Best Culinary Schools in Utah | Ranking

If you are interested in attending top culinary schools in Utah, you’ll want to look at the schools listed below.

Utah, one of the fastest-growing states in the country, has a thriving tourism industry.

From its snow-capped mountains to its scenic open prairies, tourists flock to culinary schools in Utah each year, offering job prospects for culinary and hospitality management graduates in Provo, salt lake city, and west valley city.

The culinary schools in Utah help in making culinary arts easy to learn.

Culinary schools in Utah rank among the best culinary schools in the world.

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Can You Go to Culinary School With No Experience?

Even though many culinary school students have prior experience or training in the kitchen, there are no prerequisites for enrollment.

What are the Average Tuition Fees for Culinary Schools in Utah?

While most local schools provide certificate and Associate’s degree programs, several also offer Bachelor’s degree programs. 

The average scholarship award here is $1,653, which reduces the average tuition cost to $7,183.

What are the Best Culinary Schools in Utah?

Here is a list of the best culinary schools in Utah. 

  • Park City Culinary Institute 
  • Culinary Arts Institute at the Utah Valley
  • Davis Technical College 
  • Salt Lake Community College.
  • Snow College
  • Dixie Applied Technology College.
  • Utah College of Applied Technology 

#1 Park City Culinary Institute 

Our list of best culinary schools in Utah includes The Park City Culinary Institute because it offers advanced programs to students enrolled in culinary schools in Utah that provide culinary programs at their new site in Salt Lake City.

Learn firsthand from some of the West’s top executive chefs.

Park City Culinary Institute is a school like no other. 

Everyone from amateurs to seasoned chefs to restaurant owners attends their classes.

It ranks among the best culinary schools in Utah

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#2 Culinary Arts Institute at the Utah Valley University 

For students interested in a career in professional cooking or baking, UVU’s Culinary Arts Institute offers top-notch instruction.

This is one of the culinary schools in Utah that offers individualized attention and growth in small, hands-on classes. 

The Culinary Arts Institute provides experience through “engaged” industry-based learning.

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#3 Davis Technical College 

In addition to technological proficiency, culinary arts also call for imagination and a sense of taste.

It is one of the top culinary schools in Utah that teaches students about proper cooking, baking, knife skills, and the use of professional equipment. 

Students get to work in a contemporary, well-equipped production kitchen while learning culinary principles and skills.

This is one of the best culinary schools in Utah that prepares students for numerous career opportunities.

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#4 Ogden-weber Technical College

The Culinary Arts curriculum at Ogden-Weber Technical College and the Baking & Pastry program are intended to give students a solid foundation in traditional and modern cooking techniques and practical cooking experience.

The school ranks among culinary schools in Utah, giving each student confidence in their acquired talents and equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a career in food service and hospitality.

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#5 Salt Lake Community College

Taylorsville, Utah, is home to Salt Lake Community College, a public university in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area.

With 6,860 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a mid-sized university. The admittance rate for Salt Lake Community College is 100 percent.

It is one of the top culinary schools in Utah with popular majors, including Liberal Arts and Humanities, Information Science, and Business. 

Salt Lake Community College alums earn an entry-level income of $30,200, with 29% of students graduating.

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#6 Snow College 

In Ephraim, Utah, there is a public institution called Snow College.

It is one of the culinary schools in Utah, with an enrollment of 3,186 undergraduate students. 

The admittance rate of Snow College is 100 percent. Liberal arts and humanities, nursing assistant, and business are popular majors.

Alumni of Snow College earn a starting salary of $25,300, with graduation rates of 41%.

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#7 Dixie Applied Technology College

DXATC is a public college located in St. George, Utah. 

It is a small institution but one of the best culinary schools in Utah, with 204 undergraduate students. 

The DXATC acceptance rate is 100%. 

Popular majors include emergency medical technician, pharmacy technician, and nursing assistant (EMT Paramedic).

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#8 Utah College of Applied Technology

Eight Locations Statewide – This is one of the culinary schools in Utah that takes 11–13 months to complete; a culinary arts degree emphasizes creativity, technique, and flavor. 

Under the direction of a chef/instructor, catering and quick-service cooking is performed in a well-equipped learning kitchen.

Logan, St George, Cedar City, and Roosevelt host UCAT facilities, but this is one of Utah’s culinary schools where campus offerings vary within the system.  

Prospective students are advised to speak with advisors at various locations for details on different programs.

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#9 Uintah Basin Technical College

In Ballard, Utah, there is a public college called Uintah Basin Tech College.

With 138 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution.

The Uintah Basin Tech College is one of the culinary schools in Utah, with an acceptance rate is 100%. 

Popular majors include truck, bus, commercial vehicle operation, engineering technician, and nursing assistant.

Alums of Uintah Basin Tech College typically start with a salary of $23,800.

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High-quality culinary schools in Utah are committed to advancing your career by putting the systems in place to prepare you for the cutthroat food service profession. Your chef’s goal will be advanced by various hands-on learning opportunities, demanding course and degree requirements, and a wealth of student services.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Culinary Schools in Utah

What is the Average Salary for Someone in Culinary Management?

As of May 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the mean annual wage for food service managers was $59,820. ( The 10% of managers who made the least money each year made $33,210 or less, while the 10% who made the most each year got $93,040 or more. Your location, the industry you work in, and the amount of experience you have all affect your salary as a culinary manager.

How Long Does the Professional Culinary Arts Program Take to Complete?

 The Professional Certificate in Culinary Arts program takes 12 weeks to complete.

Why are Culinary Schools so Expensive?

Culinary schools typically require students to commit to an intensive program. Students may spend more time in the classroom (or the kitchen) than getting a traditional four-year degree.


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