7 Best Culinary Schools in Charlotte, NC in 2024 | How to Apply

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there are programs leading to associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts. Both 2-year public colleges and 4-year private universities in the region offer programs. 

Those interested might choose from several culinary programs in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can use this article to learn more about degree options and specializations in the culinary arts.

Some culinary arts programs offer specializations in baking and pastry arts, food service management, and nutrition. 

The classroom components of associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs are supplemented with practical training in a campus kitchen. 

Programs may also allow you to travel abroad and get experience there. Some courses can prepare you for American Culinary Federation accreditation (ACF).

Keep reading about the best culinary schools in Charlotte, NC.

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Are there Culinary Schools in Charlotte, NC?

Unfortunately, there are very few culinary schools in Charlotte, NC. These culinary schools are:

  • Central Piedmont Community College
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Community Culinary School of Charlotte
  • Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen
  • The Tiny Chef LLC
  • Sweet Spot Studio CLT
  • Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios Rea Farms

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What are the Culinary Courses Offered in Charlotte, NC?

Food production principles and practices are one of the many subjects covered in culinary education. This study looks at the following:

  • Work organization
  • Recipes and modifications
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Cooking techniques
  • Maintenance and use of tools and equipment

The courses that different institutions provide may vary. The following topics are covered in several three-year undergraduate culinary arts courses:

  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Culinary Skills
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Baking Skills
  • Food Commodities
  • Gastronomy
  • Food Management Facilities
  • Personality Development
  • Some subjects in the postgraduate culinary arts course are,
  • French Cuisine
  • Cheese and Wine
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Leadership and Management
  • World Cuisines
  • Food Styling and Presentation 

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What are the Best Culinary Schools in Charlotte, NC?

The few culinary schools in Charlotte are considered the best in the State. They are:

1. Central Piedmont Community College

A culinary skills curriculum at Central Piedmont Community College can help you prepare for commercial kitchen work. 

The program’s curriculum includes classes in grade management, international cuisine, fundamental cooking techniques, and food and beverage administration. The course will also aid in your preparation for the ACF’s certification exams.

One of the top culinary arts programs in the nation is located in Central Piedmont. Additionally, the culinary arts program is the only one in Charlotte to have received “Exemplary Status” from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC). 

Additionally, they were the only culinary program in North Carolina to be listed among the “Top 20 Best Culinary Schools on the East Coast” by Best Choice Schools (BCS).

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2. Johnson & Wales University

A thorough culinary arts program is available at Johnson & Wales University, and it includes instruction in meat cutting, menu planning, new world cuisine, and food safety. 

The institution also offers possibilities for internships so that you can gain experience working in a professional kitchen. 

Additionally, you might have the chance to benefit from an exchange program that would allow you to receive culinary instruction in France or Ireland.

Another option is to go for a culinary arts bachelor’s degree. Johnson & Wales offers a variety of degree programs, including culinary nutrition, general culinary and food service management training, and baking and pastry arts, depending on your interests. 

The institution also provides a program for potential restaurant entrepreneurs if you’ve always desired to start your own business.

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3. Community Culinary School of Charlotte

This distinctive culinary institution is a nonprofit focusing on helping people find employment and workforce training. 

CCSC assists underemployed adults, particularly those who live in underserved areas, in finding and keeping jobs in the food service sector.

This comprehensive curriculum, established in 1997, also offers training for job preparedness. 

Additionally, it gets pupils mentally and physically ready to be their best selves.

The Workforce Training program at CCSC offers an innovative response to the interconnected issues of homelessness, hunger, and unemployment. 

They focus on unemployment as the primary contributor to poverty rather than its symptoms. They do more than give someone a fish; they also instruct kids on preparing, cleaning, and marketing fish. 

For adults facing obstacles, including a lack of skills, incarceration, addiction, homelessness, or problems reintegrating veterans, they offer pathways to opportunities in the food service business. 

The primary objective of the CCSC program is for graduates to transition from dependence to self-sufficiency through long-term employment.

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4. Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

Chef Allyssa offers cooking and baking classes for adults, teenagers, and kids if you seek entertaining and engaging culinary courses. This school boasts a custom-built kitchen with cutting-edge appliances to make beautiful meals.

They assist folks in a variety of ways to enjoy delectable meals. Cooks learn how to prepare delectable, seasonally appropriate meals at home in their hands-on sessions. 

Their private parties are made to be social and full of delicious fun. Their corporate catering service goes above and beyond the fundamentals for lunch. 

In addition, they provide family-prepared meals, Saturday brunch, and tools that make healthy cooking simple. At Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen, your next delicious dinner is waiting.

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5. The Tiny Chef LLC

The Tiny Chef LLC is committed to food preparation using sustainable and beneficial methods while supporting North Carolina farmers for those who have a passion for enjoying beautiful meals.

Let Chef Susanne teach you the joys of creating your culinary masterpieces your friends and family will rave about for weeks, from cooking classes to wine education for adults.

