Best Culinary Schools In Germany | 2023 Ranking

Attending culinary schools in Germany may give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and technique as a culinary professional while cultivating the expression of your inner artist.

Also, culinary schools in Germany are schools that imbibe their students with the necessary culinary skills needed to chase their culinary careers.

In this article, I will talk about the culinary schools in Germany and some of the reasons why you would like to attend these culinary schools.

In culinary schools in Germany, students are able to engage in invigorating explorations of cuisine, culture, and artistry.

Are There Culinary Schools In Germany?

Yes, we have different culinary schools in Germany which are of high standards and high representation.

These include:

    ●Institute of Culinary Arts 

    ●Taste Academy 

    ●Edelweiss Cooking School

    ●Grill Academy


    ●Cologne Taste Academy 

    ●BP Culinary Institute

    ●Miomente GmbH München

    ●Kochschule Berlin

Are There Culinary Schools In Germany For International Students?

Yh, Here are some culinary schools in Germany that are for international students,

Institute of Culinary Art, Taste Academy Cologne, BP cooking school Cooking Stuttgart.

What Are The Best Culinary Schools In Germany?

Here is a list of the best culinary schools in Germany based on their rankings.

These include

    ●Institute of Culinary Arts 

    ●Taste Academy 

    ●Edelweiss Cooking School

    ●Grill Academy


    ●Cologne Taste Academy 

    ●BP Culinary Institute

1)Institute of Culinary Art

The ICA Global Apprenticeship has a program geared towards expanding the professional qualifications of young professionals. It is one of the culinary schools in Germany that gives the food service industry the opportunity to fill its positions with highly motivated, carefully selected, and best prepared young people from all over the world.

They have a joint course with the ICA Academy and the GBZ (Gastronomic Education Center Koblenz). During the time of your program, you get to understand your job better and give your career impetus.

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2)Taste Academy Cologne

This is one of the culinary schools in Germany that is located in the heart of Cologne, right in the middle of the trendy Ehrenfeld / Beckendorf area.

Their centrally located rooms have an industrial but inviting design, and the latest AEG appliances’ modern equipment satisfies the appetite for cooking together.

They have workshops and demonstrations tailored to your needs and partner programs.

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3)BP cooking school Cooking Stuttgart

BP cooking school Cooking Stuttgart also ranks among the best culinary schools in Germany with a team consisting of full professionals with many years of experience in top gastronomy. 

They are also the only stand-alone cooking school in Stuttgart that is officially approved as a training company by DeHoGa and the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

However, not only cooking courses from their portfolio are available.

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4)Edelweiss Cooking School

Edelweiss Cooking School is one of the culinary schools in Germany that gives you the opportunity to cook on your own while being carefully guided by their experienced chefs.

In this culinary school, you are sure to acquire a wealth of culinary experience and knowledge in an extraordinarily relaxed and fun environment.

They have a maximum group size of 10 people per lesson, and the lessons are in English. This is one of the few culinary schools in Germany that gives room for private classes.

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5)Grill Academy Chechorke

We have been inspiring you with our courses and events for over 14 years because cooking is a sensual experience that begins with the careful selection and preparation of the ingredients. This is one of the top culinary schools in Germany that creates something new with every move.

Real hospitality, is reflected in the joy of shared enjoyment.

The Kochschule & Grillakademie Tschetschorke is not only a cooking school but also an event location and party location for your cooking event, team event, customer event, or family event because it is well known that the best parties take place in the kitchen. It is ranked among the best culinary schools in Germany.

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Our cooking school and event location are in the middle of Münster’s beautiful old town in the Kuh (Cool) quarter. The listed building is about 300 years old and has a so-called nave. With a modern kitchen and the charm of old times, you can experience your individual event with your friends, colleagues or family, which is one of the top culinary schools in Germany.

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7)Cologne Taste Academy

The modern equipment with the latest AEG appliances whets the thirst for cooking together in their centrally situated rooms, which have an industrial but pleasant style.

They are at the very top of culinary schools in Germany with customized cooking lessons, food demos, as well as partner activities.

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8)  BP Culinary Institute Stuttgart cuisine

 BP Cooking Stuttgart is made up of full-time specialists with years of experience in elite cuisine. 

They are also Stuttgart’s only stand-alone cooking school with DeHoGa and the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce certification as a training organization. However, this offer does not simply include cookery lessons.

Catering, workplace events, and incentive events are all available.

Culinary company activities build team spirit, are enjoyable, and provide added value to all participants.

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In Germany, demand for exotic culinary specialties is rapidly rising, so this is a list of culinary schools to attend to boost your culinary qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Culinary Schools In Germany 

In Germany, how much do chefs earn?

In Germany, the average income for a Chef is €111,210.

Are culinary schools worth It?

Culinary school, others argue, is unnecessary because cooks can learn “on the job.” While some things are best taught in a professional kitchen, such as how to work around people in a packed line or how to manage your time during service, there are some advantages to learning in a classroom setting that cannot be recreated in a working kitchen.

What are the formal qualifications for working as a cook in Germany?

Citizens from the European Union who want to work as cooks in Germany usually simply require the necessary skills and knowledge of the German language. In Germany, health certifications are also required. However, they are frequently applied for in conjunction with employers.

Applicants who are not citizens of the European Union must now meet the following criteria:
– German language proficiency of at least B1 (with proof)
– Completion of an approved vocational training program in the profession in German


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