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Davidson College is a liberal arts college located in Davidson, North Carolina, USA. Ranking #13 in National Liberal Arts Colleges, it has now become one of the most well-respected liberal arts schools in the state, attracting students from all over the world.

The University is well known for its competitive nature and disciplined educational system. Davidson University, for example, has graduated many students who are now doing exceptionally well in their careers. 

If you’re looking for a college to apply to after high school or you want to transfer to another college since your current college hasn’t been able to satisfy your educational needs, then you shouldn’t look far away. 

In this article, we will look at the admission processes at Davidson College, scholarships, and courses offered by the school. We will also be looking into the Davidson College acceptance rate in 2023.

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Brief History of Davidson College 

Davidson College is a prominent, selective liberal arts college located in Davidson, North Carolina, United States. It was established by the Presbyterian Church of Concord in 1837 and named after Revolutionary War general William Lee Davidson.

Davidson College is among America’s strongest and most selective liberal arts colleges, the alma mater of 23 Rhodes Scholars, and home to 21 sports at an NCAA Division I level.

Davidson College is one of the most research-intensive liberal arts colleges in the country, with national distinction for overall excellence and faculty-student collaboration in research and teaching. It has a competitive admissions pool with a low acceptance rate and high SAT/ACT scores. 

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Why Choose Davidson College?

Davidson College is a prestigious college with a well-structured academic system. It is one of the most well-respected liberal arts schools in the state, attracting students from all over the world to study. 

Davidson College has an outstanding social environment, and the students here are very friendly. Davidson College’s atmosphere is very welcoming, and the people make learning interesting and fun. The educational system is rigorous, but the environment would motivate you to balance social work and school work. 

At Davidson College, you will be surrounded by a community of scholars that are smart and goal-oriented. Most students at Davidson college engage in critical thinking, hard work, and academic excellence. 

Davidson College also offers students with good grades the opportunity to get a well-paying job after school. They also have an alumni network to expose students to their respective fields of study.

With all these options, it’s not surprising how the university gets a huge number of applicants every year. 

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What is Davidson College Acceptance Rate?

When considering applying to any college in the United States, the most important thing for an applicant to look out for is the college acceptance rate. It indicates how competitive the school is and how disciplined they concern in its requirements. 

Davidson College has an acceptance rate of 19.5%, approximately 20%. The school is exceptionally competitive and selective compared to other colleges in the state. Students planning to transfer to Davidson College are meant to do excellently in every aspect of their applications. 

The acceptance rate gives a brief understanding of the competition involved in the college and does not indicate your probability of getting into Davidson College. After going through the acceptance rate, you’ll also need to impress Davidson College with your test scores, GPA, transcripts, and personal statement. 

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Davidson College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Davidson College is a very competitive school. It gets many transfer applicants from different colleges every year. Davidson College’s transfer acceptance rate is 16.44%. The University is selective and doesn’t accept many transfer applicants. 

Davidson College Acceptance rate allows the applicants to survey their chances of getting into the University. Although there are other requirements placed by the school, this is one to look out for. 

It was recorded that Davidson College received a total of 146 transfer applicants in 2019 but accepted only 24 students. It’s pretty hard to transfer to Davidson College, but the chances of getting admitted are feasible if you meet up to the transfer requirements of the college. 

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Davidson College Acceptance Rate by Major

Davidson offers 31 majors, over 40 minors, and student-designed courses of study. This provides students with several options to choose from. The university has recorded several graduates in these fields doing excellently well in their discipline after school. 

With over 800 courses to choose from, Davidson College offers students many options with pre-professional programs such as pre-education, pre-engineering, pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-ministry, and pre-military.

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Davidson University’s Major and Acceptance Rate

Here are Davidson’s University majors and their respective acceptance rates:

  1. Africana Studies 2.1%
  2. Anthropology 0.4%
  3. Arab Studies 0.5%
  4. Art 1.8%
  5. Biology 11.5%
  6. Chemistry 3.4%
  7. Chinese Studies 0.5%
  8. Classical Language and Literature 0.7%
  9. Classical Studies 0.7%
  10. Communication Studies 3.5%
  11. Computer Science 5.9%
  12. Digital Studies 6.2
  13. Economics 11.5%
  14. English 5.9%
  15. French & Francophone Studies 0.9%
  16. Gender & Sexuality Studies 0.4%
  17. German Studies 1.4%
  18. Hispanic Studies 3.2%
  19. History 3.9%
  20. Interdisciplinary Studies 5.5%
  21. Latin American Studies 0.9%
  22. Mathematics 3.2%
  23. Music 1.8%
  24. Philosophy 2.1%
  25. Physics 3%
  26. Political Science 12.8%
  27. Psychology 8.3%
  28. Religious Studies 0.7%
  29. Russian Studies 0.7%
  30. Sociology 3.7%
  31. Theatre 0.2%

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Necessary Requirements for Davidson University

Admission to Davidson University requires candidates to meet a set of criteria. If the applicants don’t meet the requirements, they risk losing the opportunity to get accepted into the school. These requirements act as a criterion for admission. They include: 

  • GPA requirements
  • SAT or ACT Test Scores
  • Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendations

Davidson College made it important that anyone opting for admission meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.93. If a student meets the GPA requirement, it gives a real chance of getting in.

