Copywriter Job Description | Duties and Responsibilities [Updated for 2023]

As a copywriter, understanding your job description is important If you must work effectively for your employer. Certainly, every business faces competition, and often, the major way to beat your competitors is proper Advertising. At this point, the job of a copywriter is employed.

Ever wondered why big companies still advertise their product on practically all possible platforms like social media, Google, newspapers, and television channels? And who exactly comes up with the brilliant advertising content?? Of course, the copywriter.

This article discusses all you need to know about the Copywriter job description.

Who is a copywriter

A copywriter is a person who creates plagiarism-free, accurate, and engaging content that is capable of causing the audience to take action.  Such content is used for advertisements across all possible advertising platforms. These platforms may include; social media, television, radio, and even print.

The type of copy a copywriter writes will depend on the employer’s demand. It could be a web copy, literature, or just any other form of writing. The more versatile your writing skills are, the more indispensable you become. Practically every big business you know employs the service of a copywriter.

Why copywriting?

Since you are still reading this article, I guess you want to know more about the job description of a copywriter. Or, you are probably considering a career path in copywriting. Here are some reasons why copywriting may be a good profession for you.

  • A copywriter’s job involves so much creativity and helps you think outside the box.
  • Depending on your choice, if you decide to become a freelancer, you may be able to work from the comfort of your home.
  • It is a good way to convert your skill and passion for writing Into a source of income.
  • So many businesses are going online and have understood the need for good advertising. As a result, the need for copywriters will certainly increase.

There are so many reasons why one should consider copywriting. But, not everyone will excel in that career path.

Is copywriting the right profession for you?

copywriter job description

Before deciding on whether you want to become a copywriter or not, here ate some questions you should see as yourself

  • Am I creative enough to create content that will prompt positive action?
  • Do I have a passion for writing?
  • How versatile are my writing skills?
  • Are the services of a copywriter required In my environment? If not, am I ready to seek employers online?
  • How flexible am I?

After answering these questions honestly to yourself, and you think you have what it takes or are willing to learn on the go, read on. Let’s see the major job description of a copywriter.

What do copywriters do? – Copywriter job description

Copywriters may work as freelancers for companies or as part of an advertising or social media agency team. It is a good profession for converting your skill and passion for writing into a well-paid job.

Here is a list of some of the duties and responsibilities of a copywriter. Whether as a freelancer or part of an agency.

Duties and responsibilities of a copywriter

Here are some of the copywriter’s duties and responsibilities;

  • Create accurate and copyright-free content that is capable of causing action.
  • Produce engaging content for social media platforms that fully expresses what the brand stands for.
  • Create and manage a good social media presence for a brand or business.
  • They may also be responses for branding a company.
  • Work as a team with public relations to know customers’ minds to create marketable content.
  • Research how to grow a business using creative content for marketing and advertising.
  • Be flexible enough to fit into any form of working schedule.
  • Critically think of concepts and ideas for advertising.
  • Direct the cast and models during shots for advertisements.

If you finally take up a job as a copywriter, those are your necessary duties. Although those duties do not look difficult, not everyone can carry them out.

Below are some of the skills and personalities a good copywriter must have.

What are the skills and personalities that suit a copywriter?

  • A good copywriter must have a good understanding of how social media works.
  • Necessary computer skills such as the ability to use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Good communication and persuasive power.
  • Be able to speak and communicate in English.
  • Expertise skills in writing
  • Proper understanding of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Must be experienced in content creation for advertisements.
  • Self-confidence and well-organized.
  • Give attention to details.
  • Work well as a part of a team and as a leader.
  • Posses good project management skills.

A passion for writing and versatility will also be a huge bonus.

What qualifications are required for copywriting?

As important as having a passion for writing is in this field, it is not the only required qualification. If you intend to take up a career in copywriting, you should also consider a degree in marketing, journalism, mass communication, human resources management, business management, or advertising.

The goal of copywriting is to prompt the desired action by your audience. Having a formal understanding of how business works and how to communicate with your customers is important. Apart from a bachelor’s degree in any of the abovementioned fields, you can also take various classes online.

Such classes last for about two months, and certificates are issued after passing the online test. If you do not major in any of the fields listed above but still desire to take up a job as a copywriter. You can also take some online courses on digital marketing and copywriting. And in no time, you will be employable.

A copywriter must never stop learning effective ways to create marketable content, even after getting the required certificates. Certificates do not make a good copywriter; practice does.  Experience is one of the necessary qualifications in copywriting.  Employers will want to see some of your successful content before accepting you.

Copywriter job title

While creating a portfolio as a copywriter, it is important that you clearly state your qualifications and skills.

And also important that you show how well you understand the job description of a copywriter. One way to help employers know you understand the job description is to state what type of copywriter you are.

Here is a list of the titles of different types of copywriters.

  • Social media copywriter
  • Brand writer
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Freelancing copywriter

Stating your title will make it easier for those needing your services.

How much do copywriters earn?

What you earn as a copywriter depends on who you work for, and how long you work. Your ability to strike a good deal with your employer will certainly be to your advantage. For a start, you may earn up to $25,000 per year. As you acquire more experience, your pay should increase.

As you know, the more experienced you are, the better the pay. Therefore an experienced copywriter may earn up to $97,000 per year. A freelancer’s earnings depend on their fixed rate and how much employers are willing to pay.

If you want to earn more, improve your skills and qualifications and move to locations where your skill is required. If you can’t move, upload your portfolio to platforms where people search for such services.

How do I get a copywriting job?

Contrary to what searching for a job used to look like about a decade ago, things have changed. You do not have to take your documents from office to office to get a job. All you have to do is create an account with platforms where employers come to search for employees.

The beautiful part of it all is that you can even work for your employer without having a physical meeting with him. To search for platforms where you can upload your portfolio, click here.

Conclusion; Job description of a copywriter

Working as a copywriter is lucrative and fun to do the job; the pay is also quite good. If you have a passion for writing and hope to make money from it, copywriting is certainly a field to consider. Now you know the job description of a copywriter, would you love to become one?

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