The culinary school offers the following:

  • Chef Demonstrations
  • Cooking Classes

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6. Sweet Spot Studio CLT

To satiate the cravings of interested and aspirant bakers in Charlotte and the neighboring areas, Sweet Spot Studio started in the fall of 2018. 

They provide intensive seminars for professionals in the field and pastry and baking classes for bakers of all skill levels.

Their sessions are enjoyable, instructive, and delectable – ideal for a mother-daughter outing, a girls’ night out, a date, or anybody seeking an informative tour.

The staff at Sweet Spot Studio are committed to giving everyone who wants to learn more about baking and pastry arts access to affordable, high-quality education. 

Students frequently tell them that they seek a school that provides a variety of classes without requiring a long-term commitment.

Many of their students have jobs outside of baking, which serves as their creative outlet. Some people want to change occupations, polish their current abilities, or learn something new. 

Each student group’s demands are considered while creating the standard classes. In every one of the classes, they ask the students why they are there and make sure they leave prepared to pursue their objectives. 

By demystifying baking, they seek to inspire students to pursue their hobbies outside of the classroom.

They provide Level 2 and Professional Level classes for more advanced students. The descriptions of all advanced courses provide a list of prerequisites. 

Also, they are a renowned company offering a 12-week professional training program, 2-day classes, and boot camp-style classes.

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7. Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios Rea Farms

Every youngster learns through experiential learning. You can create the spirit of a Lil’ Chef by combining the components of entertaining, energetic adults and a passion for freshly prepared meals. 

From preschoolers to young adults, this school provides incredible programs like birthday parties, weekly classes, camps, adult classes, corporate events, kids’ night out events, and etiquette classes.

This school offers:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Camps
  • Franchise Opportunities
  • Weekly Classes
  • Online Cooking Class
  • Special & Family Events
  • Adult Cooking Classes
  • Kids Night Out: Date Night For You

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How Much Do Culinary Schools in Charlotte, NC Cost?

When you take into account the 22 culinary schools in the State, it becomes evident how much Charlotte depends on knowledgeable cooks. 

Numerous Associate’s degree and certificate programs are available from these institutions. The average scholarship award in North Carolina is $1,593, which helps to defray the $5,322 average cost of tuition. 

With an average 51% approval rate, you might want to submit your best work while applying.

How Long is A Culinary School in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte’s culinary art school programs range in length depending on the institution or type of curriculum. 

Depending on the culinary school chosen, the culinary cooking school can last anywhere from one month to four years.

When deciding whether to enroll in a culinary art school, there are a number of alternatives to think about, such as the duration of the program, the school’s location, the courses or programs it offers, the cost, and more.

Choose the option that is best for you while taking your time.

What are the Requirements of Culinary Schools in Charlotte, NC?

The requirements of culinary schools in Charlotte, NC, are:

Submit an application

You must fill out the application and submit it to the school you want to attend as an applicant.

Schedule an Interview

Before they join the upcoming class, all prospective students must be questioned by a school representative.

Schedule an evaluation

You will be given a tour of the Culinary School building during the examination. This is a requirement of the application process and an assessment of your abilities and attitude.

Drug Screen

You’ll be required to take a drug test on-site before class starts. The pupil will never be charged anything. To start the program, a drug test must be completed. Students might also be required to submit a drug test while in the program.

How Much Does A Culinary Make in Charlotte, NC?

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the average chef earns $38,282 annually. A chef makes, on average, $18.40 per hour.

Culinary chefs utilize their leadership and culinary expertise to ensure that the kitchen team collaborates to provide meals guests enjoy safely and effectively. 

In addition to preparing and cooking the food, chefs use their creativity to develop new recipes and dishes that restaurants can serve. 

Chefs learn many of their skills on the job. If you enjoy cooking, have innovative ideas in the kitchen, and don’t mind taking on a leadership role, becoming a chef may be a fantastic career choice. 

The amount of experience you have, the kind of restaurant or another environment you work in, and whether or not you specialize in a particular cooking style all affect how much money you can make as a chef. 

One opportunity to boost your income and provide freedom with your work schedule is to run your kitchen or restaurant.


The history and impact of the most famous cuisine types in the world’s approach to mastering new skills and a surprising amount more are offered in culinary schools.

They provide projects that allow students to choose and follow the ones most appropriate to their culinary goals and aims, giving them a route to stable, long-term employment in the food administration business.

I hope you find this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Chefs Get Paid in Charlotte?

The average national salary of chefs in Charlotte is about $18.40 per hour.

However, this differs depending on the area, the chef’s level of training or education, and the kind of chef.

Is Culinary School in Charlotte Hard?

The culinary arts are a unique specialization that is both interesting and delicate because they deal with food and food-related topics.

Furthering the study of culinary philosophy and principles, culinary art degrees may include more intensive concentrations in nutrition, food science, or hospitality.


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