ideal compliance manager job description will contain the duties and responsibilities to expect and also the essential skills to have.

This job description you will read has all that and even more.

A compliance manager must ensure that the company adheres to government policies.

You will also be responsible for periodically reviewing procedures and reports, establishing compact policies, and preparing reports for stakeholders and government bodies.

Performing these duties requires candidates with a keen understanding of government and company standards and policies.

Also, an ideal candidate needs to possess certain skills and attributes.

You will have to act professionally at all times while performing your responsibilities.

Compliance managers should also have good communication and leadership skills.

These skills are essential for performing all your duties and responsibilities.

The minimum academic qualification for a compliance manager is a bachelor’s degree.

To know what a compliance manager does, continue reading this job description.

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What does a compliance manager do?

Compliance managers are responsible for evaluating the method of operations used in businesses.

You will be in charge of ensuring that all business operations comply with all local, state, federal, and labor and company laws.

You must stay up-to-date with all relevant laws and policies to do this. 

Also, your company will rely on you to ensure it meets all necessary eligibility requirements to maintain its license and permits.

Compliance managers are also responsible for training employees.

This training involves educating them on relevant local, state, and federal policies and what they must do to meet these standards.

You will also ensure that all operations comply with all necessary safety standards.

It is not just the company’s method of operations that should comply with necessary policies.

But, the products produced or services rendered should also meet quality standards.

Failure to perform your duties properly and stay up-to-date with relevant laws can result in huge fines from the government.

Also, it can result in loss of license and permits.

Sometimes, external compliance managers are contracted to review the company’s business methods and practices.

Also, a compliance manager may be sent by enforcement or regulatory agencies to enforce laws and standards in a particular company.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Compliance Manager?

Considering the nature of this job, you will agree that having a keen understanding of your duties and responsibilities is important.

This is because there is no way you will succeed in any job without knowing what your responsibilities are.

On that note, you may want to focus on the duties and responsibilities section.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a compliance manager usually featured in most job descriptions:

1. Ensure Compliance with Policies

A compliance manager must ensure that all business operations and practices comply with relevant standards, laws, and policies.

You will do this by regularly inspecting daily business activities.

Also, you will be responsible for regularly inspecting the business environment to ensure it meets environmental standards.

Products must also meet all necessary quality standards.

2. Work with the Human Resources Department

Compliance managers are also responsible for dealing with compliance violation issues with the human resources department.

You must ensure that employees who violate standards and policies face necessary disciplinary actions.

3. Report Violations to Regulatory Agencies

Compliance managers who work for a company are responsible for informing the management about compliance issues.

But, those sent by regulatory bodies are to report compliance issues or violations to the enforcement or regulatory agencies.

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4. Train Employees

A compliance manager must train employees.

Training often requires a training manual that contains all relevant local, state, and federal laws.

The compliance manager will explain these laws to the employees during the training.

You will also relate the consequences of not complying with these laws to them.

5. Prepare Compliance Reports

After carrying out daily and periodic investigations and inspections, a compliance manager is expected to prepare a compliance report.

Compliance reports must also be submitted to management and external regulatory agencies.

You will also be responsible for informing the management about a necessary upgrade to operations and practices in compliance with the required standards.

Other duties and responsibilities of a compliance manager include the following:

  • Work with attorneys to handle legal compliance issues.
  • Ensure that all monitoring devices and software are in place.
  • Review and modify the company’s policies.
  • Keep a record of all compliance activities.
  • Quickly detect compliance issues and violations and handle them immediately.
  • Staying updated with all regulatory policies.

What Qualifications do I need to Become a Compliance Manager?

Compliance manager is not an entry-level position.

As such, you will need to have experience working in a particular business sector before being eligible to become the compliance manager in that sector.

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum academic requirement for becoming a compliance manager.

A degree in law, business management, business administration, or any related field is preferred.

Compliance managers must be professionals in their sector.

You must know what a particular business sector entails before being considered for the compliance manager role.

Typically, employers look out for candidates with at least five years of experience in quality control.

And a minimum of two years of experience in any supervisory position.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is advantageous.

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What Skills should a Compliance Manager have?

1. Communication Skills

An ideal compliance manager should possess good communication skills.

You are to be able to communicate verbally and in writing as well.

This skill is relevant for educating employees about local, state, federal, and company laws.

It is also important for preparing compliance reports.

Also, a good compliance manager should possess active listening skills.

2. Interpersonal Skills

A compliance manager should be capable of developing a good working relationship with other employees and company stakeholders.

Also, developing a good relationship with external inspectors is relevant.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

A good compliance manager should be able to identify compliance problems quickly.

Through critical, analytical, and logical thinking, you should be able to come up with the best and most practical solutions to problems.

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4. Attention to Detail

Also, the duties of a compliance manager require giving good attention to detail.

That way, you can quickly spot areas where relevant laws and policies are not adhered to.

5. Reading Comprehension

Taking time to carefully read and understand all local, state, federal, and company laws looks trivial, but it isn’t easy.

Therefore, a good compliance manager has to be someone who naturally can read and understand bulky information.

Aside from reading these laws, it would be best if you always kept them in your mind.

6. Professionalism

As much as you must develop a good working relationship with other employees, standards must never be lowered.

How much do Compliance Managers make?

On average, compliance managers are paid $67,870 per year.

Their salaries range from $38,170 per year to $107,010 per year.

The following factors usually influence the salary of compliance managers:

  • Employers: Those who have more experience are likely to receive better pay.
  • Location: compliance managers who work in countries where the economy is bad may receive poor salaries.
  • Experience: Those with more experience are also likely to receive better pay than their less experienced colleagues.
  • Qualification: Compliance managers who have more advantage qualifications are usually paid better than those who are less qualified

Compliance Manager Work Environment and Schedule

Compliance managers usually work in offices, and from time to them, they go out for inspection.

Sometimes, the job may be stressful and demanding.

Typically compliance managers work on regular working days and hours.

But, their job schedule may vary depending on their job type.

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Compliance Manager Job Outlook

According to the balanced career, the United States bureau of labor statistics does not estimate job opportunities for the different types of compliance managers.

But the job opportunities for financial compliance managers are estimated to increase by 10% from 2016 through 2026.

This is higher than the average 7% increase estimated for all occupations.

Conclusion: Compliance Manager Job Description Guide

I believe this job description has been helpful to you.

If you have more questions about becoming a compliance manager, please comment.

Although this job description was compiled with prospective compliance managers in mind, it can also serve as a template for organizations.

Organizations that use this guide as a template for creating their unique job description can make relevant adjustments as long as it supports their goal.

Also, Individuals can use this guide to create a professional compliance manager resume.

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