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15 Computer Science Jobs for You to Earn Big in 2021

15 Computer Science Jobs for You to Earn Big in 2021
Computer Science Jobs for You

It’s no longer news that the world is at the peak of its digital age. This has led to an increase in demand for Computer Scientists making computer science jobs “hotcakes” in 2020 and beyond. In the early 19th century, studying computer science was considered “not a great career path” because of lack of jobs.

Today, there are many computer science jobs available for you. You just have to develop yourself in a particular niche and watch your money bag increase with every pay.

These guys are good and highly needed this is why prospects are awaiting them after graduation from school. We are here to educate you on how you can leverage on this advantage.

Welcome aboard!!!

Introduction: What is Computer Science?

The invention of computers and the advancement in its use led to a scientific study called COMPUTER SCIENCE. Computer Science is a branch of science that deals with the theory of computation, design of computers, operation, artificial intelligence and application of computing knowledge.

Computer science is a broad course therefore it was divided into many other niches.

How do I know I want to study Computer Science?

Let’s say you’re yet to apply to study computer science but you’re not sure if it will be a good decision. Well, here are some tips to know if this career path is for you or pack your bags and seek other alternatives.

Just like any other course of study, computer science requires dedication and some major attributes. Don’t quote me wrong. Anybody can study computer science, but it’s easier if you have some character traits or skills that will make your ride smooth.

You should study CS if;

  • You have problem solving ability.
  • You can decipher codes
  • You enjoy learning machine languages
  • You love working on the computer system.
  • You love programming and inventing machines with digital intelligence.

From our research, computer scientists are

  • Analytical.
  • Creative
  • Technical
  • Pays attention to details
  • Have zero tolerance for errors
  • Responsive to change and advancement

Analysing these, the journey to study computer science will be a lot easier because these skill set supports it.

Computer Science Niche

The essence of learning a computer science skill or studying the computer science course is to apply your knowledge via a job or your personal work.
In applying your knowledge, you need to have a niche. Your niche is your area of specialty. There are many CS jobs available in today’s world, but it largely depends on your niche, personal skills, values, and interests.

Here’s are some of the best CS niche you might consider

Computer Hardware Engineer

A Computer hardware engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and testing the hardware components of the computer, such as routers, circuit boards, and memory devices.

Scientist in this niche need a combination of technical expertise and creativity. They must be conversant with emerging trends and avid learners who can create the latest programs and applications.

This niche requires a high level of perseverance to carryout multiple comprehensive tests to ensure the hardware component is error free and can perform its function effectively. Therefore, they must have zero tolerance for errors.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Through research and information, the Computer and information research scientists invent high technology that solves complex problems. They also find extra dimensions for using existing technology that actualize the same goals.

Wonder who writes algorithms? It’s the computer and information reserve scientist. The write algorithms used to analyze and detect patterns in large databases. Most of them do as far as creating programs that a robot operates on.

Computer and Information Systems Managers :

They oversee to the general management of the company’s technological needs. The Computer and information systems managers analyzes the technological needs of the company and foster the implementation of data systems.

Requisite skills include high organization skills and the ability to test software, hardware, networking, and other technology resources for purchase or development purposes.

It’s also in their jurisdiction to hire, train, and supervise staff, interpersonal skills are necessary in this role. They must be powerful leaders who can communicate effectively with their staff. This job goes beyond technology and the computer world. Great interpersonal relationships is an added value.

Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects create, designs, implements, and maintain data communication systems and computer networks, such as local area networks, wide area networks, extranet, and intranet.

Just like a building architect, they assess the needs of companies for data sharing and communications using the internet. Computer network architects test the products and services available in the marketplace, tests systems before they are implemented and subsequently resolves problems as they occur after the setup.

Having great analytical skills to test computer networks is an advantage.

Computer Systems Analyst

It’s the Computer systems analyst’s job to assess a company’s computer systems, identify errors (if any) and recommend changes to hardware and software components to enhance the company’s efficiency.

This job requires regular communication with managers and employees. The computer systems analysts therefore need to have strong interpersonal skills. He/she should be able to convince staff and management of the company to adopt new technology solutions that meet organizational needs.

Having the ability to observe trends and evolving technology will be a plus for the computer system analyst.

Database Administrator

It’s in the job description of a database administrator to analyze and test the data needs of users. Database Administrators are to develop and improving the data resources used to store, update, and retrieve critical information.

They require a high level of problem solving skill to correct malfunctions and alterations in databases. They also change systems and update them in line with evolving user needs.

Information Security Analyst

Cyberattacks was security breaches arose the need for Information security analysts. They create systems to protect information networks and websites. They also undertake research trends in data security to forestall problems and install systems to prevent harms before they occur.