Most schools would need you to provide either SAT or ACT scores, and Davidson is one of them. You must do well on your test to be considered for admission. The average SAT composite score on the 1600 SAT scale at Davidson College is 1372, which is moderately competitive. 

Davidson College would also require the students to present their high school transcripts showing their performance in their previous schools.

Letters of recommendation are also requested during their application process; this gives the school an insight into the nature and personality of the applicant.

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Transfer Requirements for Davidson College 

Transfer students considering applying to Davidson College should be in-line with the requirements for admission. These requirements are to be provided by the transfer students during the application process. 

The transfer requirements for Davidson College are: 

  •  Transcript

Davidson College requires every transfer student to present official high school transcripts and transcripts from previously attended colleges. This is the most important document during the application. 

  • An Essay or Personal Statement

The transfer student can use an essay or a personal statement to make an impression on the institution throughout the application process. It’s entirely up to the applicant whether or not they’d like to include this in their application to make them better.

  • Standardized Test Scores

Davidson College requires transfer students to present their SAT or ACT scores so their grades would be easily accessed and recorded by the school. 

  • Letters of Recommendation

Transfer students must present two letters of recommendation from either a high school teacher or a college professor at the previously attended university. Davidson College also requires a college official’s report on student performance. 

  • Application Fee

Davidson College requires transfer students to pay a $50 non-refundable application fee during the college application.

In addition to the requirements, Davidson College also requires transfer students to get a minimum of at least one credit to apply for admission. Transfer applicants must have earned at least a B+ at their previous university and have an outstanding high school record with standardized solid test scores.

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Davidson College GPA Requirements

GPA requirements are placed to let applicants survey their chances of getting in. Davidson College requires a minimum GPA of 3.93. Meeting the GPA requirement alone is not enough to gain admission, as Davidson is a selective school.

Davidson College ranks #6 in North Carolina for the highest average GPA. The school encourages students’ discipline and hard work, which explains the high GPA requirement. Applicants require remarkable grades to get into the university. 

Even with the high GPA required by Davidson, it still gets many applicants every academic year. If you fall short of the GPA standards, don’t worry because other variables, including transcripts and SAT/ACT scores, will also come into play. 

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What are Davidson College Deadlines?

The regular admissions application deadline for Davidson College is January 11. All admission processes end on this date, as the college doesn’t accept further applications after January 11.

For transfer students, the application deadline is March 15. Hence, they advise the transfer students to finish the application process before the college deadline. This will make it easier for the university to screen candidates properly without any other interference. 

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What are Davidson College Decision Dates?

The high expectations set by the student population at Davidson College contribute to the institution’s well-deserved reputation for having an excellent educational program.

They record the decision dates in schools to assist pupils in beginning the application process to the colleges and universities of their choosing. It also ensures the smooth running of the educational system.

Davidson College has different decision dates for direct and transfer students. Here are Davidson College Decision dates: 

Direct Students

  • Early Decision I: November 15
  • Early Decision II: January 6
  • Regular Decision: January 11

Transfer Students 

  •  November 1

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Frequently Asked Questions about Davidson College

What is the acceptance rate for Davidson College?

The acceptance rate for Davidson’s acceptance is 19.5%. The school is very selective; that’s why it’s important to meet up to their GPA requirements and provide the necessary documents needed during the application process. 

What is Davidson College’s tuition fee?

Davidson College has a tuition fee of $55,000, a room fee of $7,700, a meal of $7,525, and other student charges, making up a total cost of $70,225. The tuition fee of every University is suited according to the standard of the school and the needs of the students. 

What is the average GPA for Davidson?

The average GPA for Davidson College is 3.93. With a GPA of 3.93, Davidson College is exceptionally competitive compared to other schools in the United States. This GPA acts as a standard for applicants, as those with a lower GPA are left with other requirements.

How difficult is it to get into Davidson?

Davidson College isn’t quite difficult to get into, the admission process might be strict, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of getting in. Although the acceptance rate is a bit low, if you meet the college’s requirements, nothing stops you from applying. 


Students at Davidson College have numerous opportunities. The university is known for building disciplined and competent students in different fields of life. It welcomes students from different races and ethnicities.

Financial aid is available through scholarships and grants to help students get by during the school year and motivate them to do their best. With all these interesting offers, you can understand why many students apply to Davidson every year. 

If you meet all the requirements, you should consider applying to Davidson College. We hope that with this article, you’ll be able to complete your college application and look at your chances of getting admitted to Davidson.

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