They secure the company’s internet presence from attacks and hacking via systems they create. Information Security analysts need strong problem-solving skills and rapt attention to investigate breaches, determine the causes, change or repair security systems.

IT Project Manager

These are project managers in the IT world. They are to coordinate teams to carryout a project. They gather effective hands to complete projects. They propose solutions to technical difficulties and tips to increase productivity they encountered during their routine checks.

An IT Project Manager must have broad knowledge on leadership and projects. He must posses strong interpersonal skills, communication skills and zero tolerance for errors. .

Software Developer

Software developers create software programs. This skill allows them to develop programs that allow users carry out specific tasks on computers or mobile devices. They are in charge of the entire development, testing, installations and maintenance of software.

This skill requires a high level of creativity required to solve problems. It requires the individual to have a unique approach to solve a particular problem. To do this software developers need to be fluent in computer languages, coding and programming.

Software developers develop applications for phones, computers and more.

Web Developer

They involve Web developers in developing website and its maintenance. They assess the needs of users for information-based resources and create the technical structure for such websites. They ensure users can access web pages and easily download contents through a variety of browsers and interfaces.

Through search engine optimization, web developers structure sites to maximize the number of visitors and page views. Having a strong communication and interpersonal skills will be highly needed. The web developer must be creative to structure websites uniquely.

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How do I Start my Computer Science Career?

If you’ve taken your time to observe your skill set and abilities and you’ve made a choice to study computer science, then you have to move further. .

We recommend you choose a niche and perfect your skills. Learn all the basic things you need to know to be “hireable”. Once you’re in, your journey just started.

Do not skyrocket your dreams to become a highly sought after computer scientist, it comes with perfection, years of experience and knowledge.

Apply for entry jobs. Computer science offers a wide range of full-time entry-level jobs that require less work experience. These jobs can open doors to more advanced professional opportunities in the long run.

These Entry-level positions may include terms like “junior,” “assistant,” or “associate” in job postings to signify that they hold a lesser responsibility than mid-level or senior positions within an organization.

Use this as a platform to learn, advance and “know your onion”

What are the Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2021?

All computer science jobs are a sure deal, computer-related jobs pay better because the need for them are relatively high. Here’s a list of high paying computer science jobs in 2021;

  • UX Designer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Game Designing
  • Security Engineer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Security Consultant
  • Software Developer
  • Mobile App developer
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Principal software Engineer
  • Full Stack Software Developer
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

What’s the Average Salary of A Computer Scientist?

To give a direct answer would be false because depending on your niche, work location and country, the pay differ. What’s important is that you know that computer scientist do not earn meagre salaries.

To earn big in the computer world, be an expert in your chosen area of expertise. Being an expert not only rewards you handsomely, but it attracts the big companies like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, etc

We recommend you focus on being a “guru” or a professional and then expect a “fat salary”. According to PayScale and Bureau of Labor Statistics of May 2019, we have put together the average annual salary of some niche in the computer world.

  • Web developers earn $73,760
  • Project managers earn $88,896
  • App Developers earn $109,000
  • Software developers earn $107,510
  • Database administrators earn $93,750
  • Computer systems analysts earn $90,920
  • Information security analysts earn $99,730
  • Computer network architects earn $112,690
  • Computer hardware engineers earn $117,220
  • Computer and information research scientists earn $122,840
  • Computer and information systems managers earn $146,360

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Science Jobs

Is there Stability working as a Computer Scientist?

Yes, this is one of the strongest and stable jobs in the world today. The world at its level of “digitalization” is still going digital. From our research, popular destinations estimates a high level of stability and opportunities for CS students.

In the US, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Computer & Information Technology (IT) jobs will grow by 12% come 2028.

Australia estimates the number of Software and Application Programmers will grow from 121,300 to 146,800 by 2023.

There is surety been in the CS sector or the IT world. Like we stated earlier, be professional at your services and they will reserve your spot for long.

Can I Juggle my profession with a CS Job?

Yes, most people consider CS jobs as a “side job”. One benefit of this skill is the freedom it gives you to work at your pace from anywhere in the world. So yes, you can juggle everything provided you can manage your time well. You don’t want to make a terrible impression on your clients.

Is Computer Science hard?

Well, that depends on the angle you’re coming from. Just like any other course, it requires dedication, investing your time and getting the best out of your chosen area of expertise.

If other person’s have made it through successfully. Then it’s easy.

Are Computer Scientists trained only in school?

No, going through a school gives you a degree in computer science. The degree makes it easier to apply for jobs. They can train you online and in other tech schools. Some tech schools offer certificates which endorses your training. Check out these free online courses you should find a computer based training there.


Computer science jobs are stable. Developing yourself in any of its niche it’s a significant advantage. We recommend you find a niche in the CS world because it gives you the opportunity to work remotely and earn big.

We hope you found this piece enlightening. Share to friend and family.

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